Improve Your Bounce RateDo you know what the bounce rate is on your blog?  Do you keep tabs of those types of statistics?

Do you even know what bounce rate means?

You know when I first heard that phrase I had no clue.  There were so many things I needed to learn and some I was too embarrassed to ask.

Well for those that need a crash course let me explain this to you as easily as I can.

Your bounce rate represents how many people visit your site but leave after visiting just one page.  They didn’t stick around to check anything else out.

Were you aware that Google takes your bounce rate into account as one of the many factors when determining how to rank your site!

The lower your bounce rate, the better it will be for you because that means people are sticking around to read more of your content or leaving awesome comments which means more reader engagement.

I was doing some research about this and found this cool infographic over on Lori’s blog so thought I would share it with you. Hopefully this might help you learn how you can improve your bounce rate too.

Pretty cool right!

I only found one on this list that I don’t have and that was #9.  I use to have a search box on my blog but I couldn’t even find what I was looking for.  I think it came with my theme but obviously I need a different one.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Now before I wrap this up and just in case anyone else has any questions about this, you can check your bounce rate through your Google Analytics account so hopefully every single one of you have that in place.

You shouldn’t be obsessing about those numbers but you should at least be checking them once a month because that’s telling you where your traffic is coming from which is huge.

So hopefully this helped and you can improve your own bounce rate, that is if it needs improving.

Love to hear your thoughts on this and please do share this cool infographic with your friends.  They may need a little help in this area too.





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