BIG Twitter MistakeWe all make mistakes, it’s just part of life.

There is so much to social media and since this post is dealing with Twitter I’m going to address a BIG mistake I see a lot of people making.

Now I know that we don’t all think alike.  While I might view something as annoying others might not see a darn thing wrong with it.  That’s what makes the world go round right!

I know that so much of what we do online is just good common sense but I also know that not everyone was gifted with that.

Over time though certain things can start to become very annoying to some people and then they’ll frown upon you for doing them so this could be the result:

1)  Hopefully they’ll address the issue in a private way
2)  They’ll start ignoring you
3)  Potentially block all your stuff

Okay so we do not want that happening to you right!

While some things are obvious it’s apparent that others well, not so much.  I wanted to take this time to point something out to you just in case you’re doing this too.

Hopefully you’ll see the errors of your way and you’ll quickly see that you just never thought of it that way.  Sometimes that’s all it takes is for someone like me to bring it to your attention.

A BIG Twitter Mistake

I was going to show you some examples but I didn’t want to call anyone in particular out in this post.

I admit some things bother me worse than others and I certainly don’t expect everyone to see things my way all the time.  Man, wouldn’t that be awesome though!  LOL!!!

What I want to accomplish by sharing this with you is so that you can see why so many others might find this just as annoying.

So let me share some examples with you of what I mean!

Let’s say I want to thank some people for sharing my post so what I do is I thank several people at the same time since I’m so blessed with so many people sharing my content.  This would be something that I would tweet:

“Hope you’re having an amazing day @robinshallett @Lisapatb @timbo1973 @Dawn_Abraham @KeepUpWeb @SusanPCooper & TY for the RTs!”

So I’ll just pick on Robin since I know she wouldn’t mind.  Let’s say she wanted to respond back.  This would be the “correct” way:

“@adriennesmith40 Glad to share your content Adrienne & hope you’re having an amazing day too.”

Now this would be the wrong way to respond back because remember, she’s only addressing me.

“@adriennesmith40 @Lisapatb @timbo1973 @Dawn_Abraham @KeepUpWeb @SusanPCooper Glad to share your content Adrienne & hope you’re having an amazing day too.”

So I sent that tweet thanking everyone but if each individual person wanted to reply and thank me why would you include everyone’s name?  You’re not responding to everyone, just me.  See the BIG mistake there?

Can you see how very annoying that can be?  Especially if we get a lot of tweets.

Let’s think about it this way.

Compare This To Email

It’s the exact same thing as sending an email.

Let’s say you sent an email to 10 people thanking them for sharing your resume with someone they felt needed to see it.  You included all of them in the “to” field although we all know the proper way to do that is to send the other nine as blind carbon copies (bcc).  That’s out of respect of not sharing everyone’s email address.

Anyway, let’s just say you sent the email to all 10 people.

Now let’s say each of them wanted to respond to your email, wish you luck and that they were happy to help you.

You don’t respond to everyone in the email because you’re only addressing that one person.  Your response isn’t to the other nine people so why would you respond to them all?

It’s the same exact thing on Twitter.  If you get a lot of tweets then you probably realize how much time is involved to not only go through them all but more time is involved for those particular messages.

Can you see why this would be a BIG mistake that a lot of people make?

Do You Make This BIG Twitter Mistake?

We can make new friends granted but that’s not the impression you want to make, trust me.

I know that I have so many people that I chat with on Twitter and you probably do too.  It just takes  more time to go back through the conversations to see if they’re just addressing me or everyone because the majority of the time when they’ll say “TY” and then still have everyone in the tweet, they’re really just thanking the initiator of the tweet and no one else.

Will this stop everyone from doing this?  I wish my blog was that popular but if I can help a few people realize they’re doing this wrong and they can help someone else understand they’re doing this wrong then we can continue passing this message along and at least have fewer people doing this.

Are you making this same mistake?  Do you see how other people could find this annoying?  Will you at least consider this the next time you respond to people on Twitter?

Love to hear your thoughts on this and be sure to share this now, especially on Twitter.  Let’s see if we can save a few more people from doing this too!

Maybe we can save the Twitter world!  LOL!!!





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