Blog RelationshipsI stumbled on quite a few posts and conversations last week about blogging, commenting and building relationships.  Three of my most favorite subjects.

For the most part, many love commenting and connecting with other bloggers while there are others who are either not having any success in this area or think commenting is a waste of time.

What better topic for today’s post then to share my view on how to build relationships through blogging.

It All Starts With Your Amazing Content

I could say that it starts with commenting and it really does as far as the connections go but we’ve got to get them to your blog first!  Once they’re here we have to keep them wanting to come back because of your amazing content.

How do we write amazing content?  It’s so much easier then you think.  Trust me on this one.

I’ve mentioned here on my blog numerous times that you have to write like you’re talking to a good friend because people connect with people.  They connect to real life experiences.

Now this post isn’t about how to write so if you still need some assistance in this area I suggest you stop by and read what Sue wrote on this subject.  Man did she ever explain this one well.  Bravo Sue…

So now that we have the content down, let’s get them to our blogs shall we!

Commenting On Blogs

One of the discussions that I saw last week was that commenting was a big waste of time.

Do you agree with that?

I’ve shared with you all before that I’m a huge people person.  When I was eight years old we moved into a new neighborhood.  My Dad picked us up from school and brought us to the new house.  I went inside, checked it out, saw my room and then was out the door.

I went to every house on that end of the block asking if they had any girls my age I could play with.  I found three within a one hour and we remained friends until we all grew up and went our separate ways.

Now you might be saying to yourself well yeah Adrienne, it’s easy for you but I’m NOT a people person.  I really don’t care to socialize at all.

Man, that’s really sad because you don’t know what you’re missing but if that’s how you really feel then I would have to agree with you, this isn’t for you.  But just because you don’t enjoy socializing doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

If you do enjoy connecting with others then you have to put yourself out in front of enough people in order for them to start being the least bit curious about you.  It’s not going to take one week or even one month of doing this.  You have to be consistent in visiting other blogs, commenting on their content and sharing it on the social networks.

Now if you need a lesson in how to comment in order to really get attention then be sure to read  Harleena’s guest post because we all know she’s the commenting queen here.

So it starts with having amazing content that will keep people on your blog but in order to get them there you have to start commenting.  Okay, we’ve got that down so what’s next.

Connecting With Others And Building Relationships

I will not lie to you, building relationships is time consuming.

Surely you’ve heard stories since being online about how this marketer connected with this guy and now they’re in business together and making a killing.

What, you’ve never heard these kinds of stories before?  I sure have and have had the pleasure of actually meeting a few…

The relationships you build online can catapult you to greater heights.  You’ll never know though until you start making those connections.

So it all starts with creating your amazing content and then you have to get in front of enough people so they’ll start noticing you.

Once people start seeing you everywhere their curiosity will get the best of them and next thing you know they’re over at your place commenting too.  Hopefully they’ll enjoy your content so much that they’ll start dropping by on a more regular basis.  Next thing you know you’ve got a handful of very loyal readers.

That’s when people really start to notice you and the requests for you to be a guest blogger will start to come in or perhaps they’ll want to interview you for a series they’re doing.

Don’t you realize how beneficial that can be?  Especially if you’re either doing consulting work or you have your own product in the works.  These people will help promote you!

Getting attention for your amazing comments or the interaction you’re getting on your blog is definitely the way to go.  You need to take it a step further though.

Connect with these people and not just through blog commenting.

Email them and let them know how much you really appreciated a topic they shared on their blog or if you have questions about something they’re using and you’d like to know what it is, ask them.

If they shared something really good that can help your readers benefit and it’s relevant content like Sue’s then link out to their post in one of yours.  People appreciate the heck out of that.

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and send them a message on Facebook or Google+, whichever if your preferred social network.  Get to know them better.  Maybe you can help them with something or they can help you.

You have to go beyond the comments.

Take the Personal Approach

So you’ve sent a blogger an email and let them know that you really enjoyed a particular post.  Go a step further though and ask them if they have some time to visit with you via Skype, phone or Google Hangout.

Remember what I shared with you in one of my recent posts about my connection with Dee Ann!  On the surface it would seem that although we might have some things in common that we’ll never buy anything from each other which is the mentality most people have when they’re building a business.

Because I’m such a people person I’ve been told I’m wasting my time actually connecting with all these people who can’t benefit me.  Well guess who proved all of them wrong!

You never know who you’re going to help, who you’re going to touch, who will end up looking up to you or who may end up helping you.

People appreciate that so much and because not all bloggers will take the time, you’ll stand out from the rest and isn’t that what this is all about?

When people tell you “be unique” or “stand out from all the rest” and you’re scratching your head thinking to yourself well I’m nothing special.  I’m a doe doe who can’t figure this stuff out and no one will be able to relate to me.

Just remember what I’m telling you right this minute!  I use to think the same darn thing and look at me now.  Trust me guys, I’m much older then most of you and I didn’t know squat.  But I started writing so people could relate to me and I never turned anyone away.

That is how you build relationships through blogging!  Tada…

Any questions?  Lay them on me, seriously!  You know I’ll answer them for you and help in any way I can.

So that’s my take on how to build relationships through blogging.  I do share a little bit more information in my free report if you haven’t grabbed that one yet but for the most part this is a pretty darn good start.

Would love to hear your thoughts and be sure to share this one with your friends now.  Remember, they’ll love you for it!






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

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