Are You Ready To Be ChallengedIn my first post of this year I shared some of the things I would be doing this year to step up my game.  I know that with the new year upon us we all strive to do better and be better right!  So how’s that working for ya?  Are you moving in the right direction?  Are you taking the necessary steps to get you to where you want to be?

Was that a yes or a no!

For me, I continue to learn as I go and I’ve been very blessed to have met some wonderful people while on this journey.  I’m by no means where I want to be in my business which is why I’m ready to be challenged.

Bless You Jamella

I visited Jamella Smith Biegel’s blog on the 1st and she wrote about a challenge she had signed up for. It sounded really interesting but I’ll be honest with you.  March 1st through the 3rd I was kind of out of it.  I had just received some devastating news about my best friend’s husband so I was a crying sobbing mess.  I couldn’t concentrate, I was emotionally drained and I could hardly function.

The challenge sounded really interesting but that was the last thing I could think about at that time.  I filed it away to look at later.  Sunday was my first good day and I had so much catching up to do by then.  Thank goodness she emailed me on Monday to see if I was interested because it closed at midnight that night.  I quickly put some time aside, headed over to the website and listened to the video.

My Momma didn’t raise no fool!  I know a good thing when I see it and thank goodness she sent me that email to remind me.  I immediately joined, printed out their agreement, signed it and emailed it to Jordan and then shot my video message they asked us to provide.  We had our first webinar Thursday night.

What Are You Talking About Girl

So I guess I should explain what the heck I’m talking about right and why I believe it’s so important now.

Adam Chandler and Jordan Shultz are having a “100 day biz challenge”.  This challenge is for anyone who is serious about taking their business to the next level.  It’s about quitting with the excuses and just get to work darn it.

  • Are you seeing the results you want?
  • Are you where you want in your business?
  • Is your team growing like leaps and bounds?
  • Are you making lots of sales on affiliate products?
  • Are you promoting your content and getting it noticed?
  • Do you need accountability?
  • Do you need direction?

Adam and Jordan decided to open the doors back up to their “100 day biz challenge” but only until Wednesday night, the 14th, at midnight.  I was SO thrilled when they made that announcement because I hated that I signed up at the very last minute and couldn’t share this fabulous opportunity with you guys.

What It Entails

Now don’t be surprised because there are a few rules.  What I love about this is it’s actually FREE to the public.

In the past they have charged $500 for this coaching because they are giving you instructions on what you should be doing and a plan of action.  Of course it’s up to you to follow through but if you don’t have a coach or mentor to direct you in your business then this is definitely your blessing in disguise.

The only stipulation is that you have to be a member of MLSP because they are sharing with us how to drive traffic to this generic marketing system but from these leads come new team members and the explosion we all need to catapult our business to new levels.

Now you can take a test drive with MLSP for 14 days for only $10.  After that it’s a little under $50 a month.  Here is why this can benefit you.

If people don’t want to join your primary business you can direct them to this system so they can learn how to market themselves in order to grow their business.  It’s strictly generic and you can learn any way you want to market online right in the members area.

If you are serious about building your business and you don’t have the training or the tools in order to get you to where you need then this is the best investment you’ll ever make.  Once you sign up with MLSP then you can join this challenge and we can all learn how these guys exploded their business and are at the top of the leader boards in their primary opportunity as well as MLSP.

Are You In

My motto is if you want your business to be at a certain place then find someone who is already there and do what they do.  How would you like to not only follow along with two top income earners and learn the ropes but also have an entire group there for support as well!

They are having a webinar tonight that you won’t want to miss.  They’ll explain all about it so don’t miss out.  You can access both by clicking the link below.  I sure hope this sounds as enticing to you as it did me.

If you aren’t ready to make that commitment to take your business to the next level then you will not hurt my feelings at all.

Click on 100 Day Biz Challenge

2012 is my year guys and I would love for you to come along for the ride.  If not then you most definitely can continue learning from me here on my blog.  You know I’ll never turn anyone away.  I just know that a lot of you have so much potential but you just need that direction that you aren’t currently getting.

Think about it but don’t be like me and wait until the last minute again because you’ll still have the opportunity to share this with your list and friends so that they can join you as well.

Your Thoughts

I know a lot of you are very happy with where you are so I know this isn’t for you but I was just so excited when they opened it back up.  Maybe you know a few people who would like to get in still so you can point them over here to me.  Oh yeah, I’m not afraid to ask…  That my friends I have learned the hard way.

So let me have it, is this something you can see yourself committing to for the next 100 days?  Do you need that direction?  Do you need that help?  Do you need that support?

Depending on what we learn will depend on what I share in future posts.  I mean if you aren’t with MLSP then whatever I share might not benefit you but if I see some areas that I believe will then I’m sure you’ll see a future post soon.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and you guys have a fabulous week okay!  Look forward to your comments as always.

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