Build Popular BlogWe would all love our blogs to be popular right!  To get the attention of those we look up to in our chosen niche.

To have influencers commenting on our posts, authority bloggers sharing our content and spreading the word about how great our content is.

We all strive for that, admit it.  Whether you want to say that out loud or not I’m sure you’re thinking that way down deep inside.

Granted, when I started this process that was never on my radar.

I just wanted people to like what I shared, learn from it, do what I suggested and get their own results.

When that did start to happen and people were ecstatic by it all, that’s when things started happening for me.

I’m still in awe today who comes out of the woodwork and compliments me, wants to interview me, wants to promote me and especially who wants to help me.

If You Are A New Blogger

People just now starting out want it all and they wanted it yesterday.

Time is of the essence and we live in an instant gratification society.

Because technology has made so many things convenient for us and we can instantly get our hands on things when they used to take days, weeks and months I guess we all are just under the impression that everything should happen faster for us.

We compare ourselves to the influencers and authorities in our niche and want to be like them.  We want their results, their recognition and their following.

The one thing most people fail to remember is they were once in our shoes.  They were new to blogging and they had to start putting themselves out there in order to get to where they wanted to go.

So how do you actually do that especially when you’re just starting out.  Oh don’t worry, I’m sure this advice will be pretty helpful for those who have still been at this for awhile and feel like they’re still spinning their wheels.

So is it about the content?  I mean we hear all the time that content is king right!  So if that’s the case then all we need to do is just write great stuff and sit back and wait for people to find it because it’s just that good.


Oh, if only things happened that way just think where all of us would be today.

Content That Gets Results

Yes, it is all about the content because it is the reason people are going to visit your blog in the first place.

Although people will start telling you when you’re new that you have to have the right domain name, your blog should be self-hosted, you should have a great looking theme because people won’t visit if it gives them a headache, you need so many things in place and I’m not going to lie to you.

Those things are important but don’t obsess over that right from the start.  You can deal with all of that as time goes by but if you want your blog to be popular then you need to focus on getting results.

What should your main focus be on once the content is written?

Getting traffic to your site, comments on your posts, readers sharing your content, subscribers opting into your list, people linking to you and the attention of some influencers.

But what about the making money part Adrienne?

Don’t worry about that for now, it will come when it’s suppose to because nothing will happen until you help enough people get what they want.

You’re still a nobody in the blogosphere, they don’t know who you are and they sure as heck don’t trust you.

Become A Master Marketer

You can be the most skilled writer in the entire world but if no one reads your content then it’s just gathering dust.

So we know that great content isn’t enough, we have to put it out there for others to find it.  So stop thinking of yourself as some really awesome writer and start thinking of yourself as a master marketer.

To me, marketing is all about selling yourself so in this case you’re selling yourself and your content.  You have to promote the heck out of it in order to get enough people interested in wanting to read what you have to share.

It has to be able to help your readers in some way, perhaps solve a problem they have or make them smile because you just have that way about you.

You’re probably thinking about now, man that’s a lot of work.  Well of course it is but did you really think this process was going to be easy?  Do you think any of those influencers and authority figures just wrote great content and then got off the computer to go watch TV?

Hell no…  They promoted the heck out of their content.

But Wait, There’s More

Yep, you didn’t think I was quite finished did you?  Here is what you have to do.

You write great content, you promote the heck out of it so now you need to start getting on those influencers and authority bloggers radar.

Want to know how I did it?

Won Engagement Superstar Contest

That’s right, I won the contest that Danny Iny was putting on that was introducing his new book “Engagement from Scratch”.

My friend Ruth Zive entered my name without me knowing because she felt I was deserving of this title.


Because I was everywhere leaving genuine comments and getting people’s attention.  They wanted me to leave comments like that on their blogs so they started showing up on mine and it worked.

I got on Danny Iny’s radar by winning his contest.  He was so impressed with my community that he wanted to visit with me on the phone.

Interviewed on a Radio Show

I did two interviews on Terry Petrovick’s radio show all because he too was impressed with the community I had grown so he opted into my blog and of course I called him and had the best conversation.

He felt that I could teach his audience a thing or two about how to make those genuine connections.

The Support of Authority Bloggers

I have several authority bloggers promote my content because I have connected with them on Triberr and gotten their attention.

They’ve commented on my posts and shared my content all because I promote them, I appreciate what they do for the blogging community and I let them know.

I’ve even been asked to run one of their communities on Google+ which unfortunately I just couldn’t find the time to do.

How To Get Noticed

The days are gone that you can just comment on authority bloggers sites and they’ll recognize you.

They aren’t just devoting all of their time to their blogs, they’re past all of that.  They are authorities for a reason because they have very successful businesses to run which means their main focuses are on their clients, customers and/or students.

They don’t have time to check out every blogger that comments on their posts.  Not to say they wouldn’t love to but they get to a place where they have to devote more time to what’s going to be bringing them the most income.

So if you really want to get noticed become their client, customer or student and make that connection.  If you want to learn from the best then you’re going to have to devote your time to learning from them.  Trust me, they’ll put their clients, customers or students ahead of  anyone else.

You can still continue to promote influencers and authorities content, start conversations with them on social media, link to their posts, write about them, do whatever you can to help them.  The key word here though is to “help” them because you admire who they are, what they’re doing for the industry and what you’re learning from them.

Always remember that they can see through the people who are only in this for themselves which is why I’m all about building relationships with others first.

Your Results

What kind of results are you getting?  What are you doing to reach out to others, help support them, connect with some influencers and authority figures and build a popular blog?

I’m eager to hear your own results and how this process has been working for you.  We can all learn from each other now so what you share here in the comment section can help others see that what you are doing does work.

Looking forward to your comments and be sure to share this post too.  I’m sure your friends would really appreciate knowing this scoop.

I wish you the best!





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