How Bloggers and Content Marketers Can Generate Unlimited Video IdeasAs promised, this year I will be introducing some guest bloggers who I have asked to contribute some of their own special talents over here at my place.  For my first guest blog post of the year, I would like to introduce to you Mr. Paul Wolfe.  You can read more about Paul after this awesome post but let’s not tie this up any longer…

Today’s video tutorial came about because Adrienne asked me if I could help her with something that she was having some problems with.  And that something was this:

“How do I come up with ideas for videos?”

Now before we go and look at three ways that you cannot only come up with ideas for videos, but come up with limitless ideas, I just briefly want to talk for a moment about why it’s vitally important to come up with video ideas.

And not just topic ideas – but ideas that will resonate with your audience and more importantly, attract new members to your ideas.

The Importance Of Consistency In Video Marketing

The biggest reason why you should create multiple videos – and consistent posting schedule – can be found on Page 15 in the YouTube Creators Playbook. In their own words, Youtube says:

Strategy: Release content frequently and on a recurring schedule.

Why This Works: Frequency of uploads affects the algorithm. To build an audience, ‘a consistent audience requires consistent content.’”

I put the important sentence in italics:

Frequency of uploads affects the algorithm.

Now YouTube is not the only way to use videos in your video marketing efforts – but it’s a big part of any video marketing strategy. And if YouTube themselves tell us that we need to create frequent videos….well, we’d be pretty dumb to ignore that.

Plus there are plenty of other benefits to creating multiple videos too:

  • the more content you have, the more chances there are for people to find you (Marcus Sheridan calls this ‘The Law Of Compound Information)
  • greater exposure to your expertise increases your authority; the more videos you have optimized correctly, each video can appear in Google’s Search Engine results not just in YouTubes
  • the more overall views you have, the higher your channel will be ranked. This positively affects how Google and YouTube return your videos in search results
  • videos are easily shared…leading to greater exposure of your brand and authority

But the biggest benefit of creating a consistent posting schedule is this:

In most niches very few people are doing it yet. So getting started NOW will give you a market advantage over your competitors.

Video Is Only Getting Bigger And Bigger

Video is not going away. As mobile devices spread – and internet access gets cheaper and faster – the importance of video is going to grow. Cisco Systems estimate that by the end of 2013 around 90% of web traffic will be generated via video.

So in my opinion you’ve got to get started with video. And you’ve got to be thinking about a publishing schedule for videos in the same way that you have a publishing schedule for your blog.

And to commit to a regular publishing schedule for videos requires that you can conceive of multiple topic ideas to make videos about.

And that leads us to the Video Tutorial itself:

Video Notes

To read the written version of the video, please visit:

You can download the YouTube Creators Playbook here:

For more information on Target Profiles, please follow these links:
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Now For Your Comments

So what did you think?  Paul and I would love to hear your thoughts on what he shared and please feel free to ask any questions because Paul will be by to answer those for you.

Now remember, video is something you are really going to need to implement into your marketing starting this year so while we have Paul’s undivided attention, let’s be sure and take advantage of it.  If you have any questions at all, now’s the time to ask.

Thank you all for taking the time to stop by today and I want to especially thank Paul for helping not only me out with the question I had for him but hopefully he was able to shed some light on this for you as well.

Paul Wolfe

To learn more you can find Paul Wolfe on the webt at One Spoon At A Time where he writes about the elements of creating an online business.

This year he will be focusing on video and video marketing. Paul also teaches bass guitar online and is just about to pass 2 million views on YouTube.

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