How To Get Others To Build Your LinksI have to give credit for today’s post to the lovely Brankica Underwood of Online Income Star. I read a post she wrote last December about a service that can actually help others build your links and I must admit, I got a little curious.

Now it’s not the regular backlinking strategies that most people are aware of and it’s not for everyone so you’ll just have to read on and form your own conclusion.

I uploaded the information to my site and wanted to give it a test drive before I shared this with you guys.  The site is called “Tynt”, have you ever heard of it?  Let me explain a little more about how this can benefit you.

People Copy Your Content

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that not everyone who is online today is computer savvy.  Did you know that the majority of these people will actually copy some of your content and either email it to themselves or share it with their friends?  Ah come on, you had to know that right!

So you can’t really prevent people from grabbing your content even though we all wish we could.  Sure, you can disable the copy function for your site by entering some code or protect your site with Copyscape.  There will always be those people who know how to get around that though.  So for those who are copying your content, be sure to have a link attached every time they do.

Tada, that is where Tynt comes in.

What Does Tynt Really Do?

The developers of this site really had some specific things in mind with this service.  They wanted to improve your SEO, keep readers on your site longer as well as measure your readers engagement which is done by leveraging the power of copy and paste.

I’ll let the creators of Tynt explain their service to you since I know they’ll do a much better job then me.

So that’s pretty cool right!

How To Set It Up

The set up is pretty easy, there is just a little bit of coding that you have to add to your blog.  You just add the code to your header tag and the higher up you place it the better.  Here is a link to their instructions because I’m sure they can explain this once again, much better than me.

Be sure that you test it per their instructions as well by pasting a link to your site into the URL field they provide. It will check to make sure your script is installed correctly.  Now it will take about 24 hours for your results to start appearing which is why I wanted to test it out for a couple of months before sharing this with you.

Benefits of Tynt

Now I mentioned that Tynt helps others build your links remember! So what this service does is that every time someone visits your site and copies and pastes a part of your text or an image, Tynt adds a link to your site. The majority of people who do this are those who want to share through email your content with their friends.

Each time this is done, a link will appear in that email saying “Read More”. So for those who are sharing my content with their friends, they will most likely leave the link so their friends can visit my site to read more. I now have another visitor.  Yey!!

Not everyone is here for the right reasons I’m afraid so you’ll run into the occasional dishonest person who is only out to steal your content. We all know they’ll just delete that link.

There are four main areas that Tynt focuses on.


I found this feature pretty darn interesting because it will show the specific keywords that people found on your site but obviously they wanted more information so they left your site to search for more. Know what this means?  Future topics for posts guys…  Oh yeah, you don’t want them leaving so be sure and bring them back around so there is a great list for future posts.

Tynt is able to share this information with you because people have copied anywhere from one to a few words so they can paste them into the search engine and locate more information on that topic.   My report from the last month alone shows 51%..  Dang!

SEO & Content

Here’s the good part, content.  I’ve attached a screen shot of my last 30 days so just click on the image to enlarge it if you want.


There were 183 (46%) attributed copies which basically means that I have 183 new links to my site.  For the sake of SEO, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a link for that reason because it may just be in someone’s email.  But what that does mean is that I just might get some new visitors to my site because of it.

Seven of my images have been copied so if I want to make sure no one uses them I better start watermarking them for my own sake.  Something to think about.

See at the bottom where I underlined 1001-5000?  This means that more than likely my entire posts are being copied and not just a few words or paragraphs.  I like to think that people are sharing my content and not stealing it since I regularly check the copyscape site and so far my content has been safe.  See, I like to think the best of people.


They also have social tracking but I still have nothing showing up in that area.  In my opinion this tool really isn’t used for social sharing in this way because it’s not really a social site such as my blog.  Other people may have different results though so I didn’t want to leave that one out.

Should You Use It?

This site may not be for everyone but I would think that if you share any type of information on your blog then this would be a good fit.  It would also work well for niche sites and especially if you’re a writer and your work is posted on your blog.  I can see where this would actually benefit you.

I think that if this site is mostly used the way it was intended then people will leave your links so that the people they are sharing your content with will have the benefit of returning to your site.

Take Away

Although I’ve never had the unpleasant experience of having my content scraped, which means people have stolen it, this won’t protect you from that I’m afraid.  What it can help you with is show you what keywords people are searching for so that you can write more content around those.

I know that Google Analytics shows you how people found your site but they don’t show you the keywords they are searching for and why they left your site.

So do you think it would be helpful for the content you’re sharing?  Are you even curious to know why people leave your site and if it’s because they are searching for something you may not have provided? Do you think it’s a great tool to help give you an idea of the type of content you can be writing for your audience?  Sure am anxious to hear your thoughts.

There you have it, my thoughts on this site and a cool free tool you might find of interest.  If you’d like to check it out just go to and get started.

See you soon!





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