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Thankful ThursdayMy birthday month is coming to an end.  That’s right, August is almost behind us now.

You know what that means right!  It’s time for another Thankful Thursday post.

I’ve got another great lineup for you so if you haven’t already read and commented on the posts that I’m sharing I hope you’ll find some time.
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Why You Are Not Welcome On My BlogI can’t even believe I’m having to write a post like this.

I should have seen this coming but since I know why I’m here and I know I’m a good person I had just hoped that things would continue moving in the direction they’ve been going without any incident.

I should be honored that my blog is getting the amount of attention that it is.

I had hoped to have a popular blog some day; one that got a lot of traffic, catered to my target audience, helped others with what they wanted to learn, got a lot of comments on my posts, people wanted to be on my list and was seen as a positive influence in people’s lives.

I think anyone here building a business would like these types of results from their blogs right!

So things have been good, I mean really good.
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BEWARE- There Is An Imposter Among UsWhen I think of an impostor, my mind immediately goes to a program like Dateline or 20/20.

Their shows are usually about some real life event that took place and they’ve reported on people who have pretended to be someone they’re not just to lure them into a trap of some kind.

I remember when my niece was in high school and they were reporting about men who were pretending to be teenagers online befriending you.
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How To Create Loyal Readers Trust Love You

I love meeting so many awesome people through blogging don’t you!  

My guest today is of one of the many fabulous individuals I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.  As a matter of fact he actually stepped up for me when my plans for this month kind of fell through.  I knew he would do a fabulous job.  

Oh and he’s such a cool guy too.

Most of you know Andrew by now but if you don’t I sure hope this will be a great introduction for you to see the type of content he shares. Are you ready to hear from Andrew?

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The Real Truth About Blog CommentingThings are constantly changing and so is blog commenting.  Or is it really…

When blogs first came on the scene commenting was a cool way to express yourself when you read someone’s post.

As time went by and more marketers started using this method, they began to include their links in the field marked “Website” in the comment box to promote their services, programs and products.

Pretty soon some of these same marketers decided why don’t we automate this whole commenting process and that way we can reach more sites, drop more links and have better results.

That’s when automated spam came on the scene.

They just wrote a generic comment, found the blogs they wanted to comment on and automated this process.
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Why I Do Not Have A Guest Posting PolicyLike most people I’m sure you get the occasional email from someone who claims to have read your blog on a regular basis and they have the perfect post that your readers will just love.

95% of the time they are sharing some topic that is so out in left field that I really just have to laugh.  They must obviously have some type of luck with this process or they wouldn’t keep doing it right!

Either that or they’re just idiots!  LOL!!!

I finally put together a form email to send them because I got so tired of responding to them but I do still get the occasional legitimate requester too.

People ask me all the time why I don’t just post a guest posting policy on my blog and that way I wouldn’t have to deal with these requests.
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