Are You A CommentLuv Fan?This topic has been on my mind for quite some time.  I have really been curious why some people quit using the CommentLuv plug-in so during my time blog hopping and commenting, I’ve had my ears open.

I can’t even imagine why you wouldn’t want to use this plug-in.  Granted, all of these fabulous plug-ins are only available on self hosted blogs so all of you free blogs are just out of luck.  I bet you wish you could use it. Or, as I’ve been on my mission, maybe not!

As you can tell, I’m still a fan and I always will be unless Andy Bailey does away with it forever. Then I’m doomed…

I do know he’ll have an announcement tomorrow over at his blog showing you how you can apply to become one of the people who will get access to the premium beta version of CommentLuv for FREE!

One Reason Why

So one of the reasons why some people are no longer using CommentLuv is because they have switched to another type of commenting system.  You’ve seen them and know what I’m talking about.  Ones like LiveFyre, Disqus and IntenseDebate to name a few.

Those are the commenting systems that you have to sign up with in order to even leave a comment.  A lot of my blogging buddies have switched over to them because of some of the bells and whistles that they offer.

One of the downfalls I’ve heard about with these types of systems is that they aren’t hosted on your wordpress blog, but elsewhere.  I wonder what would happen if their system went down.  Does that mean all their comments go bye bye?  Well, I’ll never know because you couldn’t pay me to switch.

These systems don’t allow CommentLuv if you can imagine that.  I haven’t figured that one out yet so maybe someone who is more in the know can share that with us in the comment section.

Second Reason Why

I’ve talked to a few of my friends who did switch over to these other commenting systems but because they were having some difficulties with some of the features, decided to come back to the default comment box until those were repaired.

I had noticed that they didn’t have CommentLuv even after switching back so I asked a couple of them why.  You might find this kind of funny but they just flat out forgot to turn the darn thing on.  Yep, with the newer version of the plug-in you have to actually do a little bit of playing around in the settings.

The first thing you’ll need to do is head over to “Settings” and pull up CommentLuv.  Once you are there the first section you see will be the “Primary Setting”.  Be sure you check the “Yes” box to turn it on.  You also can have the plug-in show on just posts, pages or both.

Are You A CommentLuv Fan?

The middle section you can decide how you want CommentLuv to be displayed on your posts.

As with the older plug-in, if you registered with an account you then had the option of displaying your last ten posts when you left a comment.  With this newer version, you can have the same choice, but as you will notice you can give this option to only registered users, everyone or no one at all.  I don’t think that would be a wise decision.  Kind of defeats the purpose of even having it wouldn’t you agree?

You also have the choice of who gets dofollow links.  Pretty nifty idea if you ask me.  You’ll see what I’m talking about here:

Are You A CommentLuv Fan?

Last But Not Least

Here’s one more very important thing to know about CommentLuv.  Because Andy has been doing some updates lately, if you don’t upgrade the plug-in it will eventually stop working.  Now I’m sure every single one of you update your plug-ins as soon as you are notified there is a newer version.  We all know how important this is to keep up with the latest versions.

Just in case you haven’t done it, be sure to upgrade that today.  You wouldn’t want to be left behind.

Why Use CommentLuv

CommentLuv is fabulous for building links.  Now we all would love for people to visit our blog and just comment because they really like us but let’s be realistic okay!  You need backlinks to your site in order to help Google recognize just how fabulous you really are.

When people see you use CommentLuv, they are even more thrilled and excited because they not only get to share their links with you and your readers, but you also get to find other really cool bloggers that are also leaving comments and follow them back over to their place because of their cool blog titles you just happen to see while visiting.  Don’t lie, you know it’s true.

Let’s face it, link juice will move your blog up in the rankings which will help more readers find your content on Google and we know how much Google likes to make us all happy. That’s why they keep doing all their updating and changing.  So although we all want to just be loved for us, we’re really loved for the sharing and helping we can do for one another.

Just check out some of the higher PR ranking sites and you’re still going to see CommentLuv all over the place.  But using it is totally up to you.  We all know that everything we do is a choice and it’s your choice to use this fabulous plug-in or not.  Me, I’m keeping it for sure.

How About You

So tell me, tell me, tell me…  Do you use CommentLuv and if not, why?  I’ve been getting my ears and mind full these past few months but you know me, I’m a learning machine. Please do share with me why you love it or why you don’t.  I definitely want to hear what you have to say.

I’ll be chatting with you in the comment section so see you there.