How To Create An InfographicWho doesn’t love images!

Facebook changed to the Timeline because people love photos. They love being able to look back throughout the months to see what you’ve been up to.

Then here comes Pinterest and it’s passing Twitter up where traffic is concerned because people love to look at photos.  You can get lost on that site checking all the cool images out and pinning everyone else’s boards.

Then you have these crazy infographics doing their comparisons which I’ve always found kind of fun actually.  I can get lost in some of those.

Thanks A Bunch

The other day I was over at Lisa Buben’s blog, Inspire to Thrive, and the subject of her post was Twitter. She had created a few infographics, one with just her and then a few more that compared her to a few of her friends on Twitter.  I thought now that’s pretty cool.  How did she do that so I headed right over to the site she had used and started snooping around.  See what I came up with!

Create An Infographic

Look Carolyn, it says I’m a techie!!!  I KNOW you’re shocked…

Okay so maybe I don’t exactly agree with everything but I still think it’s kind of cool anyway.  Want to know how to do that?  Here we go.

Creating An Infographic The Easy Way

Head on over to and create a free account.

1.  You want to create a new one so hit “Start Now” in the box that says create.

2.  On the next page it was say create your story.  I scrolled down a bit until I found the one that says “Twitterize Yourself”.  Click on that one for the one I did above.

3.  Sign in with Twitter

4.  I chose “Solographic” for this one but you can face off with a friend of yours if you want.

5.  Enter your Twitter account

6.  Chose your hair style, eye color, skin tone and any accessories you want.

7.  Click generate infographic and you’re done.

Tada, that’s all there is to it…  Now wasn’t that fun!

There are so many different kinds of infographics you can create these days.  I just headed over to Google to see what I couldn’t find and trust me, you’ll be overwhelmed.  I prefer to fun ones myself.

Ready To Create One

So are you ready to dive in and create one yourself?  Maybe you can do a comparison or find another subject to do.  Trust me, there are SO many to chose from that I couldn’t decide myself.  Lisa made it easy for me though since curiosity got the best of me on this one.

Hope you enjoyed this fun little post and let me know if you decide to create one.  Would love to see what Twitter says about you.  Hey, we might have to compare notes.

If you enjoyed this post then be sure to comment below and spread the love. I’m not bashful, I’ll ask. You know it’s greatly appreciated!

Create An Infographic





Create An Infographic
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