Build Blog CommunityFor the past two weeks I’ve been sharing with you what other bloggers have said about why it’s important to build your own blog community.

If you’re just here for fun it would be pretty cool to have your own tribe.  People who support you and are there for you, sharing your content and spreading the word.  Neat right!

If you’re here to build your business then it’s pretty darn important.  I mean we need to get the word out about how great we are right!  Well we certainly can’t personally go shouting that from the rooftops because then it would sound like we are all about ourselves.

Having other people do that though, now that’s the cool thing about this.  Word of mouth is HUGE and you know it.

That’s what a community can do for you.

Build A Blog Community

I have created my product and I’m giving my audience what they’ve asked for.

They’ve wanted to know:

  • how I get so many comments on all of my posts
  • how those comments have become conversations
  • how I have so many people telling their friends about me
  • how so many people are sharing my content on social media
  • how this has all lead to social proof

What can social proof do for you?

If you have a new reader or potential customer arrive on your blog or someone has referred them to you, they stop by your place and they see all the stuff happening.

Comments, conversations, social shares, that’s impressive.  Wouldn’t your first thought be that this person knows what the heck they’re doing?

Do you know how many clients I’ve gotten because of this?

Do you know how many clients you can get or products you can sell if you have this in place?

Now some people might think it’s not necessary and granted I’m not saying you can’t have success without it.  I think it just depends on what you’re doing and trying to achieve.

The bottom line is that it can help you be seen as an influencer or authority figure in the eyes of your potential prospects.  The people you are eager to do business with.

It’s A People Business Darn It

If you blog then you deal with people.  No getting around that my friend.

This is about people connecting with people.  And we all know that if someone likes you then they are much more likely to do business with you than someone that they don’t know or like at all.

If you have built up that trust factor with them then they know they can count on you.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that goes a very long way in the online world.

With all the spammers, scammers, hackers and dishonest people we still have around, knowing that you’ve met someone with integrity, heart, who is loyal, genuine and truly cares about you.  That goes a VERY long way in this industry.

How do you think small businesses have stayed in business?  Granted, some haven’t withstood the test of time when huge corporations have just plowed them down but their loyal following will stick with them over the guy next door any day of the week.

That is of course that you continue to give them what they want and help them.  Now if what you share isn’t something they’re interested in or your products aren’t what they necessarily want, they may like you but they’ll probably not do much business with you.

BUT, if you have that relationship with them and they come across people who do need what you offer they’ll recommend you.

It’s all about building relationships and that my friend is what will withstand the test of time.

Build A Blog Community Course

I have created the “Build a Blog Community” course and it will go live today at 12:00 pm CST, 1:00 pm EST.

It’s a course that consists of eight lessons plus a summary and bonus section.  I also included my story for those who aren’t familiar with me or my background.

You can download each lesson and read it at your leisure and I have homework for you as well.  Worksheets as I like to call them that will help you with the necessary steps I believe you need to take in order to start building your own blog community.

Each lesson also has an audio version for those that would prefer to listen to my soothing voice as they go about their day!  LOL!!!  You’ll have to forgive me though, I kind of break up a little in lesson six.  It’s a part I get to that I lose it every single darn time.

Now the bonus section is another pretty cool part.  I’m introducing you to a platform where you can meet other bloggers in your niche and start building those relationships and hopefully your own blog community.

If you’re brand new you’ll really benefit from this and if you’re not then you’ll probably get to meet other bloggers that perhaps you haven’t run across yet.  That’s my hope at least.

For the first five days I’m going to have a sale so I hope that it will be enticing enough for you to want to grab your copy now.

You can go through the course at your leisure and I know you’ll find it extremely helpful.

Think of it like having me at your disposal, one on one coaching where I’m sharing everything with you that I have done to achieve what I have up to this point.

You can start diving into this course, go through all the lessons, start implementing what I’m teaching you and by early next year you should hopefully be seeing some really good results.

I know that those that I have taught this have seen almost instant results only because they are being consistent with their action steps I’ve shown them and once you start getting results it’s even more fun to keep going.

So are you ready to say yes?  Oh and one more thing I would LOVE for you to do.

If you purchase this from me I would so appreciate you writing a review for me on the site where you purchased it because that’s going to help me later on when all the excitement dies down from it’s initial release.

That will help get other people’s attention who may be considering purchasing it as well.  After of course you’ve gone through it and start getting some good results.  I would never want you to write anything unless that were the case.

Okay, hope you’ll be interested enough to grab this baby today and I’m SO excited for it to finally go live and hear what you think about this.

Be sure to leave me your comments and I would LOVE for you to share this post with your friends.  I’m so eager to spread the word and get this out there in front of enough people.  Let’s see how well my community supports me.  I know I can count on you.





Blogging Consultant

P.S.  Today is the third Monday of the month which means my guest post will be next week instead of today.  I appreciate that my guest was willing to let me move the post since my product was being released today.  Hope you’ll come back by next week too, it will be a real treat.