Fabulous Goodies For My Blogging FriendsAs I make my way through the blogosphere, I continue to be amazed at the wealth of information that I am introduced to.  I know you’ve heard me numerous times saying that you can learn so much from just reading other people’s blogs.  As with me, they share what they have learned and some of it is just priceless.  I can’t believe that a lot of these bloggers give there tips away for free.

What I thought I would do in this post is share some of the information that I have come across that I believe is priceless.  If you are not regular visitors to some of these blogs then you should be.  Hopefully you already are but just in case I’ll list the ones I think are worth paying extra special attention to.

Some Really Cool Graphics

I know some of you visit Mouh over at Effortless Bookwriting Blog.  Did you see the post where he gave away all of the graphics that he’s created?  Ah, you missed that one.  Well, be sure and stop by his post, Here are All the Graphics I Offer For Free! and download them while you can.  He has really created some cool ones I must admit.

Staying On Top Of Things

I love visiting Brankica over at Online Income Star where she is always sharing such awesome tips.  Recently I read her post How To Stay Up To Date With Every Piece Of Info In Your Industry and was just amazed.  Now I know about subscribing to RSS feeds but I didn’t realize that I should be doing the same thing for YouTube videos, Flickr photos, forum tracking and just good old blog searches.  She really shared some great tips on how to do just that.

Six Figure Blogger Blueprint

I was recently introduced to David Risley of DavidRisley.com by Brankica.  She mentioned in another post she wrote of some people we should be following and David was one of them.  I decided to take her advice and sign up for his newsletter.  What he entices you with is his free eBook, the Six Figure Blogger Blueprint.

I was extremely impressed with the wealth of information he shares in this one free report.  He shares how he became a six figure blogger and exactly what he did.  Trust me, he should be charging for this.  If I were you, I’d grab it while he still is offering it.  It’s a fabulous read.

Everything Affiliate Marketing

I can’t recall how I found Steve Scott but I had definitely heard of him before.  At the time I was already going through some affiliate marketing training so I bypassed his blog.  Silly me.  If you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing and be successful, you definitely need to visit Steve Scott’s Site.   Here is another successful affiliate marketer who is teaching you what he learned about making a six figure income.  I was blown away at the wealth of information he continues to crank out and his posts are not short.

Internet Marketing Mastery

This list would be nowhere complete without adding Pat Flynn.  If you have not visited Pat’s blog, Smart Passive Income, you are missing out.  I have been reading Pat’s blog since the first of the year.  My friend Benny Hsu actually took some of Pat’s advice and late last year went to work on creating his first app.  He released it last month and it’s a huge success.  Pat shares so many wonderful tips that can help you not only improve your blog but your business as well.

Anything Tech

I hope you all have met Carolyn Nicander Mohr from The Wonder of Tech.  She is amazing when it comes to writing about technology.  I have learned so much from her since first visiting her blog and I did’t know a thing about the majority of what she wrote.  But she has definitely taught me a thing or two and she’s the reason I invested in my first iPod Touch.  Boy, I’m sure glad I did.  If you want to learn about apps, cell phones, anything going on in the tech world, be sure to drop by her place.  She really explains things so that even I can understand.

Traffic Generation

The last one I’ll share with you is Ana Hoffman’s blog Traffic Generation Cafe.  I’m sure you all have been by there since she is the reason I recently wrote my post A List Of 165 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs.   Ana shares all about how to drive traffic to your blog and improve it in so many ways.  She is always sharing wonderful tips and things she has learned while on this journey.  I have no doubt you all have visited her before but just in case, I certainly don’t want to leave her off this list.

Wrapping It Up

The majority of the bloggers are definitely online to make some money.  But by sharing such valuable and informative content in order to entice you onto their mailing list, they are also sharing with us all what they have learned and how they got to where they are.

If you just apply a small percent of what you learn from any of these bloggers I mentioned above, you can also be well on your way to the same success.

I hope this was helpful.  If you have a few bloggers that you have been learning a lot from, please feel free to share them with us in your comment.  I’m always searching for great content and you know how much I love to learn.  There are so many areas I still have a ways to go in.

Enjoy your day!