How To Become An Engagement SuperstarEver heard of an “Engagement Superstar”?  Neither had I until I found out last November that Danny Iny of Mirasee, formerly known as Firepole Marketing, was holding a contest.

You see, he was just releasing his new book “Engagement From Scratch” so he thought what better way to kick things off then to hold a contest and see who bloggers think deserve this title.

I received a message from a friend of mine informing me that I had been nominated for this title. Boy, what a nice surprise and I must admit I was very flattered.  After seeing the names of everyone else that had been nominated though I honestly didn’t give it a second thought.

By the way, Ruth Zive is the culprit and who happens to be my guest blogger this month.  She wrote a killer post on content so be sure and check it out when you’re done here; “10 Ways to Drive Your Content to the Next Level of Blogging Excellence.

Danny wrote a post on December 1st to announce the winner and guess who walked away with this title!  Oh yeah, yours truly…  Man oh man was I ever shocked.

Ever since then people have been asking me how the heck do I get so many comments on my posts? What exactly am I doing?  How am I able to be so engaging?  Since I continue to be asked this on a weekly basis now I just decided to share with you guys exactly what I do to get the comments on my posts.

Blog Commenting

I hope the majority of you had the chance to read My Secret To Blogging Success“.  It was my last post of 2011 and since last year was a huge turning point for me I was compelled to share with you everything I’ve done to get to this place.

Although I didn’t leave anything out, it was the “short version” so to speak.  I’m seriously considering creating a free report for you all with everything included because one post can’t do this topic justice.

As I mentioned in my post, I was in a training community at that time.  I was told to start blog commenting so I just started visiting the blogs of the people in that program.  Because most of them had CommentLuv installed, that’s how I found even more blogs.  I visited five blogs a day, five days a week consistently.

Every time someone left a comment on my blog, not only did I reply to their comment but I would go back to their blog, read their latest post and comment as well.  You wouldn’t believe how it makes some people feel that I actually took the time to visit their blog.  Especially those just now starting out and they aren’t getting any love at all.

How To Locate Blogs

It was about that time that I stumbled upon Brankica Underwood’s blog, Online Income Star.  She had put out a report soon after I started visiting her which was a list of her favorite blogs.  I downloaded that report and started visiting some of those blogs.

Brankica introduced me to Tristian Higbee and at that time he had a very popular blog called Blogging Bookshelf.  On his blog he had a directory of bloggers in different niches that he visited often and they would return the favor.  He no longer has that directory or blog but that’s how it all began.

Once I started visiting some blogs I really enjoyed I then wrote my own post with a report included with my favorite 42 blogs that I visited a lot.  I’ve updated it since then but probably need to do it again. If you’d like to get your hands on it you can by visiting my post, “42 Blogs Worth Mentioning“.

Last September I wrote a post, “A List Of 165 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs” that shared more blogs that are in our niche that Ana Hoffman actually put together so there are plenty of places you can go to locate really great blogs to start following and commenting on.

Relationship Marketing

You will hear so many times throughout your time online that it’s all about building relationships.  Well let me be a broken record and tell you the same darn thing.  So how do you go about doing this?

When you visit someone’s blog and read their post, take your time and leave a genuine comment.  As I always say, put yourself in their shoes.  Don’t you want someone to take the time to read what you wrote?  Don’t you believe it deserves some attention?  Don’t even think about leaving, “great post” or “wow, I really got a lot out of that one”.    Take your time, leave your honest opinion and if you have more questions ask away.

Every blog post that you read, share it on your favorite social networking sites.  I’m a huge Twitter fan so I will definitely tweet their post but only if they have their Twitter ID set up so that it’s easy for me to share.  I won’t get on my rant about this but you can read my post “If You Don’t Edit Your TweetMe Button Now, You’ll Hate You Later“.  You’re missing out on some great traffic if you don’t have this set up properly.

I will like it on Google+ if you have the icon set up on your post and if it’s really great then I’ll share the post on my wall.  I will also Stumble it if they have completed the information necessary to make that easy for us too.  I show you how to do this as well in “Two Traffic Sources You Cannot Do Without“.

If the post is something I believe my Facebook friends will enjoy then I’ll post it there as well.  My friends are different on Facebook so I don’t always post it to my wall.  You really can overdo it so just be cautious.

I will only share my own content once on each of these sites.  I will not post it multiple times throughout the day or week.  I will share mostly everyone else’s content and not my own.

Once people start seeing that you are sharing their information they will be more curious to come and check out yours.  This is how you get them back to your site and your content will draw them in.  This is where the interaction starts taking place and they’ll soon be sharing your content with all their friends.

Just Be You

I know you’ve heard this numerous times before but it’s so very true.  All I do is just be me.  I share my point of view in my post on things I’ve learned, I just started doing product reviews on services I personally use, I’ve been known to help out a friend if they need my assistance by writing about them and we all know how much I enjoy doing videos.

The same goes for my comments.  I’ve always been a very grateful person and I continue to be so flattered that you guys enjoy reading my content.  I’m also extremely appreciative of everyone who leaves me a comment.  I honestly do want to hear your opinions and thoughts and I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from all of you.

I ask questions at the end of my posts because I really do want to know your honest opinions.  Sometimes I’ll have more questions for you after reading your comment.  That’s really what you want to do, keep the conversation going.  The more interaction you get from your readers, the better you will look when other people visit your blog.  Make sense?

I’ve Done It Again

I apologize for my posts running so long and I keep telling myself I’m going to cut them back but I’ve gone and done it yet again.  I just want to be sure and cover as much as I can so that you’ll find this helpful for your own journey.

Everything I’ve mentioned here is what I’ve been doing.

Some of you might be wondering where on earth do I find the time…  I make the time because to me it’s important.  When you start building those relationships with your readers, they will slowly get to know, like and trust you.

Even if they don’t become a prospect or customer of yours you might form a mastermind group with a few of them like I have.  You may get some fabulous connections from these friendships. You might decide to partner up with someone you’ve met through this platform and the next thing you know you guys are in business together.

No one online today is able to do this alone.  We all need help, we all need advice, we all need support and we all need friends.  Trust me, meeting people through blogging is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

What Are Your Thoughts

So what do you think?  Are you doing any of this that I mentioned but not having success?  Do you have any questions for me that you need help with?  Is there any advice I can give you that might come in handy?  Fire away because you know I answer all my comments.

My advice is to just be you, write helpful and informative content that your readers can relate to, post content to your blog each week, visit other blogs consistently, comment on those blogs and share them with your friends.  Over time you will see the increase in not only traffic to your blog but in the comment section as well.

I never thought anyone would care what I had to say which is why I never commented before.  I was intimidated by these people and now some of them are actually coming to me for advice.  You will be amazed at the doors that can open for you!  It all starts with one thing but definitely can lead to so much more.

Will look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Always a pleasure to hear what you have to say.






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

P. S.   Before I go I want to share with you all that I’ve entered a video challenge that was created by Barry Wells and he’s got some prizes he’s including with this contest so if you haven’t started doing videos yet, you need to get in on this.  It starts Wednesday (the 29th) and goes until March 29th so everyone still has time to enter.

It’s going to be fun so every Thursday for the next month I’ll be posting a video on my blog.  Won’t you join me!

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