Benefit From Blog CommunityThe product release is behind me, one holiday has come and gone and we are now in the last month of the year.

Wow, what a year this has been.  I FINALLY achieved my goal and released my product, Build a Blog Community.

It did really well and it’s only been two weeks now.  I didn’t know what to expect in all honesty but I’m thrilled with the outcome so far.

I have you to thank for that too by the way so “thank you”.

In looking back I always knew that I probably wasn’t doing everything I should.  I wasn’t out there recruiting affiliates, I let people come to me.  I wasn’t out there rallying troops to help me and I could have done that as well.

You might have learned this about me by now though, I don’t do things like everyone else.

Because I was creating a product about building your blog community I didn’t want to abandon mine and disappear while I worked on this product.  I did have to back away from some things though but in the end I’m glad I did it this way.

So as the title of my blog post says, I want to share with you how I’ve been able to benefit from my blog community.  I have some very special people I want to thank because my course would have never been released without them.

Dee Ann Rice

I’ve spoken about Dee Ann many times here on my blog.  She is definitely my best blogging buddy hands down.  We met back in early 2011 when we were taking Alex Jeffrey’s course that changed the way I did things.

We became fast friends but more than that, we are weekly mastermind buddies.  Yep, we talk on the phone every single week except when things arise, holidays are upon us or we’re off on vacation.

Dee Ann has strengths in areas I definitely don’t and I have strengths in areas she doesn’t.  We hold each other accountable and we bounce things off of each other.

She’s encouraged me all the way with this product and has spent a good bit of her free time going over it for me and giving me her honest opinion.  I would have to say that had Dee Ann not kept encouraging me, my product will have never gotten released.

Dee Ann is definitely my savior.

Adam Binder

Adam and I met back in May.  He became a subscriber and as the relationship building goes, we became friends.

Adam is a very successful web designer and focused mostly in his offline community.  He wanted to build his blog up though which is why he approached me.

Since I call all my new subscribers, we had a wonderful talk on the phone and we started to support each other.  Adam asked if I would write a guest post for his blog but said he would be willing to pay me for it.

I told him I couldn’t take his money but I didn’t mind helping him out.

The post went live in June and it did really well.

Because I helped him do you know what Adam said he would like to do for me?

He creates videos for his clients and there are so many different kinds today.  He said he would love to make one for my upcoming product so the video you saw on the sales page was created by Adam out of the kindness of his heart.

The first time I saw it I started crying and they were definitely tears of joy.  Wow, how awesome is that!

Richard Martin

I had purchased the Profits Theme software two years ago from Dee Ann and that’s what I was going to use to build my site.

Dee Ann had offered to build it for me since she knew the program well after having already worked in it herself.

Unfortunately, her son was diagnosed with an incurable illness and they were told the outcome would be dire.

Family is much more important than my site so I was back to square one trying to figure out what software to use to build mine.

I decided to take a look at OptimizePress after having seen the fabulous review Richard had done of it on his blog.  You talk about thorough.

Richard and I had connected as well through blogging so he was someone that I definitely trusted.  I emailed him to ask him a few questions and upon his response I bought it through his affiliate link.

I proceeded to create the site but I kept running into issues.  I watched their videos but they didn’t cover every scenario.

After having a really bad day, I emailed Richard and asked if I could pay him for his time and have him create the site for me.  He had already built several of his own because he’s a very successful internet marketer.  I knew his time was valuable and I wasn’t sure he would take me up on the offer.

Not only did he take me up on it, he wouldn’t let me pay him a darn dime.  I sat there and just cried.  I’m telling you, the overwhelming feelings I was having from him being willing to do this for me was something else.

So my product site got built because of Richard and I could have never done this without him.

Sylviane Nuccio

My little copywriter, that’s what I like to call her.  Sylviane and I met several years ago too, I want to say around three and maybe going on four now.  We were also in a mastermind group together as well.

I had actually written my sales page myself trying to take what I have learned so far and apply it.  I knew there were areas that definitely needed improving so I asked Sylviane if she could look at it for me.

