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Rock It Like You Mean It: Walking The True Path To Success

by Adrienne Smith on December 15, 2014

Our Deepest Fear MandalaDecember is finally here and it’s the third Monday of the month.  Know what that means? 

It’s time to introduce another guest to you today and I’m excited to be sharing another amazing blogger with you this month.

Robin is someone I’ve known for awhile and it was almost like an instant connection.  If you take the time to chat with her you’ll be drawn to her as well. 

You’ll probably figure out what I mean though by just reading her post so I’ll just end my little introduction for now and let her share her awesomeness with you so you can see for yourself. 
[I can’t wait to read the post…]


What Do Offline Relationships Have To Do With Blogging

by Adrienne Smith on December 8, 2014

Offline Relationships BloggingI have something I want to share with you today that you might be able to relate to.

In the offline world people would describe me as very outgoing, bubbly personality, never meet a stranger, love to laugh, independent, confident, love life, very caring, etc.

When I first came online though I was scared, lonely and lacked confidence.

The internet can be a very intimidating place.

You’re sitting behind your computer trying to figure this all out because you’re venturing into unknown territory.
[I can’t wait to read the post…]


How To Benefit From Your Blog Community

by Adrienne Smith on December 1, 2014

Benefit From Blog CommunityThe product release is behind me, one holiday has come and gone and we are now in the last month of the year.

Wow, what a year this has been.  I FINALLY achieved my goal and released my product, Build a Blog Community.

It did really well and it’s only been two weeks now.  I didn’t know what to expect in all honesty but I’m thrilled with the outcome so far.

I have you to thank for that too by the way so “thank you”.

In looking back I always knew that I probably wasn’t doing everything I should.  I wasn’t out there recruiting affiliates, I let people come to me.  I wasn’t out there rallying troops to help me and I could have done that as well.
[I can’t wait to read the post…]


How Blog Commenting Can Help Your Blog Thrive

by Adrienne Smith on November 24, 2014

Blog CommentingThis has been such an exciting month for me and I’m so thrilled to share with you today another amazing guest who is gracing my blog with his presence.

He was kind enough to let me push this post back a week even though for us here in the US we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving this week.  

You know I could go on but let me just introduce to you the man known as the “blind blogger” and someone I call my friend, Max Ivey.
[I can’t wait to read the post…]


Everything You Need To Know About Building A Blog Community

by Adrienne Smith on November 17, 2014

Build Blog CommunityFor the past two weeks I’ve been sharing with you what other bloggers have said about why it’s important to build your own blog community.

If you’re just here for fun it would be pretty cool to have your own tribe.  People who support you and are there for you, sharing your content and spreading the word.  Neat right!

If you’re here to build your business then it’s pretty darn important.  I mean we need to get the word out about how great we are right!  Well we certainly can’t personally go shouting that from the rooftops because then it would sound like we are all about ourselves.

Having other people do that though, now that’s the cool thing about this.  Word of mouth is HUGE and you know it.
[I can’t wait to read the post…]


Who Else Wants To Learn From These 6 Authority Bloggers

by Adrienne Smith on November 10, 2014

Learn from 6 Authority BloggersI’m getting a little more nervous now, it’s eight days until my product launches.

I’m really hoping that everyone is excited to learn more from me about “How to Build a Blog Community”.

You heard last week from six superstar bloggers about how important building their blog communities has been for them.  They are having amazing success because we all know we can’t do this alone.
[I can’t wait to read the post…]