Blog Post IdeasAren’t you envious of those bloggers who never run out of blog post ideas!

Every time they sit down at their computer they either just have ideas flowing naturally or maybe they’ve been jotting things down as they’ve been coming to their minds.

I’ve written about this topic in the past and I’m sure you’ve read a lot of content about how to come up with things to write about.

Everyone has their own ideas about this right!

Most seasoned bloggers I’ve spoken with have no problem at all coming up with things to blog about.  They easily get ideas for their posts from just about anything.

Those ideas might come from:

  • reading someone else’s blog post
  • reading a comment someone wrote
  • someone asking you a question
  • reading a case study
  • from a review
  • someone sharing their own experience
  • movies
  • TV programs
  • commercials
  • ads
  • books
  • what’s trending, etc.

You see the potential right!  There are literally dozens of places where ideas can come from.

Earlier this year I shared with you some sites that you could use that come in pretty darn handy if you ever run into issues with actually coming up with ideas to write about.  Those sites were:

  • Topsy
  • LinkedIn Today
  • Bloggerscope
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Question and answer networks
  • VCita
  • SEMRush

This is where you can see what others are writing about and what’s popular now.  I mean getting on the back end of that’s pretty cool right!

3 More Great Tools

I am on Kristi Hines’ list because I purchased her Blog Post Promotion Course last year.  She recently shared with us a guest post she had written over at

In that post she shared 10 tools she found helpful for coming up with some blog post ideas.  They all looked pretty good, some I’ve used before but these three really got my attention.  I’m always looking for new or fun ways to find ideas for me to write about outside the norm.  You know, with so many new things coming online all the time why not try a few.

Title Tool

This one is really very simple so all you have to do is put the keywords in that you’re interested in writing about and it will generate some ideas for you.  So the example I’m using here is very generic but I found the other examples I used didn’t generate but one title.

So it’s a simple tool to use but don’t be shocked if some times it doesn’t generate a whole lot of ideas.  It’s still pretty cool.

Title Tool


Although this one is probably not considered your typical tool for generating ideas for posts what it does is it will take the keyword you typed in and show you all the suggestions in Google.

You’ll see from this screenshot that there are 280 suggestions and it will go from A to Z so how cool is that.  It’s kind of like you can bypass the keyword tool.


Portent’s Content Idea Generator

As you can see you just type in your keyword again but what’s cool about this one is it gives you other things to think about that can possibly help you make it better.  Again, my keyword is very generic for this example but give it a try and see what it comes up with.

Portents Content Idea Generator

If you want to see all the tools that Kristi shared then be sure to stop by her guest post because there are seven more.  You might like some of her other suggestions better but these three really stood out to me.

What Do You Use

Do you use any tools to help generate ideas for new posts or do you just sit down at your desk and start typing?  I know all it takes for some people is to go on a walk and the ideas just come pouring in.  They don’t need any help at all.

Sometimes that happens for me but other times I just don’t know what I want to write about.  Trust me, it’s not like there aren’t ideas everywhere but a lot of times I don’t want to write what everyone else is writing about.

Let me know your thoughts about any of these and have you used them before?  Do you think you’ll be giving them a try in the near future?  Maybe you don’t need anything like this but it might be a nice change right!

Love to hear your thoughts and of course I always appreciate it when you share my posts with your friends.  You never know when they might be having a brain freeze and this will come in handy for them.





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P.S.  Please know that I am an affiliate of Blog Post Promotion and I will make a commission should you choose to purchase this course through my link.

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