She had a very rough year.  She lost her mother and then her child, Sophie (her cat) and she was still grieving for them both.  Loss is just so darn hard.

I hated to ask her really but I trusted that she would do a good job and she was happy to look at it for me.

She added the right power words and made it look appealing so I owe my sales page to Sylviane.

Thank you my dear friend!

Carol Amato

Carol and I met back in late May, maybe early June.

She found my blog and quickly became another loyal community member.  She opted into my list and then hired me for some consulting time.

She has a very successful business already but was not getting the traffic to her blog that she had hoped.  She was very impressed with the amount I was getting and wanting to know what I was doing differently.

After speaking on the phone several times we became fast friends.

I released my product to a pilot group first and that notice only went out to those on my list.  Carol quickly volunteered and I have to tell you she’s the only one who offered her advice throughout the entire course.  She pointed out areas that could be improved upon and I definitely took her advice.

She gave me some great suggestions on how I could do things better or in areas I hadn’t really thought about.

She even had to leave in the middle of this and fly to Texas because her daughter was having her baby early.  There were complications so she went back and forth to the hospital, she had late night feedings and some very tiring days.  She was a trooper through it all and I could not have finished this without her help.

Rob Wilson

I had done a LOT of research about the different programs out there that would handle the payments, affiliates, refunds, etc. for my product.

I heard more bad things then good things about the programs I was going to go with but then decided to take Andy Bailey’s advice and go with DealGuardian.  It just seemed like a much more secure platform and they don’t put up with all those people who buy the products, basically steal them and then ask for refunds.  They’ll actually ban those particular affiliates so that was very attractive to me.

I went with DealGuardian and the whole process was really so darn easy.  Too easy if you know what I mean.  They were also compatible with OptimizePress so everything was in place.

In order for them to approve your product though you have to test it to make sure that the payment structure works and your customers are pointed to the right information once they are inside your site.

Well it wouldn’t work.

In October I had released my product to a pilot group so they had actually purchased my product at a lower cost and were given access so I knew it was set up correctly.

Poor Richard and I went around and around and around checking everything.  I went back and forth with their support and everything they told me to do I had done.  It would NOT work.

It was Friday morning before my product release and I was sitting at my computer in tears.  Seriously, I was bawling like a baby.  Once I had my good cry I took a deep break and said another prayer.

I went back to Google and started researching “yet again” in hopes of running across anyone online who had encountered this same issue.  I kept coming up empty handed.

But I did find Rob who had created a product that walked you through how to create a membership site using OptimizePress and he was selling it through DealGuardian.  He HAD to know how to fix this issue right!

So I emailed him through DealGuardian and I apologized right off the bat because he didn’t know me and here I was asking for help.  Oh and I offered to pay him for his time so I want to be clear.

He responded rather quickly and said he would help me.

We emailed, he told me it was an issue on DealGuardian’s end, he had to write some code to resolve the issue on his own site, he uploaded everything for me to my server, we made the corrections on the DealGuardian side and then ran the tests.  They worked beautifully, just like they had for the pilot group.

I have a new friend!  Oh my goodness, he helped me out of the kindness of his heart.  I’m telling you guys, when you help enough people with what they want it WILL come back to you.  I’m am living proof.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Rob!!!

No One Can Do This Alone

I like to think that I’m no different than anyone else.  There are SO many caring and kind people in this world.  I think if you have a big enough heart then things will come your way.

I wake up every single day knowing how blessed I am.  I know that I attract the right people and things into my life because I’ve practiced this enough to know.

This post and these people are living proof of this.  I seriously could not have gotten my product out and released without each and everyone of their help.

They did it because they are darn good caring people.

Whether you bought my product or not I want you to focus on building your own community. I want you to focus on making those connections with others because I know that these types of relationships you make with your readers, commenters and subscribers can benefit you as well.

We can all have our own fabulous and amazing blog communities and I know you’ll have plenty of awesome people in your corner too.

I think this is just the most important lesson any blogger can learn.  I want everyone to succeed and benefit the way I have so if what I’ve shared can help you then think what it can do for others.

I always look forward to your comments and of course your shares.





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