I’m venturing away from my normal posts because I could really use some love, support and prayers from all the dog lovers out there.

I have been a dog owner most of my life. We had dogs growing up but once I moved out of my parent’s home, I was finally able to get a dog that I could call my own. I’ve only had three in my life and my current daughter is a 6 year old Chihuahua I named Kayla. I adopted her almost 2 years ago and she brings such joy to my life.

My sister (Debbie) on the other hand just adopted her very first dog a little over 2 years ago. Debbie is older than me and she decided that her first dog was going to be a big one. You know, one that would protect her. She looked at several but eventually fell in love with an English Mastiff named Remington.

Remi (short for Remington) was abandoned during Katrina and the people who rescued him eventually came to the conclusion that he needed to be euthanized because he was so big and didn’t get along with other dogs. He was literally saved on the day they were to put him down by Sue who rescues these particular breeds. Debbie saw Remi’s picture online and instantly fell in love.

I will admit that my sister has never been a very nice person, but as all you dog lovers know, your heart melts when a dog joins your family and my sister’s heart melted completely. Remi has literally changed her life and I’m NOT exaggerating. Unconditional love will do that to a person.

On New Year’s Eve we all received news from Debbie that Remi might possibly have bone cancer. He had been limping for about 2 months and she took him to the vet but they told her he had just pulled a muscle. She took him back because it wasn’t getting any better so they decided to take some ex-rays. They found a growth on his leg. Since that time she had been to an oncologist, another vet, he is receiving acupuncture treatments, I have a friend doing energy healing on him but none of this seems to be helping.

She was given a bottle of herbal extract that is a new form of cancer treatment and he seemed to be doing a little better, at least for awhile. He eventually stopped putting any weight on his leg so she took him back to the vet. His recent CAT scan shows that on the outer side of his leg the bone has worn so thin due to the tumor eating away at it that it’s almost gone. The bone literally won’t hold his weight. She has opted to give him radiation hoping that it will shrink the tumor in order to allow the bone to begin strengthening itself again so that he can start using it and build up the muscle.

If this works, he should have a good number of months ahead. At the time of his diagnosis, the vet gave him anywhere between 3 to 9 months to live. If this treatment doesn’t work then his time with us will definitely be numbered.

I sure would appreciate your prayers or even any recommendations you may have. Maybe this story sounds familiar and you have a friend that has gone through the same thing.  Any suggestions would be welcomed at this point.

This dog has literally changed my sister’s life and the thought of losing him this year is just not acceptable. He really is the sweetest, most gentle soul. I just can’t comprehend him coming into her life only to be taken from us. We do see him as a blessing and we are all so thankful that he has changed my sister so drastically. I just believe he deserves to live out his life since he’s had such a rough go of it from the start. I know he loves her as much as she loves him.

I’ve probably ranted too much but this is so very close to my heart. I lost my Cocker Spaniel of 19 years almost 5 years ago now and it took me 3 years to recover from his loss.  He was literally like my child and we practically grew up together.  You just grow so darn close to them it’s hard to let them go.

All you dog lovers know how these precious animals can truly touch someone’s life in ways no human can ever do. I just don’t want to see Remi’s life come to such an abrupt end when I know he has so much more love to give.

Any love, support, prayers or suggestions anyone may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and God Bless you all.