Facebook Update #259In today’s post I had every intention of going over the new “subscribe” feature that Facebook recently implemented.  But I logged into my Facebook account and saw that they had made even more changes.  Jeez guys!  What does this make, change #259!!!  Quit with the updates already…

Over the last couple of days people have really voiced their opinions and they have not been good.  Granted, I’m not too happy with the changes either.  Personally, they need to hire some women over at Facebook.  These guys do NOT  know how to create a user friendly site.

I decided to make this a little easier on us both and go over not only the subscribe feature which I was initially going to share with you, but some of the other changes they’ve implemented as well.  It took me a little while to figure some of them out so here is what I learned.


Be sure and let me know your thoughts on their latest updates. Are you among the disgruntled ones or do you think it was an improvement?

Am anxious to hear your thoughts.

Happy commenting!