Thankful ThursdayIt’s the last Thursday of the month and time for my Thankful Thursday post.  I’ve got another five good ones for you today.

I’m hoping you’ll really enjoy reading these because you’ll find them pretty helpful.  Now you know I was ranting about Google in my last post and it’s obvious that I am not alone in my quest to shun them from my life.

So many other people have written about that as well and how you can continue getting tons of good quality traffic to your blog that will love you from this day forward without their help.  Isn’t that what we all want?

Oh and checkout the little changes I made.  I had stopped by Carol’s blog this week, which I’m featuring first, and she had gotten this idea from someone she had visited.  I thought that’s a pretty cool idea don’t you think?

Okay, I’ve gone on enough so here is what I have for you this month:

Money Can’t Buy Love

Carol RiveraCarol knows how to get me going.  I’m extremely passionate about building relationships and she shared some excellent points here about this very thing.  It’s a new year and if you don’t keep up with the times you just may be left behind.  I certainly do not want to see that happening to you.

It’s time to go back to the basics.  For some reason that was lost on a lot of people but this is the way it’s always been and this is the way it is now.  So if you want success with your online business, be sure to read “Money Can’t Buy (Brand) Love”.

What Won’t Work Today

Hector CuevasWhen I read Hector’s post I was nodding my head and agreeing with everything he had said.  I was over here doing the hallelujah dance too.  I’ve shared this post everywhere I can and I’m doing it again here.   Thank goodness several other people have highlighted this gem as well.

If you want to know what won’t work today with your blog then be sure to check what Hector wrote in “5 Marketing Ideas That Once Worked But Won’t Work in 2013”.  This is one of those amen posts ya know.  Bravo Hector, bravo!

Top Blogging Mistakes

David RisleyWe’ve all been there and done that I’m afraid.  We’ve all made mistakes with our blogs and some people still are, especially those that are new.  That’s why we read a lot of blogs right!  So we can learn what the right thing to do is.  Who better to learn from then one of the masters himself.

Check out David’s post where he shares “Top 8 Mistakes Way Too Many Blog Owners Make – Are You?”.  I think you’ll find this one pretty darn interesting, I sure did.

Build Your Brand On Twitter

John Paul AguiarYou guys know I love Twitter and it’s one of my top referral traffic sources.  With everything happening with Google we need to continue building those relationships with people who want what we have to offer.  Twitter is one of the best ways to go about that.

Once again, Paul is a master at all things Twitter.  So I can help you the best way I know but he really has all the goods.  Check out his post “Branding With Twitter: 11 Steps To Building Your Brand On Twitter” and he’s giving you all his best tips.

2013 Is The Year Of Communities

Dino DoganThings change and what worked six months ago won’t work now.  Google has made it very clear that there will be more updates as the year progresses.  Great, fine, rock on but we don’t have to be affected by those changes.  Want to know how to get in front of millions upon millions of people?

Check out Dino’s post “The Greatest Trick Google Ever Pulled” and hear his thoughts on why we should all be concentrating more on social media.  Triberr is a huge part of that and you do NOT want to be left behind my friends.

Good Ones Right!

I prefer to share information here at my blog about blogging, social media and building relationships.  Well, that was covered in all of these posts so if you haven’t read them already I sure hope you’ll put some time aside to read these.

Especially with the way things continue to change we need to stay up on the latest trends wouldn’t you agree?  With Google’s recent update things are definitely changing so stop concentrating on what use to work and let’s all put our energy into what does.

I’m always eager to hear your opinions so be sure to let me know what you thought of my shares today.

Now you know I’d appreciate it if you’re share this one with your friends too.  If I were them I’d want to know what the heck is going on too!

Oh and be sure and have a fabulous Easter.  I can’t believe it’s this weekend already but have a great time however you’re spending it.





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