Entrepreneur Blogs Regret Not DoingAs the years progress and time goes by, how many things have you seen drastically change since you started blogging?

Most know my history already, that I started doing affiliate marketing and like most people taught back around 2008, it was ALL about backlinks and keywords.


Because it just worked that’s why.

It worked because people were online searching for something and the more backlinks you had pointing to your blog and the more keywords you had stuffed in your content the easier you were found in the search engines.

Of course it was all about selling products and people were much more open to buying.

Then the black hat marketers got involved and wanted to make the quick buck.  They wanted to outdo everyone else and make sure their content was found much quicker and they didn’t want to take the time to build things up.

So Google got smart, changed the algorithms once again and those days of easily being found were gone.

Want to know what else is gone?


Change Is Inevitable

Oftentimes I’ll receive an email from someone who is panicked and desperate.

It breaks my heart actually because I know how they feel.

We come online, we follow certain people, we’re taught certain things and they guarantee us that it will work.

Well not every single thing works for every single person.  I think that’s the case only because we’re all different and unique in our own ways.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that what they teach doesn’t work, it just might not work for you.  But there are those people unfortunately that are still teaching things that haven’t worked in YEARS…

Beth is a budding entrepreneur who was upset because she was still being taught that she had to drive tons of traffic to her blog.  Okay well we do need traffic because without eyeballs on our content then there will be no people to take that next step right!

Unfortunately for Beth, she was still being taught to just drive traffic to her blog without concentrating on targeted traffic.  She was still being taught that it was all about the numbers.

It’s not about the numbers anymore, it’s not about just anyone seeing your content, it’s about only driving targeted traffic to your blog.  Those people who are interested in what it is that you’re offering.

Granted there are so many other things that have to be in place as well like your message and your content but what I want to bring to your attention in this post is that the way things are progressing is that it’s more about what you do with those people once they are on your blog.

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Unique Visitors and Page Views

Do you remember the days when what mattered the most was your Page Rank, how many unique visitors you had coming to your blog and how many page views you were getting?

How about your Alexa Rank?  If it was really low then people just assumed that you were very successful.  Possibly someone extremely important.

Did having great numbers in all of those area mean instant success?

Absolutely not!

Just Numbers

It’s probably been a good four years since I had a PR4 blog and it’s been two years since my Alexa Rank was around 24,000.

To someone who doesn’t know any better they would have instantly thought I was successful.

Guess what!

I wasn’t, not back then…

I’ve had a PR2 for about three years now and since I only post once a week my Alexa Rank keeps climbing.  The funny thing though is that I’m more successful now then I was back then.

Want to know why?

It’s the engagement that matters the most, not the amount of traffic that you get.

I know what you’re thinking though. I’ve always had a lot of engagement here on my blog.

My issue was what I did with that engagement.  I didn’t quite have everything together several years ago but I finally fell into what I enjoyed doing the most and it’s just expanded from there.

That’s the issue Beth was also seeing.  The traffic was great but it wasn’t targeted.  Her message was clear but her content wasn’t speaking to her specific audience.

She definitely wasn’t having the engagement that she needed so we’re working together now to get her on the right track.  Of course since she is working with me now that gives her instant access to my Build a Blog Community course.

Engagement Is What Closes Deals

Predictions have been made for this year as well on this topic, surprise!

We all need traffic to our blogs that’s a given.

Page views are important so we can gauge what they’re viewing the most.

Can you attract the reader though and keep them on your site?  Can you get them engaged, can you create a community that will keep them coming back time and time again because of what you offer?

Once you hit publish do you have loyal readers showing up, reading your content and then sharing it on social media?  Do you have them telling their friends about you?

Are you engaging with them enough so that those that do want what you have to offer will buy from you?

I watched a very interesting video from Jason Forrest who is the CEO of Forrest Performance Group.  In this video he did make his own predictions about this area as well.

He is referencing sites like Twitter but blogging is also a part of social media.  His point is that when someone says something about your content, don’t just say “oh thanks, glad you liked it”.  Interact with them, get engaged with that person and make a connection.

Schedule a phone conversation with them or for me I love Skype because you can do face to face.

That’s the way you close deals, get sales, work with people.  Comments are great but that’s the beginning of the conversation so you better be having some great conversations on your blog and/or through email.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of emails that I get from people who have been reading my content yet have never left a comment.  They have resonated with what I’ve shared and email me when they’re ready to have that free 30 minute consultation.

We go over what they’re struggling with the most and then they’re ready to get to work.  It’s a beautiful thing.

Take it a step further is what I’m saying.

We don’t need someone predicting how important this is, it’s always been important.

Numbers are great but they’re just numbers unless you’re getting results.  We all want traffic, readers, comments and shares.  That’s a big part of us building up an authority online in the area that we’re devoted to.

You have to get those conversations started though, get people engaged on your blog and then have those discussions with them that can lead to potential clients and/or sales.

Not everyone will buy from you but through those relationships you’re building they’ll recommend people to you which to me is the best type of traffic.

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Success Is Yours This Year

Beth has been having some aha moments.  I get that a lot when I work with my clients.

Blogging is the marketing tool you should be using to get your target audience interested in what you offer.

It should have them saying you were speaking just to me or how did he/she know that’s what I was thinking.

It should relate to what their problem is at that moment and then get them engaged in the comment section so you can open up that conversation.  They don’t even really have to comment though, they can send you an email.

Your next step should be to have that personal conversation with them so you can find out what their issues, needs or problem is.  I know everyone is different but you can’t go wrong having that one-on-one conversation with someone.

Success is yours this year so no matter what changes continue to happen as the years go by, you’ve got to have everything in place so that they’re eager to take that next step with you.

Numbers are impressive but they don’t close sales.  Get them engaged and if you haven’t been doing this up to this point then you better start today.

Stop struggling in this area and let’s devise a plan of action.  I offer a 30 minute free consultation so click this link now and let’s get you headed for success.






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

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