6 Superstar BloggersBoy this is going to be such an exciting month for me and I certainly hope for you too.

I’m quickly approaching the launch of my product and it’s a course on “How to Build a Blog Community”.

You all know how I feel about this subject and what it’s done for me personally but what about what it’s done for others.  Is building a blog community REALLY that big of a deal?

I took the liberty of reaching out to 6 bloggers that I believe are superstars in their own right.  I wanted to ask them a few questions related to building relationships and blog communities.

I was truly honored that they all were very eager to contribute and share their own experience so you can see just how important this truly is to your overall success.

Are you ready to hear from these amazing bloggers?  Okay, let’s get started then shall we!

Donna MerrillDonna Merrill ~ DonnaMerrillTribe.com

Do you believe that building relationships through blogging is beneficial?

Building relationships through blogging is vital for a blogger.  It is really simple, but as anything else, will become a habit once you apply it.  Let me share a “trick” I use.  Before I reply to any comment on my blog, I first go to that person’s blog…Read It…yes read it!!  Then give the best comment I can.  Why?  Because people read comments and whenever you are commenting on a person’s blog, you are not only representing yourself, but your brand, your business!  So it is imperative that you leave an honest well written comment.  Always start with the person’s name (sometimes people forget that).  Give your feedback to that post honestly, and then share it on the social media platforms.  That is the beginning of a great relationship with the blogger, plus, all their visitors who are reading your comment.

It is all about putting others first.  When doing this in the blogging world you will see great results.  Sometimes new people I meet cannot believe that I’ve shared their blog on my social sites.  They are very thankful to me for sharing their article or post and that always leaves a good first impression.  Also, treat everyone equal.  There can be a seasoned blogger we relate to, or a new one.  The newbies on the block may have some kinks.  Reach out to them, maybe tell them to put their gravatar up and why, or other helpful tips.  Tell them that a one liner won’t work as a comment.  Whatever you see a newbie doing that is not sufficient, reach out to them in a friendly, helpful way to convey it to them.  I usually tell them something both critical and friendly, like “x, y and z can be done better if you do this ___ Just Say’n lol.”  This opens up further conversations with them.

How important do you believe a blog community is?

A blogging community is needed, especially when you first start.  Where are you going to get to know people, and interact with them?  Communities are set up in various ways, but as long as you follow the rules, you will immediately get comments on your blog.  I call myself DonnaMerrillTribe.  Now that comes from Seth Godins’ book “Tribes”  – a good read for everyone.  I was so inspired by this book when I started blogging that I used “Tribe” after my name because of my strong belief of involving yourself with blogging communities.  If you never read that book, give it a peek!  It’s a human condition that we need each other in order to get things done.

Being involved with blogging communities is not only part of the human condition, but also has a strong impact on getting juice to your blog and your business.  You cannot do it alone out there.  Being part of a blogging community benefits everyone involved.

How supportive has your blogging community been for you and your blog?

I have built so many relationships through my blogging community connections that it just blows my mind!  Getting to know people all over the world and engaging with them is amazing.  They can be in the same town as you or thousands of miles away.  It’s a cross-cultural umbrella that all bloggers stand under.  We get to learn from each other, we make close connections.  But we must do it all from an altruistic point of view.  These are real relationships whereby we actually do care about the person we are interacting with.  It can lead to great friendships like I have here with Adrienne.  We can get friendly with people in a casual sense, or start joint ventures with them, or even call upon one other when we find ourselves facing problems in our business or obstacles to our progress.  Relationship building is not only beneficial, but a joyous feeling.


Adam ConnellAdam Connell ~ BloggingWizard.com

Do you believe that building relationships through blogging is beneficial?

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer however is that it’s more than just beneficial, it’s a crucial part of building a successful blog.

The ultimate truth is that it is all about who you know. Knowing the right people will open up opportunities that you would never have thought were possible.

And those that you forge relationships will undoubtedly help to spread your message to their following.

That said, relationships aren’t a one way street. There’s give and take which is why every relationship you develop should be mutually beneficial.

How important do you believe a blog community is?

A blog community is essential.

What really makes the difference is developing your community into a group of engaged readers that keep coming back to your blog for more.

How supportive has your blogging community been for you and your blog?

They have been very supportive and I owe a large amount of my success to my blog’s community.

They are the reason my blog exists and they have helped me take it to new levels through participating in blog comments, discussions on social media sites, mentioning my blog in their own posts and sharing my content.

I am eternally grateful to each and every one who is part of my blog’s community.


Harleena SinghHarleena Singh ~ AhaNow.com

Do you believe that building relationships through blogging is beneficial?

I believe there could be four major ways of creating an online relationship – through emails or contact forms, via chats, using the social media, and finally by blogging. Out of them all, I think blogging is the best way to go ahead and build relationships.

