Why Blog Maintenance Is Important

You guys know I’ve had a pretty rough couple of weeks but I’m getting back to being my old self.  Although I’m still moving a little slow, I’m ready to jump back in and meet my business obligations head on this week.

Today’s post was suppose to be on the topic of Facebook but that’s been delayed a week so hopefully next Monday you’ll learn why.

Checking Blog Stats

Periodically I like to compare my blog stats from last year to see how things are going.  So I compared January 1 through April 29th of this year to last year and I’m so excited to share with you that I have a 424% increase in traffic to my blog, 410% increase in unique visitors and 168% increase in pageviews. Overall that’s a 67% increase in new visitors to my blog.  Dang, that’s pretty darn good.

I now have 390 posts and 13,059 comments.  My blog will be three years old in June but I had no activity whatsoever until I started blog commenting at the beginning of 2011.  My Alexa ranking has been going up and down so although I finally made it under 50,000, it seems to be creeping back up for some reason.  I’ll just have to see what I can do about that.

Blog Maintenance

I’m very proud of my blog and what I’ve been able to achieve in just a little over a years time.  So we need to keep things running pretty smoothly right!

I visited Dee Ann Rice’s blog last week and she had written a post about her blog loading too slow. There are a number of reasons this can happen and she shared several in this post along with some sites that can help you diagnose your problem areas.

I have done the majority of what she suggests which were:

  • Check your blog for load time, check
  • Get rid of any plug-ins you aren’t using, check
  • Condense your images, check
  • Check for broken links, check
  • Have a good hosting service, check
  • Set up your links correctly, check
  • Do not use externally store images, check
  • Optimize your database, check
  • Use CloudFlare, no and I probably won’t

I’ve checked by blog for load times at different times on different days and I never get the same number.  You would think if I had some issues with my blog then those numbers would be pretty consistent.

Having too many plug-ins can be a major problem with load time.  I try my very best to not add any additional plug-ins that I don’t have to have.  With CommentLuv Premium, I was able to get rid of about seven extra plug-ins so that’s been a huge help.

Broken Links

The one thing on Dee Ann’s list that I had not done was check for broken links.  I know there is a plug-in for this but I had read some time back on a post Ana Hoffman had written on this subject and she had claimed that this plug-in doesn’t catch everything.

Yesterday I used one of the services Dee Ann had recommended called Broken Link Checker.  I checked the one to “report all occurrences of each dead link.”  Now this will definitely take a lot longer but man was it worth it.  The only problem is if someone’s site is down while you’re checking this, every single one of their links will be reported as broken so this can slow down the process.

I did run into a few problems because I kept losing my internet connection, it was one of those days, so it took several hours to generate.

It checked over a 1,000 pages and it gave me over 12,000 links.  The majority of those were from lost connections thank goodness so I only checked the ones with the bad hosting service and 404 codes.

What I like about this service is that it will highlight where the link is so if you scroll back up that page, you’ll see which post it’s on or who made that comment.  All I had to do from there is just go to my comment page and type that person’s name in.  All their comments came up so I could check all their links.

Overall I was excited that I only had about 50 or so broken links and those were mainly from people who are no longer blogging and have let their URL expire.  I did have a few broken links in some of the comments on my Promote Yourself post because those sites no longer exist.  Go figure!

It’s a tedious process but well worth the time.

Do You Maintain Your Blog

How often do you do maintenance on your blog?  Have you ever had any problems with it loading slowly?  Do you have too many plug-ins or some you aren’t using now but have yet to delete?  What about checking for broken links?  You know the longer you put this off, the more you’re going to have to check and the more time consuming this will become.

Making sure your blog functions properly is just part of the process you know.  So make sure you do the majority of what Dee Ann has listed and your blog should be just fine.

Would love to hear what you have to share and if you have any specific measures you take that Dee Ann didn’t list.  Now remember, we aren’t that tech savvy so make it easy for us okay!

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