3 Most Important TasksJust last week I gave two interviews and I’m always asked what a typical day is like for me.  It really got me to thinking about this; what I believe are the most important tasks that people should be concentrating on every single day.

I remember when I first got started I was so lost.  Had someone only pointed me in the right direction I would have been so grateful.

Of course it helps if you have some type of plan which I didn’t at the time.

Oh and another thing!  Blogs weren’t big then.  They were still just being used like a personal diary.

Your Mind Wanders

Now a lot of people will get online and maybe start blog commenting.  The next thing you know they have landed on a blog and wanted to check that person out a little more so they click through to their Facebook profile and from there they are lost in the sea of Facebook posts, images, videos and chatter.

Now where were we again?

Oh yeah, the 3 most important tasks that I believe you should be doing every day.  See how easily it is to get lost doing something else that was not on your agenda for the day!

These things need to be planned out guys.

Facebook is so much fun to connect with people, I’ll be the first to admit that.

I also love chatting and thanking my Twitter friends too.  I’ve come to really love Twitter and making those connections is just so much fun.

Don’t get me wrong, being on social media sites is fabulous because this is where you can continue connecting with people and building those relationships and you KNOW how I feel about that topic.

You can’t lose track of what’s important though…

The 3 Most Important Tasks

Want to know what I think the most important tasks are?  Good, because you’re going to hear them anyway.

I am not even going to go into the “content is king” speech.   I think that saying has been misused way too many times if you ask me.

Okay, let’s get down to business shall we!

Creating Content:

Content is what gets you in front of your audience whether it’s blog posts, videos, podcasts, newsletter, eBooks, products or services you may sell, articles, social media, etc.  You always need to be creating content and spreading it all over the place.

Generating Traffic:

Once you get that content created it’s now time to get people eyeballing it.  We all need traffic and the more the merrier when those people are truly interested in what you have to share.  Oh yeah, targeted traffic is the best kind.

Building Relationships:

My favorite topic of all time…

So once people are on your blog then it’s time to take that next step and start building relationships with them because people will purchase things from people they know, like and trust.   They will also share your content with their friends, fans and followers so when you need help and assistance you can always reach out to them.

Little plug here guys but if you don’t have my free report, grab it now.  My opt-in box is in the top right corner of my blog.  You’ll soon find out how to start building relationships that will last. 

Busy Work

Everything else you do online is just busy work.  Not that some of it isn’t important, don’t get me wrong.  Blogs have to be built, campaigns need to be created, research needs to take place, so much other stuff to do but if you want to be consistent in your actions, be sure you’re consistent in what I just shared above.

Most of you have seen my blog go from a ghost town to exploding with chatter.  I was consistent in my actions implementing the tasks I mentioned above and the people came.  The relationships have been built and the products are being sold.  Huh!  Is it really that simple?

Hell yeah, it really is that simple.

I Hit A Record

Hot dog, I can’t believe my blog post is under 1,000 words.  Unbelievable…  What a rare occurrence so guess you guys got a reprieve today.

In all honesty though, I just wanted to get straight to the point and share with you what really works.

Always eager to hear your thoughts on what I share so I look forward to hearing your comment.  Don’t forget to share this one with your friends too.  Maybe they need a little more solid plan.





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