Blogger AwardJuly must be the month for blogging awards because I sure have visited a lot of blogs this month where people have been nominated.

I personally love these types of posts because that means that some of your blogging buddies really think very highly of you ya know!

So have you received one yet?

Well, I’ve actually been nominated several times for one award and once for another one this month so I decided to do my post a little differently and share my message with you today in a video.  I wanted to share with you how you can get a blogging award if you haven’t already.

Hey, you do want one right!  Okay so you don’t actually get anything from it but I think they’re kind of fun and it’s an honor that your blogging buddies have thought of you in this way actually.

Anyway, I’ll share with you in my video everything about this plus how you can get a blogging award too!  Ready!

I mentioned in the video that last year about this time I shared in two different video posts more about me.  If you missed those and are curious, here are those links.

Since writing this post I’ve been nominated a few more times so I want to be sure and also thank Julie Dunlop of, Carol Lynn Rivera of, Jamella Smith Biegel of and Yvonne Warner of  Thank you so much ladies.

One more obligation I still need to include are the photos of both awards.  I certainly wouldn’t want to end this post without fulfilling this one.

Sisterhood Award XXXX Kreative Award

Did you enjoy my video?  Did you receive an award?  Are you upset with me for not nominating anyone?

I know what an honor it is to just be recognized but I love so many of you that naming just a few is hard.  Just know I love you all and appreciate you so much.

Enjoy the rest of this month and I hope to be chatting with you in the comment section.

Speak with you soon.





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