Dress Up Your Facebook Profile PhotosSo how do you like the new Facebook profile layout?  I went on a little tear last month shortly after the new layout was released to everyone.  I held off changing mine over because I just couldn’t stand the new look.  Even wrote a post titled “My Facebook Rant of the Month!”  I guess I just needed to blow off some steam.  I was definitely having a moment.

One of the features that I was very disappointed with was the photos.  I didn’t like the fact that the only photos displaying on your profile are photos that other people tagged you in.  Let’s face it, people tag us in the most ridiculous things.  I have a lot of people tag me in photos just to make sure I see them.  Why wouldn’t Facebook let us display our own?  Doesn’t make much sense to me!

Well back in December I saw a post on Mashable where they were showing how creative people were getting with those photos.  You can see that post here by going to “10 Creative Uses of The New Facebook Profile“.  After checking out that post I started playing around with mine.  I actually had spelled out the word H-E-L-L-O!  Okay, it wasn’t the best job but I was proud of myself.  Sure liked it better than the photos people had tagged me in.

So Monday I was doing some research and ran across a site called Facebook Banners.  I decided to just use my URL logo as the banner and play around some.  I uploaded the photo, resized it and sent it to my profile.  It automatically set the photo up for me.  Man, now that was easy.  Check this out.

Since I LOVE sharing cool things with my readers, I thought you might find this kind of neat yourself.  Go check out Facebook Banners, click on the pink section that says “Click to Create Your Own Facebook Banner” and just upload a photo.  It’s really that easy and it’s free.  You know how I love free!!!

Okay, one more cool thing before I wrap this up.  I found another post over at Mashable titled “HOW TO: Turn Your Facebook Profile Photo Into a Video“.  What will they come up with next!  Anyway, check out the post cause this is pretty cool.  They have a video along with instructions explaining how to go about setting this up.  I haven’t tried this one yet and may have to give that a little more consideration.  But it’s yet another option for changing up your profile.

Hope you enjoyed this information.  If you want to be a little creative and spice up your profile, this banner app will do the trick.

Have fun and be sure to leave me a comment.  Let me know if you’ve played around with it at all and if so, I want to check out your Facebook profile.  If we aren’t friends there yet, we definitely need to connect.  Looking forward to seeing what everyone will come up with.  🙂

Dress Up Your Facebook Profile Photos