Create Images Stand OutThis post is for all my readers who are not talented in the area of graphics.  Oh and by the way, that would include me.

When I was in my last position in corporate America I was introduced to PhotoShop.  Oh my gosh, talk about overwhelmed.  The young lady who taught me a few of the basics told me it took her two years to learn the program to where she was comfortable enough but that she couldn’t spare the time to teach me.

I love to learn but as you all know some things are just way over my head so when you have no one to help you, it’s time to move on.

Now I am not very good with graphics and you’re probably going to laugh at this but I do my images in PowerPoint.  Hey, it’s what I know.

But as I was online just this past weekend I had saved a video that Lisa Irby had done so I could check it out and I could have kicked myself for not having seen it sooner.

She’s teaching us how to create images like a pro that will really stand out with a free program so now I’m going to share what I learned from her after playing around in it and creating some of my own.

Ready?  Let me introduce you to Canva…

Pretty Cool Right!

So what do you think?  You have to admit that’s pretty cool right!

If I can do this then you know you can too.  We definitely need to make our images stand out more so I think it will be a whole lot easier now with this program.  I really had fun playing around in it this past weekend so I’m sure the more I use it the better I’ll get.

I think I just might have to retire PowerPoint for now.  Mamma has found a new toy to play with and I just love how darn easy it is to use.

So let me know if you’ve heard of Canva before and if so have you been using it?  When I started playing around in it I immediately knew that Ashley had created his image for his guest post using this program.  Am I the only one late to this party?  Gosh I sure hope not.  LOL!!!

Would love to get your take on this and see which program you’ve been using to create your images if you’re not a Photoshop genius either.  Oh and please do share this with your friends.  They might be searching for something like this too!

Have fun with Canva and can’t wait to see what you’ll be creating.





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