Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online.  You just join an affiliate program and start promoting other people’s products.  You can also start promoting your products using different free methods.  You should consider using blogging as one of those methods.

Whatever type of product you are promoting, create a blog dedicated to that product and start writing posts.  You should share the benefits that product has, maybe some tips that may help or how that product has benefited others.  Be sure to do your keyword research so that you are using the keywords that will pull your target audience to your posts.

When you provide relevant information that will benefit your target audience, you will create a following.  People will revisit your blog because they enjoy reading what you have written.  The more they read, the more they learn and the more they will be open to purchasing from you.  Statistics show that people don’t purchase products the first time they are introduced to something.  It usually takes up to seven times to view information about a product before they will actually buy.

You will want to join as many social bookmarking sites as possible such as Digg, Technorati, Stumble Upon and Twitter to name just a few.

Also be sure to visit other blogs that are in your same niche and comment on their posts as well.  Be sure that your comments are relevant and never ever spam any site.  Don’t outwardly come across as if you are just interested in advertising what you have to offer.  That is not the way to build a following.

There are literally hundreds of different ways you can drive traffic to your blog.  You can write articles, join social networking sites, writes lens, participate in forums, you name it.  By linking back to your blog and introducing people to what you have to offer is a great way to get free traffic.

Your main goal is to introduce your target audience to what you have to offer enticing them to click through to your site and purchase from you.  People are interested in solving a problem they have so if you can provide them with the solution, they will be more interested in making that final purchase through you.