Branding Expert 7 Valuable TipsIf you’re a regular reader of mine then you know I have a new theme.

I took this baby live on January 4th with my first post of the year.  So many of you complimented me on the new look and I want to be sure and thank you for all your kind comments.

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for at least a year but working on my business took priority.  Once that was all in place though I spent a good bit of time trying to find a theme that I could be happy with.

I was going to hire someone to create one for me but then I decided that I wanted to do this on my own.

I LOVED my old theme because it was familiar and easy to update.  The problem though was that it loaded pretty slow and they didn’t update it unless there was an issue with WordPress.

You get used to what you know and I really did hate to change.  I bought theme after theme testing them out because I just wasn’t quite sure what I wanted but at the same time I was the one working on this.

Now this post isn’t about my new theme but we all know that our themes say a lot about us.  We all know that when someone new comes to your blog they will judge you by the look of your site.

Now for me I was eager to freshen things up.  I was eager to start being more consistent with my color scheme and images.  This is all so very important when it comes to your brand.

“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” ~ Steve ForbesClick To Tweet

You Are Your Brand

Adrienne SmithComing into blogging I knew all about me being my brand.  That you need to think of this as “You Inc.”.

Branding is about your reputation, it’s about how you want to come across to your readers, it’s about how you want to be known, It’s about what people say about you when they hear your name, etc.

I thought when I started back in 2009 that I did okay with the branding part of this.  There is SO much more information available to us now though then back when I started.

I believe I’ve got the “You Inc.” thing down pat and I would hope that you do as well.

There is much more to this though then just what we are known for.

What about your site?

SmallBlueArrow 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design. Source:

SmallBlueArrow 94% of a website user’s first impressions are design related. Source:

People are much more visual today than ever before.  Why do you think Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are so darn popular?

People LOVE images.

What we really want though are people loving you!

We want people remembering you.

So does your site, your images, the layout, your brand…do they stand out and catch people’s attention?

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” ~ Paul RandClick To Tweet

Introducing Andrea “Dre” Beltrami, the Branded Solopreneur

Andrea BeltramiRaise your hand if you don’t know who Dre is.

Oh wait, I can’t see you so be sure to let me know in the comments below!  LOL!!!

Even before we made a connection I knew who she was.  How can you miss this powerhouse.  She’s everywhere and she STANDS out.

I was not a regular reader of her blog but it was only because I had been so darn busy.  Oh I snuck by there every so often and I’m even on her listI advise you to do the same as a matter of fact.

She and I connected last September after my good buddy, Brent Jones, wrote a guest post for her.  Of course I had to support him so I read his post, commented and spread it ALL around.

She welcomed me to her blog in the comment section and then gave me a HUGE compliment.  I had no idea she even knew who I was so it’s even cooler when she told me how much she admired me.


Andrea contacted me shortly after, we scheduled a time to chat on Skype and we’ve been good friends since.

She’s a really cool lady, a little harsh with the language, but that’s just who she is.  Just a warning for those who haven’t yet crossed paths with Dre.

“Visuals are the MOST powerful expressions of our voice.” ~ Andrea BeltramiClick To Tweet

What The Heck Are The 7 Most Valuable Tips

7 Most Valuable TipsI know, wrap this up Adrienne and just give me the darn tips.

Well I can’t exactly because this isn’t my area of expertise but I still promise to deliver.

Remember my fear of webinars and I told you that I had a few people who were going to help me?

I hosted my first one last month with John Corcoran and Dre helped me with my second one.

It was on Wednesday, January 13th, and I have to say that it was a smashing success.

Dre shared her expert branding knowledge with us.

It was titled “How To Create A Signature Style For Your Brand And Blog” and she went over:

  • The 7 most important ingredients you need to define and infuse into everything you create for your brand, including your website and blog
  • Resources for creating and defining each of these ingredients
  • Examples from brands already crushing it with their signature brand identity recipe
  • PLUS, a no holds barred brand building Q & A

Did you make it?

Did you pick up a tip of two from the oh so talented Dre?  We had a great time in the question and answer session too.

If you didn’t make the webinar but you would still like to watch the replay then here’s what you need to do.

Click This Button Right NOW

I was SO excited to host my second one and of course honored to have Dre share all this great stuff with us.

As you can tell my blog has a fresh new look and I hope to continue learning from her as to how I can make it even better.  It’s still a work in progress but I’m getting there don’t you think?

She is the Queen of Branding my friends and I definitely want you to get in on this.

I know you can learn a LOT from Dre.

Be sure to:

Click This Button Right NOW

Check out the replay and I really do hope that you learn a LOT.

Oh Wait, One More Thing

Let me know now in the comment section if you’ve been following Dre for any length of time or if this is the first time you’ve ever heard of her.

How are you doing with branding your site and do you think you could use some help?

Have you implemented any of what you’ve learned from her and seen some great results?

I’m eager to hear if you might be ready to work on that part of your site as well.  Now I can’t answer any questions about design but that’s why we all need to learn from her.

Always eager to hear your thoughts and enjoy the webinar!






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

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