20 Tips For Getting Your Content ReTweeted on TwitterI know there are a lot of Twitter fans out there, admit it! You can’t deny the power of Twitter.   Try all you want but it’s one heck of a powerful social media site.

Did you know that Twitter now has 200 million registered users but about 100  million are active every single month where around 50 million are active every day!   The Twitter users that log-in every month is up by 82% since the beginning of this year alone.

I wasn’t all that surprised to learn that 55 million users  log-in to Twitter from their cell phones each month too.  40% of Twitter users don’t tweet every month but they read everyone else’s tweets.  Twitter is projecting that by the end of this year there will be an additional growth of around 26 million users.  Wow!!!  I would say they are pretty darn popular.

So, want to know how to get your content retweeted on Twitter?  Have you been on there for awhile and can’t quite figure all of this out?  Here are 20 tips that just might help.

  1. Get rid of that egg and upload your photo pronto.  We really do want to see your smiling face.
  2. Create a bio on your profile and be sure to include a link to your blog, Facebook, website, LinkedIn profile or some other site you want your new followers to see.
  3. If you’re going to use a DM, make it worth their while.  Check out the post I send my new followers to, Promote Yourself.
  4. Include a link (promoting products) in your tweets only 10% of the time.
  5. Shorten your links with a service like Bit.ly.
  6. Don’t just retweet anything, read it first.
  7. Stop just tweeting about yourself.
  8. Be sure to know when your followers are tweeting.  Check out my post Are Your Followers Seeing Your Tweets? and learn more.
  9. Add something other than just the retweet message.  Get people’s attention.
  10. Stay positive.
  11. Help your followers learn.
  12. Don’t use profanity, we don’t want to hear it!
  13. Don’t retweet the same thing all day long.
  14. Share other people’s content 90% of the time.
  15. Share positive quotes or uplifting messages.
  16. Connect with people and have a conversation.
  17. Act like you are human and stop hiding behind boring tweets.
  18. Ask questions, engage people.
  19. If you enjoyed a certain post, tweet that author and let them know.
  20. Join a twitter chat, find one on TweetChat

Whether you want to admit it or not, Twitter is powerful.  By doing some or all of the above on a consistent basis you can see a dramatic increase in your content getting retweeted.  Mind you, I’m not making any promises because you do have to do the actual work involved but why not give it a shot and just see for yourself.

Got anything to add?  Do you know of any other really great tips that can help get your content retweeted on Twitter?  If so, you know I would love to hear them and I’m pretty sure everyone else would like to as well.  We do enjoy learning from the pros.

Thanks for stopping by today and you know I always appreciate hearing what you have to share.  So, don’t be bashful!

Oh, and be sure and tweet this to your followers.  I’m sure they will appreciate this as well.