How Did You Get Started OnlineI did my first podcast interview this past Monday with none other than the famous Mr. Steve Roy of “Ending The Grind”.  Steve and I met several months ago when he popped over to my blog after reading one of my comments over at his place.

After reading my “About Adrienne” page, he then invited me to do a guest post on his blog.  He had no idea I had not written one yet so I was really nervous.  But I’m happy to say that “Finally Living For Me” was a big success.  He was so impressed because it’s still listed as his most popular posts with 158 comments.  I was SO impressed how all of you guys all rallied together to make it such a huge success.

As the interview progressed (I’ll let you all know when it will go live) he asked me what was the best method for anyone just now coming online for getting started.  Can you believe that the first words out of my mouth were “call me”!

Is Google Our Only Option

Honestly, how did you get started online?  I mean I know when I ventured into this arena I didn’t have a clue what to do.  Sure, we all head over to trusty old Google and type in whatever phrase we are searching for.  But we also know how much junk and hype you’re going to find too.  I was immediately swimming in information overload.

So seriously, I really want to know these answers.

  • How did you get started online?
  • For the brand new person venturing into this arena today, what suggestion would you have for them?
  • Is there one key piece of information that helped you the most?
  • Is there one particular training community that you really felt gave you everything you needed?

I know there is no “one stop and shop” place here online and everyone is doing something different.  You have those interested in affiliate marketing or network marketing.  You have those who want to create their own site selling their own things or maybe you are a coach or you do web design.  I mean there are so many different directions you can go so is there one key piece of information you have that may help others just venturing into this arena?

Good Old Personal Development

We are all aware how personal development plays a key part in success whether you are online or offline, whether it’s your personal life or your business life.  But a lot of people are still not aware of this.  I certainly wasn’t.

Do you know what sparked my curiosity?  A friend of mine gave me the movie “The Secret” and told me to watch it.  He gave that to me in December of 2006 and I lost my job in January of 2007.  Had I not watched that movie, I probably wouldn’t be here today.  I wouldn’t have known any better.  I would have gone right back into the corporate world doing the same thing I had been doing all those years.  I wouldn’t have known any better, just like a lot of people today.

We all know that personal development is the key to having everything in your life.  So do you have a particular book that you believe would benefit the new person just entering this industry?  Again, not one particular book will ever be enough but generalize why this area is so important and ignite that fire in them to continue their growth process.

So What’s Your Point! 

So where am I going with this?  I guess I’m just curious.  Because I know in a few weeks that podcast is going to go live and I hope that some people who visit Steve’s blog will want to come over here and see what I’m all about.  I am hoping that this post will give them the answers they are searching for which is where you come in.

Steve’s blog is about helping people who are still stuck behind a desk learn that they can escape too.  That there is more out there for them and with a little encouragement and help from the blogging community, they too can start doing something online so that they can finally say goodbye to corporate America.  My question to you is, “What piece of advice would you give them today”?

Let’s help those people guys.  Let’s give them the information they are searching for.  My first response when Steve asked me that question was for them to call me.  My heart really just went out to those people because this is a dog eat dog world and there are some really not very nice people out there ready to take advantage of you.  So let’s help them find their way online and give them the answers they are so desperately searching for. You game?

Let’s help all those newbies who are eager to get started in this industry find the right information that will help them along.

Comment Away

I would love for you to leave me a comment to and share with us how did you get started online?  Where do you suggest the new person go to find information that you were searching for when you first got started.  I’m sure there will be someone reading this post that will be heading in the same direction you did and the information you share will be beneficial to them.  By now, it might even be your own.

I appreciate you guys so very much.  I know this post will really help a lot of people.  When Steve’s podcast interview goes live, I’ll have him direct them to this post so they will be able to find the information I hope they are searching for all because of you.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.  Each and every one of you for participating.  Just know you will be helping someone save a lot of time and heartache because of the information you shared today.