Exciting Things In Store For 2012Well 2012 finally made it.  Yey!!!  I for one am thrilled and excited to see what this year holds in store for not only me, but for all my blogging friends who have been so supportive this past year.

So many people have been making their plans, setting their goals and visualizing what’s in store for this new year in terms of their business.

I was asked numerous times whether I was going to write a post summing up what I accomplished in 2011, what I didn’t accomplish and what I have in store for this year.  Since I felt I’ve pretty much been an open book with what I’ve been involved in this past year I didn’t think I’d be redundant and bore you with all of that again.  I have been thinking a lot about where I want to go in this new year with my blog and my business though.

My Own Product

I know, I know, I still don’t have my own product.  So you might be wondering, is there one on the horizon?  Well, at this time I’m sorry to say that the answer is still no.  Let me tell you why.

Benny Hsu of Get Busy Living and I were in collaboration last year about creating one together but his fabulous Photo 365 app took off and well we all know where Benny’s attention went. Oh, I’m so darn happy for Benny and I’m so proud of his accomplishments in this last year so I’m not upset although I have a feeling our product would have been awesome.

I considered taking what we had put together and running with it anyway since Benny is now headed in a different direction.  My only problem is that I personally feel that the subject of having success with blogging has been beat down to a pulp.   Heck, I just shared in my last post how to have success with your blog and of course I can go into more depth about that but if I did, it would warrant a full report so I could go into much more detail.

So if you have any suggestions of something you would purchase if I created it, I’m all ears. You know you can share that with me in the comment section or just send me an email through my “Contact Me” page.  Would love to hear your thoughts on that.

Network Marketing Misconceptions

I received the most surprising call last week from the lovely Ms. Janet Callaway of JanetCallaway.com. We spoke for quite some time and learned a few things about each other that neither of us were aware.  We both made a lot of the same mistakes when we first started online.  It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one.

Through that conversation she asked me what I had in store for my blog with this up coming year and I shared with her that since I am in network marketing I would like to write more on this topic.  The direction I want to go though is to squash some of the misconceptions I think a lot of people have about this industry.  You see, I can speak from experience because you all know how miserably I failed at this my first go round.

If I knew then what I know now, dang!!!  I just hate to see people being pulled into something without totally understanding how this all works and that it’s really not as hard as you think it is.  Don’t worry, you won’t get any salesy pitches from me.  Hopefully you guys know me by now.  But I do intend to include my own views and the important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Guest Posting

I’ve been thinking a lot about accepting guest posts this year.  Back in April I had my only guest post that was written by Codrut Turcanu.  Now I know the topic was on affiliate marketing and I thought he did a wonderful job.  He’s extremely successful with his own affiliate marketing business and really knows his stuff.

Unfortunately, the post wasn’t well received and I had so many people tell me that they didn’t like coming over here and finding someone else’s content.  They wanted to hear from me.  Although I was extremely flattered, I was also disappointed.

What I would like to incorporate here is giving my regular readers an opportunity to write a guest post for me but I’m going to warn you right now, I’m going to be very picky.  I will mainly accept those who have a similar writing style as I do and who will write about topics I believe my readers will find of great interest.

Last month Paul Wolfe of One Spoon At A Time and I were chatting about the subject of videos since I stumbled across his guest post over at Firepole Marketing.  He told me he would be more than happy to write a post for my blog on the topic of videos.  If you guys don’t know Paul, he has a very successful site where he teaches people how to play the bass guitar so he’s learned a thing or two about enticing people into watching your videos.   I’m excited so you can expect that post in the very near future.

Now I would appreciate your honest opinion since so many people were very vocal about it last year. Would you be totally turned off if you stopped by my place and I have a guest post? I know it would be a surprise since you’ve only been reading what I share here for over a year but remember.  It could be you I ask to write a post for me.  Right now I’m thinking maybe at least once a month to start out!  Does that sound reasonable?

More Reviews

I’ve steered away from doing product reviews because I didn’t want my readers to lump me into that category that I’m only here to get your money.  On the other hand, there are some products I use and I stand behind 100%.  I’ve decided that this year if I feel there is a product worth mentioning that I use, I’ll write a review on it or even better, I’ll shoot a video and show you everything behind the scenes.

We’ll all need different products and services from time to time so if you’re thinking about any that I will be sharing at least you’ll know I approve of it if you were on the fence about purchasing it.  My regular readers know me by now, I don’t do fluff.  I’ll only share a review with you if I feel it’s worth your attention.  If it’s not your cup of tea, no problem.  If it’s exactly what you were searching for, even better.

More How To’s

I will continue my “how to” posts because I think those have been very well received. Every time I learn something new I’ll continue to share it with you as well.  You know you also can just send me an email through my contact form and if you have a particular subject you’d like me to write about or something you want to learn, I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

More Videos

Remember my post last month about getting more views to your YouTube videos?  Well, they are predicting that videos will be more popular then content by 2013 so if we all don’t get on the ball and start making more videos, we may find ourselves left behind. I certainly don’t want that to happen so I’m going to step up my game and start shooting more videos.

I’m seriously considering including audio and videos to each post as well but I haven’t quite made up my mind about that one.  I know people view things online differently and they all have their preferences so by having all three sources available, maybe I’ll get even more views then I have now.

I’m still contemplating it but what do you think?  Are you doing all three or are you considering this as well?   We all know it’s a lot more work but whatever gets the most traffic right!

Growing My Business

I intend to take my business to a new level this year.  I have learned so much and have so many things to implement this year that I already know what the results will be.

I have been working on a training site for my team too.  Someplace they can come as soon as they join me in my network marketing business so they’ll have some step-by-step instructions and education that will help them grow their business.  I share with them how to approach prospects the correct way whether it’s online or offline.  Why it’s important to not be so attached to the outcome and the exact action steps to take your business to the next level.

I’m so excited about this and eager to get going.  I guess that’s another reason I couldn’t wait for 2012 to get here.  There is no place left but up.

Okay, That’s It 

I’m finally done, that just about sums up what I have in store for my blog and business this year.   So remember, if you have any thoughts about a product you would buy from me, something I can share with you that you would pull out your hard earned dollars for, please let me know.

Would also appreciate your thoughts on accepting guest posts.  Good idea?  Not such a good idea?

Any particular subject you would like me to blog about that you need a little education on? Hopefully I’ll have some expertise in that area and will be able to accommodate you with something.

What do you have planned?  Anything exciting that you can share here?  Is there any advice you may need that you feel I can help you with?  You guys know that all you have to do is just ask.  I will continue helping throughout this new year as well.  I’m excited to see what’s in store for us all.

Hope you had a fun and safe New Years celebration and are ready to kick it into gear and get this year rolling.  I’m ready, are you?





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