EfficiencyMost of you know that I’m in a couple of mastermind groups.  I’ve shared how important they can be as business owners and bloggers.

Well I’m happy to have Barbara with us today who happens to be one of those members.  She’s sharing with us the lessons she’s learned since starting her blog and what has helped her the most.

I have a feeling you’ll really enjoy what she has to share so I’ll just let her begin…

First, I’d like to thank Adrienne for asking me to be her guest post blogger this week.  I am deeply honored especially since I feel I am not in the same league as some of the other guest bloggers who have been doing this for much longer and have more experience than I.  So I am doubly honored and I thank you Adrienne for that.

I decided to talk about Effective Consistency in Blogging.  What Is Effective Consistency?  Let’s break it down.

Effective is “successfully producing a desired or intended result.”   Consistency is “conformity in the application of something.”

Effective Consistency successfully produces a desired result in its conformity, i.e., consistent blogging produces the desired result of getting traffic to your blog.

To be successful at blogging, we must have Effective Consistency.

When I started blogging the hardest thing for me was to blog consistently.  Every mentor, every person I talked to said this.  Every day post an article on your blog.

My first mentor started me out by saying I had to write 30 articles to get my website started!  I was overwhelmed by this statement.  I tried, I really did!   I was so overwhelmed I failed and therefore was ineffective in blogging.

Because I felt ineffective, I hated ‘blogging’.  I kept trying to blog daily, but just couldn’t keep up.

It is almost impossible to blog daily.  So many people I know have tried to do 30 day challenges and usually (just about everyone) stop somewhere about 1/2 way.  Why?  Because most people are trying to work a job and keep up with…well…. life!

The people who blog every day usually have freelance writers doing it for them.  Yeah, they need to admit that! 🙂

I was ineffective in blogging and therefore felt like a failure.  Once you feel like a failure, you are more likely to give up and not continue.  Thank God I didn’t.

Effective Consistency

I almost quit.  The reason I didn’t is that deep down inside, it felt wrong.  It didn’t sound or feel right, that in order to be successful at blogging, you had to do it every day.  I wondered, “how in the world are people doing that?”

So What Did I Do?

1. I got into a Networking/Blogging group and found some ladies of ‘like minds’ who did encouragement on whatever I decided to do, blog once, twice, everyday…It wasn’t critical to do it every day, but just do it.

2. I changed my attitude.  A poor, depressed and fearful attitude will get you failure and I didn’t want to fail.  I wanted to succeed so I made up my mind to ‘just do it,’ but do it my way.   Consistency became relative to me and what was acceptable to me.   Blogging twice a week consistently made my life a whole lot easier and eased my mind and my attitude.

3. I stopped trying to blog daily.   I determined a schedule of three times a week, and then fast amended that to 2 times a week which fit into my schedule.  My consistency was based on 2 times a week.

4. I became Effective.  I saw results which encouraged me to keep going and see even bigger and better results!

5. I set some goals.  I determined what I needed in 6 months, then set about getting my Alexa rating down which would show me how well my efforts were working.  I used it just as a measurement of success in getting people to my blog!

The Truth

Facts About BloggingThe truth is you need to be effectively consistent for success and YOU determine the consistency of your blogging.  ‘Consistent’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘blogging daily.’

Consistency is blogging on a regular schedule of your choice.  If your posts and content is good, your readers will become your followers and come to you regularly.

Effective is the result of your consistency (whether it’s once or twice or three times a week).


When I became consistent in my writing, traffic to my blog and commenting to my posting increased 100%.  I mean, I literally went from zero traffic to a steady increase weekly!  I found it to be absolutely amazing that that was all it took.

Effective Consistency in Blogging!

What I had to learn was consistency does not mean every day. It means developing a routine or schedule that will provide regular information to our readers so that they know when to come to see you.

I hope this helps someone, especially newbie bloggers and even those regular bloggers who are always struggling to keep to a schedule that may be unrealistic.  Life sometimes gets in the way and that’s o.k.

Adjust, re-adjust and keep it moving.  Be Effectively Consistent and you will have great success!

What Is Your Truth

Hope you enjoyed what Barbara had to share today and please let us know your thoughts on this.

Were you told to blog everyday?  Did you?  Were you able to keep up with that type of schedule?  Have you been able to craft your own consistent blogging schedule and see results?

We would love to hear your thoughts and always appreciate the shares.  We’re eager to help other bloggers understand that it’s up to them to chose a schedule that works best for them.

God Bless and Happy Blogging,

Barbara Charles



Barbara Charles

Barbara is an IT Consultant professional who came online about 3 years ago to learn how to blog and market online.

Barbara started blogging as a result of her own home business and learned many aspects of blogging which she passes on to her readers. As an IT Consultant, she quite naturally got into helping others with developing their businesses, as well as helping with computer geekish stuff.

Her blog quite constantly covers all aspects of blogging and inspiration and motivation for business owners.

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