The relationships through blogging are different and more substantial than just merely social or customary. Blogging relationships have more chances of continuing long-term, whereas relationships through social media could be temporary or have a short life.

Blogging helps to build the reliability and trust in relationships that seem amiss in other forms of online relationships. Since relationships through blogging are more binding, loyal, responsible, and long lasting, I think they are beneficial. They help in your personal and social causes or campaigns, besides your business and professional arenas.

How important do you believe a blog community is?

If you are a good and genuine blogger, you’ll naturally build a community around your blog. However, in some cases it may not be very organized and productive unless you follow some specific strategy. In any case, having a blog community helps you in sustaining by providing you regular blog traffic and helping you grow – as new people find your gathering attractive.

A community is like oxygen for your blog, without which it may fail to exist. A blog community is like the honey that attracts other people to your blog. It gives you and your blog – identity and credibility.
If you have a blog community, it becomes easy for you to carry out and achieve your blog objectives. In addition, most successful blogs are known to have great communities around them.

How supportive has your blogging community been for you and your blog?

I treat a blog community as different from a blogging community. As for Aha!NOW, it has a mixed audience of bloggers and non-bloggers, so I don’t essentially treat and term it as a blogging community, which more or less sounds like a community of bloggers only.

My blog, Aha!NOW, has risen and become what it is only with the help of my blog community. It would be unfair of me to not give it credit for my blogging success.

I believe that I, as an individual, could have got popularity or success by any other means. But when it comes to my blog, I think it comes down to the relationships I have built over time and a blog community, which is a product of the blogging relationship efforts.

It’s been about 3 months that I formally created an organized community on my blog, after 3 years of blogging, and I can see the difference. I haven’t yet publicized it as it’s still new and I am working on making it better. However, once I start doing that, it would become much better.

If anyone visits the ABC (Aha!NOW Blog Community) and reads all that my blog members (fondly called as Ahaians) have to say and do, they would believe how important and supportive a blog community is. For all of us, it’s become a second home, a small, close-knit family.


Ryan BiddulphRyan Biddulph ~ BloggingfromParadise.com

Do you believe that building relationships through blogging is beneficial?

Building relationships through blogging is perhaps the most important thing you can do. Without friends in your corner few eyes will be on your blog, and without many eyes on your blog you may as well write a diary.

I’ve seen my blog and brand take off by putting emphasis on my blogger outreach campaign. Why? Friends grow your blog, expand your reach, support you, inspire you and teach you.

I learned so much about networking from you Adrienne. If I hadn’t commented on your blog I wouldn’t have discovered the countless benefits of blog commenting, or of networking intelligently.

How important do you believe a blog community is?

A blog community makes your blog, because without a large, supportive, vocal network of readers nobody will want to stick around your blog.  Blogs are like parties. A blog with few comments and little engagement is a dud. Nobody wants to hang out, or share their thoughts, on a ghost town of a blog.

A blog with tons of comments, and engagement, screams “look at me!”, in a good way. Like a live, happening party, folks will stop by to see what the buzz is about. This leads to more engagement, more traffic, more comments, and more sales, as the buzz grows, so will your blogging income.

On Blogging from Paradise I’ve intended to build a community from Day 1. I view my blog more like Facebook, and less like a blog, if that makes sense, because growing a tight knit community around my website can lead to the beginning of something special for our community.

How supportive has your blogging community been for you and your blog?

My blog community made my blog. Really Adrienne, Blogging from Paradise is a diary about me, my travels, and my blogging tips unless awesome folks like yourself didn’t shout it out through reviews, or unless my community commented on posts, and shared posts.

We are writing for others. We want to inspire others. If you turn “others”, into dear friends, not only will your community grow like wildfire but the networking potential and prospering potential of your growing tribe is quite endless.

From offering me guest post opportunities, to reviewing my eBooks, to buying my eBooks, and hiring me for my services, to reading my posts, and commenting on my posts (creating content for my blog, because comments are content), and engaging between commentators, I can honestly say, the 40 plus authority blogs which featured me over 3 months, and the endorsements I’ve received for my eBooks, all spawned out of the generosity and closeness of my community.

I genuinely intend to over deliver each time out to give back to a blogging community which has show me so much love.


Carol AmatoCarol Amato ~ CarolAmato.com

Do you believe that building relationships through blogging is beneficial?

Yes, I absolutely believe that building relationships through blogging, and any online/offline endeavor, is beneficial to all involved.

When I first started out I was bound and determined to treat others the way that I want to be treated. I’ve kept every single Email that my subscribers have sent me so that I can keep an ongoing dialogue with them via Email, and be able to have a context of what they’re going through.

So that means, obviously I always answer each and every person that contacts me with a personal response. My policy is to respond within 24 hours, but it’s usually much sooner.

