Magical Monday: Blog Promotion, Loyal Audience, Your List, Triberr, Success Gosh, is February coming to an end already!

It’s the last Monday of the month which means it’s time for another Magical Monday.  I get to share with you some posts I ran across during my blogging ventures this month.

Two that I have on my list I’ve never shared their content before so that’s always fun for my readers.  Hopefully you’re already familiar with these bloggers though and have read their content but just in case I get to introduce you to a few new names.

I also have something special to mention at the end and of course I can’t help but put a plug in for a guest post I wrote over at Sylviane’s blog last week.  Hope you didn’t miss it, I spilled my own guts on that one.  Yep, my own struggles I deal with.  You’ll find that link at the very bottom under “Sure Hope You Didn’t Miss”.

So let me stop with all the chatter because you all know I can talk and just get on with what I have for you today.


101 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

Kim RoachKim actually sent me an email and asked if I would share her post.  I’m connected with her on another platform so it’s not like some random person that just emailed me asking to promote their content.   I get that a lot by the way and it never works.

So after checking out her post I couldn’t help but share it because who doesn’t want to learn some things we all can and should be doing to promote our content right!  If you haven’t seen Kim’s post yet just take a look unless what you’re doing now is working just fine and you’re not interested in any more tips.  I have to tell you though, she listed a lot.

How to Build a Loyal Audience on the Web

Neil PatelWe all know Neil rocks, everything he shares is solid, fabulous and great advice.  Well this post isn’t any different.

If you’re on his list then you’ve already seen it but if you’re not you might want to take a quick look.  I already preach enough over here what you should be doing to build a loyal community on your blog and I know that Neil shares a lot of the same information.  I love it when that happens actually.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen his post on building a loyal audience on the web then be sure to stop by because once again he’s shared some awesome information.  Just trying to help you grow ya know!

How I Quadrupled My Email Subscribers With These 5 Powerful Tactics (List Building Case Study)

Fabrizio Van MarcianoHave you guys met Fabrizio?  He’s been someone that recently connected with me again late last year after going through his own blogging journey.  Yep, he decided that building relationships was something he should pay attention to so he came back around and looked me up.

He’s a really nice and smart guy.  I love the look of his blog, I love what he shares and he’s very honest with letting us know what works and work doesn’t for him.  He recently wrote a post about growing his email list and he’s shown us what he’s been experimenting with.

If you’re having issues with building your list then be sure to stop by this post because Fabrizio has some solid advice for you.  Good stuff.

How to Build a Following On Triberr

Dino DoganMost of you know how much I love and continue to support Triberr.  Dino and Dan did a fabulous job when they created this platform.  My reach now is over 37 million, can you say the same as far as your reach on all the social platforms?

I keep introducing this site to those I come in contact with who are still struggling to either find different bloggers to connect with or get their content shared on the social platforms.

There are a lot of great posts out there but who better to explain how to build a following on Triberr than Dino himself.  If you’re eager to still learn more about Triberr then check out this post.  It’s hands down the best.

The Complete Guide to Blog Content Success Metrics

Kristi HinesAs I was going through my Triberr stream I ran across a post over on Matthew’s blog that really caught my eye.  Now I’ve been through it once but will be going back through it again only because it’s really a great lesson about your blog’s success.

We all go to a lot of trouble to write great content, build our list and promote our posts right?  So are you staying on top of what you’ve been doing?  I mean is everything you have in place working or do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels!

Matthew didn’t actually write this post though, it’s a guest post from Kristi Hines so either way, it’s a clear winner in my book.  Just in case you missed it and may need to learn some of the different data sources you can use just be sure to drop by and check out this post.

Before I Close

I appreciate you as always taking the time to stop by my blog and read what I have to share.  I continue to this day to be in awe of you, for your continued dedication even when my life gets crazy busy and I can’t make it by to support you over on your blog.

My heart is filled with gratitude for your friendship, your support and your kindness through the comments you always share.  I can’t thank you enough for just being there and I hope I’m able to do the same for you.

Before I wrap up this post though I just have to mention that today is the 12th anniversary of my father’s passing and although I don’t dwell on it any longer I still miss the heck out of him.  If you’d like to get a chance to learn more about him I wrote a dedication to him a few years back that I hope you’ll enjoy.  He was an awesome man.

Thank you again and I always appreciate the shares.

Happy reading and enjoy your week.





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