How To Get More Views On Your YouTube VideosAccording to Alexa, YouTube is the third most visited site on the web.   Just in case you are wondering who holds the top two spots, that would be Google and Facebook.

Now don’t go and freak out on me here if you aren’t already doing videos.  If you aren’t my first question would be why the heck not! Don’t you know how many people online love watching videos?  You guys seem to enjoy the videos I share on my blog and my YouTube channel so if you haven’t started there is no time like the present.

If you need help learning how to even start, don’t forget my free training site where I will walk you through every thing you’ll need to know.  At the top of my blog you’ll find a tab that says, “Free Training” where I share more with you about my site or you can go directly to my training site and skip the introductions.

If you are doing videos then I’m going to share with you how to step up your game and get more views on your YouTube videos.  Even if you are new, pay close attention.

The Secret Weapon

Is there really a secret weapon?  I mean is there something no one has shared with you yet about how to get more views on your videos?  Probably not but YouTube wants you to step up your game so they are actually going to help you.  That’s right, YouTube wants you to get more views because let’s face it, it’s a win/win for you both.

Are you ready for their secret weapon?  It’s called “Creator Playbook”.  I actually have my good friend Paul Wolfe to thank for this.  He wrote a fabulous post over at Danny Iny’s blog, “Firepole Marketing” (yes, it’s the same blog that named me the “Engagement Superstar“) about how to have more engagement on YouTube.  It’s an exceptional post so be sure and check it out if you want to learn more.  It’s a beauty.  It’s titled “Harnessing YouTube: Secrets of Engagement with Video”.  Oh, and you can download the playbook by clicking here.

What’s Inside

So what’s the low down on this Creator Playbook you might ask?  Well let’s see…  YouTube is actually sharing with you:

  • The first 15 seconds of your video
  • A strong call to action
  • Your posting schedule
  • Tent-pole events (interesting indeed)
  • Cross promotion and collaboration with other video creators
  • Keeping tabs on your analytics
  • Write optimized title, tags and descriptions for your content
  • Thumbnails for your videos
  • Annotations on your videos
  • Organizing your content
  • Optimize and design your channel pageʼs metadata, layout, and background
  • Involve your audience
  • Share your content with relevant blogs, sites and online communities
  • Leverage other social media

It’s like someone is handing you the formula for having success with your videos so are you going to ignore it or run with it?  Me, I’m going to run with it which means you will be seeing a lot more videos from me.

So there is the secret formula for getting more views on your YouTube videos.  Be sure to download that playbook and read what YouTube is sharing with you.  If you want to have success with your videos, this is definitely how to do just that.

One More Cool Thing To Add

Since we are on the topic of videos and how to get more views, I wanted to share something else with you.  It’s something I have not been doing but it seems I’m not the only one.

In any type of training you receive on YouTube they will tell you to locate a video in your niche that has a lot of views, preferably over 100,000, and when you comment on their video, use one of your videos instead.  This is a great way to get your video not only viewed more but it has a better chance of showing up in the playlist after their video has been viewed.  How cool is that!

I was checking my YouTube subscriptions yesterday and Ileane of Basic Blog Tips had shot a video response to a request Lisa Irby of did recently.  Lisa was telling her students to shoot a video response to those videos instead of just placing one of your older ones in their comment section.  It makes perfect sense really.

What you do is just watch the video you want to comment on and then shoot a video responding to what you thought of the video instead of writing in the comment section. Let them know what you liked or you didn’t like about the video. Talk about getting some attention.

Ding, ding, ding, ding…  Do you hear the bells going off?  Yep, me too!  🙂

Are You Ready To Start Shooting More Videos

I guess it’s time for us all to step up our game.  Why don’t all of us commit to reading this playbook, learning what YouTube is instructing us to do and shooting more videos on a regular schedule.  I think it’s a pretty good idea myself so I’m going to have to put my thinking cap on now and come up with some good topics.  Any suggestions?  Anyone have something in mind they would like me to shoot a video on?  Sounds like a great way to start to me.

One other thing for you guys…  Paul Wolfe of One Spoon At a Time is going to do a guest post for me pertaining to YouTube and I gave him a few topics that I believe my readers would enjoy so I hope to see that here before the end of the year.  That’s right, I’m having a guest post and I have no doubt that it will be fabulous.

Let me know your thoughts now.  Are you going to shoot more videos?  Do you have any subjects you would like me to share?  If you want to know what I’d like to see from you, let me know in the comments and I’ll do the same for you.  Remember, we are all in this together.

Will talk to you then!