Impress Blog ReadersBlogging is about building communities.

It’s about creating enough valuable content so that your readers will want to keep coming back time and time again.

It’s about keeping them on your blog long enough so that they’ll want to read post after post because you always give away the goods.

It’s about writing your posts in such a way that their first thoughts are, “man, he/she’s talking just to me”.

It’s about making those connections with your readers so that they’ll want to opt-in to your list and get more of what you have to share.

It’s about helping enough people get what they want.

Would you like to know how else you can impress your blog readers?

How about highlighting them on your blog.

Invite them to write a guest post:
I have a strict guest post policy here at my place so no one can write a guest post for me unless you’re a loyal reader who has been reading my stuff for quite awhile and are a regular commenter.  You have to have a blog that is in my niche and only then will you receive a personal invitation from me.  I prefer to let my readers shine.

Write a post about their blog:
If you have really resonated with a reader in particular and perhaps they’re always leaving valuable comments, write a post about their blog.  Maybe there is a post they wrote that really resonated with you and you’d like to be sure and share that with your readers.

Reader of the week or month:
People are always doing series on their blogs.  Like I started a series at the end of last year where I share other people’s posts at the end of each month.  I highlight what I’ve read throughout the month that I’d love to share with my readers.  So maybe you can highlight a loyal reader who visits your blog often and do a series either weekly or monthly that will shine the light on them.  Introduce them to your readers just in case they haven’t stopped by their place yet.

Promote a comment:
We all learn great stuff when we read posts right!  Well I learn just as much a lot of times by reading the comments.  So if a reader has left a really great comment, take that comment and write a post around it and highlight that particular comment.  People are always saying they run out of things to write about so why not do them both.

Let your readers promote themselves:
I created a post a little over two years ago to help my readers promote themselves.  It’s my most popular post so far and I give them permission to shamelessly promote the heck out of themselves.  I have a “Start Here” page to help my new visitors find their way around so I made that one the very first post.  I encourage everyone to stop by and share a bit about themselves and why they’re online.  Create a post of your own.

Why This Works

We all have learned by now that if you help enough people get what they want then you’ll get what you want.  Right!

So help other people shine and it will come back to you.  As I shared in my post about how to start living with purpose, the reason we are all here is to serve others.

It’s not about you no matter how much you’d like to think it is.  You should be blogging so that you can help other people solve whatever problems they are having at the moment.  Depending on what your given niche is, that’s the type of content you should be sharing.

If you are doing that and writing in a way that people can connect with you then you’re on your way to having a very successful blogging career.

Help someone else shine, help them get the attention they deserve.  If you don’t have enough readers or bloggers visiting your blog yet then get out there and connect with some of the people who are leaving comments here.

Visit their blogs, start those conversations, do this consistently and your visitors will grow.

Let’s help others shine and do it because you care.

What Do You Think

Would you agree with me here?  Have you thought about promoting others?  Have you done a series that will help your readers get the attention they deserve?

We all need a little assistance.  No one started blogging knowing everything.  Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends so what better way to do that then to impress your blog readers by letting them shine.

Can’t wait to hear what you think about this and I do hope you’ll be sharing this with your friends as well.  I hope they’ll think this is a pretty good idea too and start helping their blog readers shine.





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