It’s only been within the last year that I’ve focused on building up my commenting efforts, so the visible community shows up much later than the invisible community that I’ve been building for four years.

Shifting efforts/focus from emphasizing personal Email (invisible community) to include the blog commenting section (visible community) was a good move.

However, I still have many many folks who are shy and who prefer to be “lurkers.” They want to write and communicate exclusively via Email still which is fine with me.

I think a combination of Email outreach and blog commenting is a nice balanced way of providing value and building relationships.

I have built my entire business on the premise that building relationships is the foundation of success because none of us can do this alone, that’s for sure.  🙂

How important do you believe a blog community is?

I think it’s more important than ever.

Making sure my subscribers know that they can contact me at any time, and that I will personally respond, has been a wonderful way to encourage them to express their struggles and reach out for help, which I so enjoy giving, and find very satisfying and rewarding.

With regards to commenting and the visible community, encouraging folks to share their opinion about content I’ve published, is a great way for them to express their thoughts, concerns, questions, and suggestions.

It allows the writer of the content, as well as other readers and commenters, to get a glimpse of that person’s perspective and get to know them and their mindset a lot better.

Starting a conversation about the topic in question really allows folks to pull back the curtain and share their opinions and personality which causes growth all around and wonderful connections!

Folks are naturally going to want to check out the commenter’s profile and click through to that commenter’s site, so it’s a big perk and provides value to the commenter also.

They get traffic to their site, and can potentially build new relationships with their new visitors.

How supportive has your blogging community been for you and your blog?

Extremely supportive.

I started full-time online about four years ago, and I have made some wonderful friends along the way for which I am so very thankful.

I have been stretched beyond my comfort zone in supplying help, encouragement and training to those who have contacted me personally via Email.

I’ve also been challenged and delighted to have so many people share their thoughts on my visible blogging community as commenters on my blog posts.

I’ve been truly amazed at how giving and helpful my readers and commenters have been, and on many occasions have been blown away at the offer of help when I’ve faced challenges. I’ve learned so much from my community, and they mean so much to me.

There’s no greater feeling than to know you have a supportive and loyal Community there by your side all the way.


Enstine MukiEnstine Muki ~ EnstineMuki.com

Do you believe that building relationships through blogging is beneficial?

In blogging, relating with like-minded bloggers is a key success factor. That’s also true in other industries. The more you relate with people, the more your business sphere expands.

Today, people buy from people they know and trust. Blogging is one powerful relationship building tool that should not be neglected by any business. Blogging does not only help build and strengthen relationships. It also helps the blogger to earn more trust from his readers.

As an affiliate marketer, I have seen a growth in commissions from my blog. That’s because my readers have grown to know me through this relationship. Some of them buy from my blog because they know me and trust my recommendation.

They are people and clients that we meet while blogging. That means without blogging, we may never have come across them. Building relationships through blogging is highly beneficial.

How important do you believe a blog community is?

I think a blog community is as important as growing ones blog. I have not seen any blog doing well without an active community. Show me a successful blog and I’ll show you a blog with lively community.

If your community is made up of your repeat readers, followers and subscribers, then you understand that your blog is almost a ghost town without its community.

That’s why I encourage bloggers to focus on building and keeping their community well nourished with the kind of content that will keep members longing for more.

How supportive has your blogging community been for you and your blog?

My community has been the reason behind my growth. Just by visiting, commenting and sharing my blog posts, they impact my social proof and make way for more business. They link to my blog from theirs thereby improving my search and direct traffic. My Alexa stats has improve so greatly and that’s thanks to my community.

I remember a business opportunity I had in the past with a Clickbank Vendor who got attracted to my blog by my community activities – shares and comments. I recently had a paid post on my blog and excitingly, I got words from my client who is about to submit another paid post because of the level of engagement on the first post he did.

I have had countless businesses because my Alexa is below 30k and I know without any iota of doubt that my community is behind this.

Isn’t it beautiful to have an active and supportive community?

The Proof Is In The Results

Those are just 6 amazing bloggers that I chose to reach out to since they obviously are really doing well online and have a great blog community too.  We have plenty more among us though wouldn’t you agree?

I think we can all approach blogging in our own way but the one thing I’ve learned from this entire experience is that this is a people business and without people you’re going to have a very difficult time.

I want to thank these fabulous bloggers for their contribution to this post but I’m also eager to hear your thoughts as well so let me ask you these same questions:

Do you believe that building relationships through blogging is beneficial?

How important do you believe a blog community is?

How supportive has your blogging community been for you and your blog?

Love to hear your thoughts and I definitely appreciate you sharing this post with your friends.  You never know when this is exactly what they may need to hear.





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P.S.  Next Monday I have more exciting interviews to share with you.  I got in touch with a few influencer and authority bloggers that I really look up to and admire what they’ve achieved in the online world.  Hope you’ll tune in next Monday for more great tips.