How To Optimize Your Blog For Mobile PhonesAs I was blog hopping this week I ran across several posts that had to do with mobile marketing.  A few shared statistics for mobile usage while a few others reminded me that I’m so far behind the times when it comes to this topic.

I’m the first to admit that I’m just not a huge cell phone user so a lot of things I run across I just ignore.  I have my Mom on a family plan so we are allotted just so many minutes each month.  No internet access, no texting, no nothing to be honest with you.  I know, I’m pretty pitiful!

I work at home which is where I am the majority of the time.  I will only answer my cell if it’s an emergency or I’m trying to meet up with someone so you can see why this has never really been on my radar.

At the same time, I’m not totally ignorant to the fact that EVERYONE else is way past me on this.  They access the internet, do all their online chatting via their phone, they’re always texting and that’s the device they use 98% of the time.  Just because I’m behind the times doesn’t mean everyone is.

Here are a few statistics I ran across while blog hopping this week (a big shout out to for bringing this to my attention) on how powerful mobile devices are.

How To Optimize Your Blog For Mobile Phones
Source: The Growth of Mobile Marketing and Tagging

So since mobile devices will soon take over the world (hopefully I’m kidding), you may want to think about how your site looks when someone brings it up on their mobile device.  I never even thought about it until I read a post by my friend Mouh titled, “Check How Ugly Your Blog Looks On A Mobile Phone”.

So I took the test and was not at all surprised actually.  It was horrible.  Shame on me for not having even considered this before.  So here is a big old THANK YOU to Mouh for pointing this out.  He saved the day once again.  He always has so many cool things he shared over at his place which is why I enjoy visiting often.

What he shared in this post were two services you can use to see how your site looks on a mobile device.   They don’t do the best job, but you’ll get a pretty good idea how your blog looks.  Those tools are:


Is there an easy solution for solving this problem you might ask?  Well absolutely my friends. We can’t be having a horrible looking site showing up on mobile phones and no solution to resolve this problem.

Once again Mouh to the rescue.  He’s done the research for us and found that the majority of blog users prefer the:

WPTouch Plug-in

Mouh has explained some of the settings you may need when implementing this plug-in on your blog.  He also made it clear that even though you install this plug-in, if you go back to the two sites mentioned above and check to see how it looks, it still may not look the best.  Just try it out on your phone or a friends and you’ll get a better idea.

So I’m not going to reinvent the wheel again since it was done so well the first time around.  If you need to review those settings, hop on over to Mouh’s post, “Check How Ugly Your Blog Looks On A Mobile Phone” and he explains that so much better than I probably could.

Was This Helpful

I hope you found this helpful.  I sure hope I’m the only one way behind the times here and you guys are going to make me really look bad with all your comments.  But that’s okay, I deserve it.  As I always love to say, better late than never right!

So when did you update your blog for mobile viewing and were you aware of these types of statistics?   Be really curious to hear what you have to say about this.

Okay, I’m ready!!!  Lay it on me!!!