CommentLuv Premium LoverHave you guys heard the news?  CommentLuv Premium is launching again today on it’s one year anniversary!  Yeah, I can’t believe it’s a year old now.

I’ve personally been using CommentLuv almost as long as I’ve been blogging which is just a little over three years now.  At that time all that was available was the free version and I thought it was fabulous then.

Some top bloggers will tell you not to use CommentLuv because you don’t want to take people off your blog.  You want them to hang around and check out more of your content.

I totally get what they’re saying and sure, we’d all love for everyone who visits our blogs to only want to stick around at our place and read no one else’s ever.

Let’s be realistic guys…  That’s just not going to happen so why don’t you just give them an easy way to locate other blogs in the same niche because remember…we aren’t in competition with each other. We’re here to support one another or at least I am.

I’m Not Stingy

I want my readers to locate other blogs that they might enjoy as well.  With the CommentLuv Premium plug-in installed, when you leave a comment you have the choice of the last ten posts on your blog to share with my readers or some pages you have included.  That is, if you have it installed on your blog as well.

If your headline is really enticing then people might be tempted to hop on over to your place and check out what you’re sharing.

You could say I’m sharin the love so to speak.  I want my readers to make other awesome connections as well.  Remember, it’s all about building those relationships and I definitely want you to take advantage of that.

So CommentLuv is fabulous and you can use the free version because it’s great.  But if you really want to get that extra power then I suggest you suck it up (if you haven’t already and I know the majority of you have) and plop down that mula to get your hands on this fabulous plug-in.

Now I’ve written several posts about CommentLuv Premium last year when Andy was launching this paid version because I jumped on the train early and was able to be a beta tester.  Hey, I’m no fool and I know a darn good thing when I see it.  I was so thrilled to be a part of this too because he listened to what we had to say and made some adjustments so that it could be improved.

Why Buy CommentLuv Premium

You might be saying well Adrienne, if there’s a free version then what’s so great about the paid one? You know I’m so glad you asked that question.  Here’s why.

At this time it has about eight plug-ins all in this one.  Watch out because Andy is always improving it so you never know what he’ll add next.  Let’s see, it has:

  • CommentLuv (oh yeah baby)
  • GASP – GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plug-in (my favorite spam protector)
  • Twitter Link Comments – gives commenters a link to their Twitter account right next to the comment they left on your blog
  • KeywordName (Andy’s updated version of KeywordLuv)
  • DoFollow – you have the choice of switching to NoFollow or DoFollow
  • TrackBack validation (we all like to be notified)
  • Top Comment Widget (yep, it’s got it’s own)
  • No self ping (we all know how harmful this can be)

See what I mean by really benefiting you?  I mean we all love plug-ins on our self hosted WordPress blogs but when you really load your blog up with too many it can slow the load time down a lot.

So this one little plug-in consists of all of these and Andy has done his magic with the GASP.  He’s made it so that you can set it to how many words people have to type so that you’ll never get another “great post” comment…  For those who are searching for your blog because of certain keywords you use then you can also set that to immediately reject those particular comments.  Pretty cool right!

Now you can download all of these plug-ins separately and go the free route.  I mean if you’re strapped for cash and don’t want to spend the money then I don’t blame you.  Just don’t bog down your blog though with every plug-in you come across.

Yes I’m An Affiliate

I admit it, I’ll make some money off of you if you buy this through me but I think you guys know me by now.  I NEVER promote anything that I don’t stand behind 100%.  Nope, won’t do it because I’m not going to be one of “those people”.  You know, they promote everything under the sun just to make some money off of you yet they’ve never used any of the products.  Seriously!

So Andy is launching CommentLuv Premium again at it’s one year anniversary at a very low price so now’s the time to grab it while you can.  What’s cool about this particular promotion is that after so many people purchase it then the price will go up and then up again and so on.  Not sure how many times exactly but he’s using a certain affiliate program this time around so that’s how it works.

If you haven’t bought CommentLuv Premium and have been sitting on that decision, now’s the time to grab it while you can.  That’s right, get it at the low cost before Andy raises the price.  I love CommentLuv and I love all the added benefits it has and since this is Andy’s baby I have no doubt it will continue to improve over time.

Here’s your call to action guys.  Grab it while you can by clicking this link right below…

CommentLuv Premium Lover

Grab CommentLuv Premium Today

Thank you for stopping by and let me know if you have it already or if you’ve been contemplating whether or not to buy it.  I probably don’t have the most comprehensive review but trust me, I highly recommend this plug-in.  It’s by far my absolute favorite.

Please be sure and share this post too. I don’t want anyone missing out on this low price.  I want everyone to grab it while they can.  Love that CommentLuv Premium!!!





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