Do You Have A Facebook Fan Page?So I threw you guys a teaser in my last post that I had something exciting I would be sharing with you on Monday.  Well, Monday is here so you have probably figured out that this has something to do with Facebook Fan Pages.  And you would be correct.

When I was doing affiliate marketing I created a  Facebook Fan Page and quickly grew that to over 400 fans.  I was very happy and excited with those results but with my announcement last April that I was venturing back into network marketing, I quit posting on my affiliate marketing blog around June. When that all came to a halt, the activity on my fan page soon dwindled.

This was my first experience with fan pages so I got a taste of what they are really about.  The one thing I didn’t care for is that most fan pages just share their blog posts and that’s about it.  Don’t get me wrong, they are for building your brand so sharing your content is the right thing to do but for most, it’s the only thing they do.

I wanted to be a little different which is why I put off creating a fan page for my brand, Adrienne Smith.   I wanted to take the time to learn how to really get people interested in joining my page.  So do you want to know what I did?  I bought Amy Potterfield’s FBInfuence and dove in.  Now before I go any further, yes that is my affiliate link…

What I Learned

So what did I learn from Amy’s program?  How to interact with your fans of course.  Now people might be thinking, Adrienne, you are the “Engagement Superstar” (I was awarded that title in December by Danny Iny).  You of all people know how to interact.  I guess I do a pretty good job on people’s blogs but I’ve learned that every site is different.  I wanted to learn how to do this right.

Amy teaches a lot more than just interacting, she teaches the do’s and don’ts of creating fan pages, how to interact with your fans, how often you should post each day, what times are best to post, when it’s okay to take them off your page, how to get your fans to become super fans, how to get them to spread the word about you and so much more.  Okay, I’m only tipping the iceberg here because the woman covers a lot of information and it took me some time to get through it all.

The course was worth every penny so once I finished it was time to get the darn thing created.  I went to a couple of the sites she suggested but I’ll be honest with you.  For what I wanted to create for my first go at this, I wasn’t willing to spend over $200.  So what did I do?  I emailed Brankica Underwood of Online Income Star.

Social Connections

I met Brankica (she likes to go by “Pit”) early last year.  We both catered to the newbie bloggers and we soon learned that we had quite a bit in common.  When Triberr was formed by Dino and Dan, Pit invited me to join her tribe.  We’ve both gotten busier as the year wore on but I still consider her to be one of my first online buddies.

I knew she did graphics work and is a WordPress guru so I emailed her after reading the services she provides and told her my ideas.  She said it was no problem at all and she could definitely do the work for me.  I would much rather give my business to a friend then some site I have no connection with at all.

That’s why you guys need to make those connections because it can benefit you in so many ways.  Not only did she agree to do the work but because we do have that connection, she gave me a price break. What a pleasant surprise.

For less than $100, Pit created my Facebook Fan Page image, script for my welcome tab and installed them for me.  Now I do consider her a friend but I also highly recommend hiring her if you have been shopping around for someone to build you a fan page as well.  She was easy to work with, extremely helpful and I’m thrilled with the end results.  So she definitely gets a great recommendation from me. If you decide to check out her work, tell her I sent you. She’ll get a huge kick out of that.

Without further ado, I’m very proud to present to you my AdrienneSmithnet Fan Page.

AdrienneSmithnet Fan Page 

I would love for all of you to “Like” my page and please connect with me there because I have some fun things in store.  Oh, and I also shot a welcome video for you all and don’t worry, it’s not long.

This is what I’ll be doing:

  • Posting several times a day
  • Get you guys interacting
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Share positive and inspirational quotes
  • Post videos (tutorial and personal messages)
  • Share helpful content
  • Etc…

If you are a friend of mine on my personal page, I will be doing away with our connection there.  I will be asking all of my business contacts to move over to my fan page so that I can use my profile page for personal connections only with my close friends and family members that have nothing to do with my business.

Every Wednesday at noon CST I will open it up for questions.  If you need help with something in particular, that will be the time to ask.  If I’m knowledgeable in that area I will be more than happy to help and if not, hopefully I can share information with you that will be beneficial.  The questions will be open for one hour every Wednesday.

Do You Have A Facebook Fan Page?

So, do you have a Facebook Fan Page yet?  If you do then be sure and add that link in your comment and I’ll be happy to like yours too if I haven’t already.  And you just never know, you might get some more likes from my readers while you’re here.  You know, I’ll be your fan if you’ll be mine!!! Bribery never hurt anyone right!

If you don’t have one yet, do you intend to put one up in the near future?  Remember, Facebook has over 700 million users and when you have a fan page you can share much more about your business than you can on your profile. I have a much better appreciation for them now since going through Amy’s program.

Maybe you didn’t know how to get one created so if that’s the case, be sure to send Pit an email and you two can talk about what you have in mind.  She’s pretty darn good with suggestions to.  Trust me, I’m not creative in that area.

Thank you all ahead of time for liking my page and I’m so excited to finally get this up and running.  I just had to get myself through this training, decide what I wanted and then hire someone to do it.  It all fell into place so I’m starting 2012 off right my friends.  Want to come along for the ride?  I’ve got room…

Don’t forget to “Like” my Fan Page… Just head over to AdrienneSmithnet.





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