How To Change WordPress UsernameWordPress blogs are easy to create.  You just log into your hosting service, go down to “Scripts”, click on “WordPress” and hit install.

Tada…  You’re on your way to having your first WordPress blog.

So the way this is set up though is that your username is automatically set to “admin”.

Little did all of us newbies realize that we’re just an accident waiting to happen.  Oh sure, our blogs are new so why would anyone want to hack into ours?

Who knows why hackers do what they do but trust me, they will.  If you leave your username as admin and have an easy to remember password then it’s just a matter of time my friend.

Well I shot a video showing you how you can rectify that today.  Yep, just follow along with what I’m going to show you and you’re on your way to making your blog that much more secure.

Ready to get started?  Then watch this video and I’ll catch you here in a minute okay!

So what did you think?

Hopefully you’ve done this a LONG time ago but just in case you still need to know how you can make your blog that much more secure then I hope you found this video helpful.

Love to hear if you already had all of this in place or if this was a reminder to you that you’ve been meaning to do this.

Always appreciate the shares too.  I’m sure there are some of your new blogging friends that need to be aware of this.  Let’s help them out shall we?

For all of my U.S. friends, Happy Labor Day!!!  I hope you’re enjoying your holiday and you’re not on this computer.  Go have some fun okay!  You deserve it!





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