Free Phone Tracking SolutionAm I behind the times or what!  I so love learning things and although this isn’t new, it’s new to me.  So if it’s new to me, it just may be new to you.

Most of you may know that I finally broke down toward the end of last year and joined a training community.  Why you might ask?  Because although I’ve been making money online for awhile, I wasn’t building a business.  Trust me when I tell you that there is a BIG difference.

So I wanted to take a step back and go back to some of the basics and start from scratch.  I actually share my journey on my blog “New Super Affiliate Blog” and I spill the beans about everything that I am learning, doing and the type of results I’m achieving.

One of the things I started paying much more attention to around the first of this year are my statistics.  I’m sure most of you are aware that Google helps us a lot in this area with their free program called Google Analytics.  This free service helps you find out who is visiting your site, where they are coming from, how long they remain on your site, etc.  Great information and if you aren’t using this service you should start today.  They even have a plug-in for WordPress blogs, yeah!!!

Okay so I’m familiar with a lot of the services Google provides because let’s face it, they are just darn great.  I had also heard of Google Voice but if you are anything like me, until someone actually explains what this service does, I just go about my daily business and don’t give it another thought.

I was going through some training material and it brought to my attention that if I wanted to track the phone calls I receive, Google Voice was the service I should be using.  So it got me to thinking which led me to their site, which led me to really paying attention to what this service will do.

Ding Ding Ding

So do you have as many light bulb moments as I do?  Probably not but trust me when I tell you that I’m like a little kid when I “get it”.

This really got me to thinking because I want people to pick up the phone and call me.

I want them to know that I’m on the other end of the phone if they need help.

I want them to know that I’m a live person and will help them through this process.

Let’s face it, not everyone has Skype yet so picking up the phone and speaking with a live human being is how you can really connect with someone.  But sometimes we don’t feel that comfortable putting our phone number all over the web, right!

Even if you only have a cell phone you can still use this service so let me share with you a little more what this service can do for you.

  • Voice-mail Transcription:
    Your voicemail is automatically transcribed to text.  This gives you the option of reading your messages as well as listening to them.  It also helps if people have given you some key information you need to refer back to at a later date.  These transcriptions are automatically forwarded to your email.
  • One Number:
    You can have one number and have it ring to all of your phones at the same time or you can customize the settings so that certain people will ring to certain phones.  This is really neat because if you ever move, change carriers or get a new phone, you’ll always have this same number.
  • Personalized Greetings:
    You can set your own greetings and even different ones depending on who is calling.  Like one message can be just for your business associates while others can be for your friends.  Google Voice will call your number and you just start recording your greeting.
  • International Calls:
    You can place international calls within your Google Voice account typing in the phone number you want to call for as little as $0.002.  You do this by adding credits and you can view the calling rates for the different countries.
  • SMS to Email:
    Text messaging is free and these messages will be sent to your inbox.  You can reply and your message will be transcribed back to a text message.
  • Share Voicemail:
    If you’ve ever wanted to share a voicemail message with someone you can just sellect the voicemail message and forward it as an email.
  • Block Callers:
    I love this feature because it will let you take the calls you want and miss the ones you don’t.  If you continue to receive annoying calls from telemarketers, you can go into your account and click on the number that called and select block caller.  When those people call you again, they will get a recording that your number has been disconnected.
  • Screen Callers:
    Just enable the call screening function and this gives you the opportunity to hear who is calling and decide whether you want to send them to voice mail or later join the call.
  • Mobile App:
    When downloading the mobile app, you can read the voicemail that Google provides.  You can also see the Caller ID number of the person who is calling and you can send text messages using the app without receiving charges from your carrier.  The app is free and available for Blackberries, iPhones and Android powered phones.
  • Conference Calls:
    Have the participants call your Google number and as each call comes in you will be asked if you want them to be connected to the conference call.
  • Number Porting:
    Google Voice consists of choosing a new phone number but if you decide you don’t want to tell everyone you now have a new number, you can bring your existing mobile number and Google Voice together.  All you do is contact your carrier and let them know that you’ll be porting your number to Google Voice.

Now I’ve just touched on what this service can do so you can visit Google Voice and go through all these features yourself.  They have a short video that will explain everything and like all of Google’s really cool services, this one is also free.

I’m dying to hear if I’m the only one who wasn’t aware of all these cool features.  That’s right, speak up!!!  Don’t make me look like a total dummy!  Did you know about this service and if the answer is yes, do you use it or is it something you may be able to use?  I also like to hear what you think about this so please be sure to leave me a comment.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts.