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Sabotaging Blog CommentingIt’s a little known fact that I love blog commenting.

It’s also a little known fact that my blog use to be a ghost town until I started blog commenting.

Through this method my readership and comments started to increase and within just four short months I was seeing a steady stream of regular visitors to my blog.

That was three and a half years ago and I still have a very loyal following which I hear is pretty rare.

I owe it all to blog commenting and what I learned along the way.

Now I would like to help you get further along so are you ready to get started?
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Sins Of A Selfish WebsiteIt’s time for another awesome guest post.  This is someone I’ve known now for a little over a year.  

He is a very successful copywriter and has a flourishing business.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to meet Kevin then I’m so happy to have my blog be a way for you to see what awesome content he shares.

So let’s let Kevin give us some much needed advice okay!

Are you a regular follower of this blog? Or are you visiting here for the first time?

Either way, one of the first things you’ll have noticed is that Adrienne gets a lot of comments. One hell of a lot.
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New To Blogging Drive You NutsI’m so glad I’m not just now coming onto the blogging scene.

If you sat down today and wrote every single thing you remember about setting up your blog and what all was involved I bet you’d have a novel.

Seriously, as the days, months and years go by we learn so much.  Oftentimes I totally forget about a lot of the stuff that I did learn early on.  Giving people advice I have to really sit down and think of everything but I still usually leave something out.

If you’re just now coming online and still in the early stages of trying to figure this all out whatever you do, don’t read a post about what all is involved with blogging.  Trust me when I say you’ll become so overwhelmed that you’ll probably never want to start.
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Attacked By BotsI hate bots…

Those nasty senseless automated bots we bloggers just despise.

It started one day last month, June 24th to be exact.  My blog was so S-L-O-W loading.

Now most of you know of my past hosting issues so I moved over to a virtual private server (VPS) back in February.

Things have been going great and I’m still thrilled with my hosting service.

I got in touch with them because of this issue and like most hosting services they always immediately blame it on a plugin.
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Superhero SummitI’ve always been a sucker for Superman.

Yep, the nerdy Clark Kent would whip out his costume, throw on that cape and transform into the superhero that all of us women loved to love.

I remember when Dean Cain and Christopher Reeves played Superman.  Nerdy glasses or not both of them rocked my boat.  Hubba hubba!

Okay, back to reality Adrienne.  Get your head in the game girl and out of fantasy land.
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Date Blog PostsWe all have our pet peeves when it come to blogging right!

I think we all do and it could be things that drive you nuts.   Anything from landing on a blog that its theme gives you a headache to not having their social share buttons set up correctly.

It could be anything but one of my top all time pet peeves is when people don’t date their blog posts.

Who Started This Nonsense

Back in 2009 when I started blogging on this domain I was taught to not date our posts.

The reasoning behind this had more to do with us wanting our blogs to be the “go to” place for people to learn.  That’s my goal here with my blog too.
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