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You are CRAZY If You Are NOT Doing This On Your Blog

by Adrienne Smith on October 27, 2014

CRAZY Not Doing This On BlogLet me start by asking you a quick question.

What am I known for?

When you hear my name, see my smiling face all over the internet or visit my blog, what comes to mind?

Was your answer that I’m ALL about building relationships?

Okay, I do help with overall blogging tips but I think my harping about the relationships you should be building with others is pretty much what makes me stand out wouldn’t you agree?
[I can't wait to read the post...]


Unleash Up To 53% More Social Shares With Visual Content

by Adrienne Smith on October 20, 2014

Social Shares with Visual ContentOnly two and a half months to go before we say goodbye to another year.  

Until that happens I still have some awesome content to share with you and a few more guests as well.  As a matter of fact, I happen to have one today who is eager to share his awesomeness with you.

I’m sure most of you have met Steven but if not then I hope this will entice you to stop by his blog too because he’s really rockin it over there.

So to stop dragging things along now, let me let Steven have the floor today and I hope you enjoy his post.
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Do You Know the Key Ingredient to Blogging?

by Adrienne Smith on October 13, 2014

Key Ingredient BloggingI know what you’re thinking, I’ve heard it all and I know it all.

My goodness, if one more person has to give me advice on what I am or am not doing right then I’m going to scream!

I hear you, I honestly do but I think I have something to share with you today that you may or may not have considered.

Okay, most of you have because you’ve been loyal readers of mine for awhile now and you know how this works.

Either way it couldn’t hurt to share this again right!  Especially since I’ll be rolling out my product next month and this has a lot to do with how I’ve been able to get to where I am today.
[I can't wait to read the post...]


How To Build A Popular Blog Especially If You Are New

by Adrienne Smith on October 6, 2014

Build Popular BlogWe would all love our blogs to be popular right!  To get the attention of those we look up to in our chosen niche.

To have influencers commenting on our posts, authority bloggers sharing our content and spreading the word about how great our content is.

We all strive for that, admit it.  Whether you want to say that out loud or not I’m sure you’re thinking that way down deep inside.

Granted, when I started this process that was never on my radar.
[I can't wait to read the post...]


Announcement At AdrienneSmithnet

by Adrienne Smith on September 29, 2014

Announcement at AdrienneSmithnetIt’s the last Monday in September and October is just a couple days away now.  Halloween will be here, then Thanksgiving and then we’ll be celebrating Christmas again.

I can’t believe this time of the year is here already.  I’m definitely ready for cooler temperatures though.

So you might be wondering what’s going on and what announcement do I have to make.  Well, I’ve been doing some thinking again and you know sometimes that gets me into trouble.  LOL!!!  Not this time though, I’m hoping.
[I can't wait to read the post...]


Thankful ThursdayWe are winding the month down again and cooler weather is right around the corner.

Didn’t it just seem like yesterday that people were having horrible snow storms and mighty chilly temperatures?  Well watch out guys because winter will be closing in on us soon enough.

Until that time comes we have just a few more months left to this year and I’ll definitely be sharing more awesome content with you that I’ve stumbled upon along my blog reading journey as well.
[I can't wait to read the post...]