Facebook Marketing For Smart PeopleI have a really wonderful treat for you today…  Oh yes and it’s all about Facebook.  This is the post I had actually promised you last week.  So let me explain.

Faissal Al-Haithami of fansbridge.com is one of my blogging buddies.  If you’ve ever visited his site then you know he’s very knowledgeable when it comes to Facebook.   I stumbled upon his blog one day and the more I visited, the more I learned.

If you are on Facebook at all then you know how important it is to connect with people the “right way”.  Especially when you’re creating your Facebook Fan Page.

Back in February I wrote a post announcing that I had finally created my Facebook Fan Page!  I shared with all of you that the reason I had waited so long was because I wanted to go through Amy Porterfield’s FBInfluence course.  She definitely is someone who really knows a lot about Facebook.  I wanted the inside scoop before I just jumped in and boy did I learn a lot.

Facebook Marketing For Smart People

Faissal contacted me a short time back to let me know that he was creating his first product and yes, it’s called “Facebook Marketing For Smart People“.

It’s a 141 page eBook chalked full of fabulous information.  The funny thing is that not only did he cover the majority that Amy’s course did but I even learned a few more things.  Now here’s the kicker.  Amy’s course if $97 and Faissal’s is $27.  Huh!!!

But I also have a little surprise for you but first let me share with you everything he has stuffed into this one eBook.  As you will notice, it’s a LOT.

Smart 1 : Develop A Facebook Strategy and create a plane
Defining Your Facebook Presence
Understanding Who Your Audience/ Customers Are
Defining Your Audience
Determining the goals and objectives
Create Your Plan

Smart 2: Setting And Customizing Your Timeline Page
Facebook Timeline Elements
Facebook Timeline Features
How To Get Your Timeline Ready?
Editing Your Facebook Page Settings

Smart 3 : Free Ways To Generate Fans
Target Gurus And Influencers
Making Fans To Invite Their Friends
Optimizing Your Page SEO
Writing Guest Posts And Forum Signature
Get Fans To Join Via SMS
Like Box In Your Website
Use Facebook Apps
Integrate The Facebook Comment Feature
Upload Videos And Embed Them On Your Site
Link To Twitter
Use Print Media
Display At Your Store/ Business
Use QR Codes

Smart 4 : Facebook Edge Rank Formula
What is Facebook Edge Rank Formula?
Facebook Edge Rank Primary Components
Where is Your Content Seen?
Strategies To Increase Your Facebook Edge Rank Score
Tipping Point

Smart 5 : Engage And Interact With Your Fans
Ask Questions
Respond To Questions And Comments
Be Supportive
Thank Your Fans/ Share Information and Achievements
Post Videos, Photos And Notes
Play Games

Smart 6 : Hosting A Facebook Contests
The Rules
The Prizes
Examples For Facebook Contests
Frequently Asked Questions

Smart 7 : Facebook Page Insights Tool
Where Is My Insights?
The Overall Preference Page Insights
Likes Tab
Reach Tab
Talking About This Tab

Smart 8 : Facebook Events
How To Create A Facebook Event
How To Effectively Promote Your Facebook Events

Smart 9 : Increase Sales And Make Money Through Your Page
“Facebook Custom Tab” and “The Lead Form”
Publish One Time Offer
Engage Your Fans
Send Them To Your Website
Have A Call To Action
Create A Custom Tab That Has Your Products (Shopping Tab)

Smart 10 : Facebook Marketplace
Getting To Know The Facebook Marketplace
Viewing The Marketplace Homepage
Post A Listing ON Facebook Marketplace
Promoting Your Listing
Editing A Listing
Facebook Marketplace Guidelines

Smart 11 : Facebook Places For Local Businesses
Create Your Place
Claim The Place As Yours
Merge Your Facebook Place & business Page
Advantages of Merged Page
How To Merge Facebook Page With Facebook Place
How To Unmerge Facebook Place From Business Page
Facebook’s Guide To Facebook Places

Smart 12 : Facebook Advertising System
What Are Your Goals
Who Is Your Audience
Design Your Advertisement
Budget And Pricing
Track The Data
Types of Facebook Ads
26 Tips/ Strategies For Better Facebook Advertising Results
Creating Your Facebook ads

Smart 13 : 25 Social Media Tips From 25 Creative Minds
Pat Flynn
Andy Bailey
Danny Iny
Kristi Hines
Marcus Sheridan
Francisco Rosales
John Paul Aguiar
Ana Hoffman
Adrienne Smith
Kimberly Castleberry
Kiesha Easley
Mavis Nong
Gail Gardner
Jane Sheeba
Ms. Ileane Smith
Hajra Kvetches
Extreme John
Justin Germino
Brian D. Hawkins
Khalifa Saleh
Yasser Masood
James Johnston
Steve Scott

Smart 14 : What is Next?
Follow The Successful People And Your Competitors
5 Reasons Will Make Your Fans To Dislike Your Facebook Page
Line Up Tasks And Execute
Plan Well And Sleep Well

What Did I Tell Ya

See what I mean!  He is really giving you all the scoop guys…

His product was suppose to launch last Monday but we all know that things don’t always go as planned. Instead, it is now live and for a limited time only you can get it for only $19.  I know, I think he’s nuts to offer it for the low price of $27 myself but to give it away for less then that!  Wow…

So if you didn’t spend the money for Amy’s course and you’d like to know how to get your Facebook presence up there with all the big names, I highly recommend you grab Faissal’s eBook while he’s practically giving it away.

Grab >>> Facebook Marketing For Smart People

Facebook Mastery

Remember, if you want to learn how to get more fans to your Facebook Fan Page, how to get them interacting, what to share, when to share it and much much more, be sure to grab Faissal’s eBook while it’s dirt cheap.  I have no doubt that you’ll regret that decision.

If you enjoyed this post then be sure to comment below and spread the love. I’m not bashful, I’ll ask. You know it’s greatly appreciated!

Facebook Marketing For Smart People





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