Are You Pinging Your Content?
I have another requested topic for you in today’s post.  As you probably noticed from the headline, it’s all about pinging.  If you aren’t pinging your content then this post is for you.  I’ve got some great tips I’ll be sharing with you so I do hope you’ll hang in here with me while I do my best to explain this as briefly as possible.

So What Is Pinging

Let’s say you have a brand new blog and you’re eager to start writing content. So you put all this hard work into sharing some valuable content but no one is showing up to read it.  I know in the beginning I use to think well I used some great keywords so why aren’t the search engines picking it up!  Create the content and they’ll just come right!

Well what if you could pick up the phone and just call Google and let them know you’ve got some new stuff you’d like for them to check out! That would be pretty cool right!  Well that’s kind of what pinging does.

Pinging helps your blog get indexed faster and your content found on the search engines.

What you want to do is ping every single piece of content you create too. That includes any new articles, press releases, podcasts and even videos. That’s right, you want to ping everything. What pinging does is it sends an electronic signal to the different search engines notifying them that you have new content that they need to see and send traffic to.

We all want to grab some of those top positions on the search engines right!  Well this is one of your best shots.

Are Your Posts Getting Banned

We all love WordPress and one of the things that they do is they already have this set up for you when you install your blog.  It’s already set up to automatically ping your posts every time you publish a new one. Did you even know that?

Here’s the bad news though.. A lot of people are still wondering why they are creating fresh new content yet their sites aren’t moving up in the search engines. Has this happened to you?  Want to know why?

Your blog has probably been banned by the pinging services without you even knowing about it! Dang it! How did this happen!!!

We all love WordPress but it’s not a perfect set up and yeah, there is so much stuff we aren’t aware of when we create a new blog.

So why would your content get banned?

Because by default WordPress pings the search engines whenever you post a new post in your blog. Now that’s what we want it to do right!

The problem is that WordPress also pings whenever you edit or update any existing post. Yep, every single darn time. So let’s say you are editing your posts and you keep updating it to make sure that everything gets saved.  Well every time you hit update, it’s getting pinged. This is what will get you banned.

The good news is that most bans don’t last very long but I’m going to show you how to get around this altogether so you don’t even have to worry about this again okay!

To The Rescue

Tada… The answer to your prayers is the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plug-in. This plugin corrects the WordPress’s pinging system so your blog won’t get into any trouble.

In order to use the plug-in, here’s what you do:

  • Download the zip file to your computer
  • In your dashboard go to Plug-ins and upload the zip file from your computer
  • The setup requires a one time free registration and all you do is enter your name and email address
  • An email will be sent to you with the activation link, click on that
  • Go back to your blog and verify your registration and activate the plugin
  • Add a list of pinging sites you want your blog to ping your content to
  • Save the settings

That’s pretty easy right!

So what will happen once this plug-in is installed?

Now when you create a new post your blog will ping and notify all the ping services that your post has been updated.  When you edit an existing post it will no longer send a ping to those pinging services which will save your blog from getting banned.

As you can see from what I’ve mentioned here, you are now safe from getting banned when you use the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer plug-in.

How To Add The Pinging Services

WordPress automatically has a service included on your new blog that will ping your content to some ping services.  But there are much better services to use.

I personally prefer using Pingler because it also pings your site to a lot of the stand alone pinging services as well.  Just head over to their site, scroll down a ways and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Want to know how to add Pingler to your blog? While in your Dashboard you will want to go to “Settings”.  Under the “Settings” tab you’ll want to click on “Writings”.  Scroll all the way down until you see “Update Services”.  Just be sure to add Pingler as well.  Now if you want to add some extra services, add as many as you want but just make sure they aren’t all pinging to the same service. That’s all you have to do.

Are You Pinging?

So is your blog set up correctly? Were you even aware that this could be happening?  Are you pinging your other content such as your podcasts and videos?  If you weren’t aware that this is something you should be doing at least you know now.

Let the search engines know that you’ve got some fresh, unique and valuable content to share with the world.  We could all use more traffic to our sites right! This is the best way for it to be found.

Love to hear your comments about this so please do share your experiences.  Are you using any other pinging service that you like better?  Have you found that pinging has helped you any?  I’m anxious to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Looking forward to chatting with you in the comments so I’ll see you there!





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