How to Select Winning Affiliate Offers When Promoting ClickBank Products OnlineFor people who are looking to make money online, discover how to select wining affiliate offers when promoting ClickBank products on the Internet.

Doesn’t it feel amazing to get paid 25%… 50%… even a whopping 75% in affiliate commissions? The question is: which products are worth promoting and which are just a waste of time, traffic and effort?

I’d rather spend my focus on products that convert into sales and promote winning offers all the time than test the water with brand-new products or hype offers.

We both know that in today’s Internet world, trust is a precious skill. It might take years to build it and seconds to lose it – forever. That being said, you should never promote scam artists or their fake programs (which promise the sky, but deliver mud).

Before I share with you how to select winning affiliate offers on ClickBank, I wanted to mention that I didn’t have access to this information you’re reading now years ago when I started online, thus you hold in front of you some priceless data – use it!

So, how do you make sure the ClickBank products you sign-up with to help promote are winners. Let’s analyze what a winning offer is not and what deals are worth promoting instead to make you money, not waste your time:

• A winning offer is not always a 75% commission deal.

Some vendors lure partners with high payouts. If big pay offs shine through your eyes, at least, make sure what you promote is good, useful, and not deceitful. That means, you should either buy or download the product you are going to recommend, first of all.

I did quite well with 50% commissions and managed to make more money compared with 75% offers, at the same selling price. One of the keys to my conversion success was that I knew how to tap and emphasize the uniqueness of the product compared with the other, without looking at the commission rate.

TIP: select two niche-related products at identical price points but different commission rates, and write a comparison review. Test your conversion and move forward with the winning offer.

The best product should always win and not the payout these vendors are offering us. And only your “split” tests will evidence the winner.

• A winning offer is not a “high-gravity” deal

Way too many marketers are putting weight on this aspect. They look at it as a guarantee for winning products. In short, gravity is the score ClickBank puts on a product to help rank it higher in their marketplace search results.

If a product has been promoted by a lot of affiliates and a lot of sales were generated, then ClickBank will assign to it a high “gravity” number. It’s in their user’s best interest to retrieve the top listings when they’re looking for hot selling products, right? But this doesn’t mean a “best-selling” product is always a winning offer you can make to your list or audience.

What is the chance to make sales simply promoting an over-saturated product? Slim to none. That’s why I don’t weight gravity stats, yet, I take a look at the score and compare products, commissions and more importantly their sales letters before I decide to promote something.

• A winning offer is not the best “sales pitch” deal

Some vendors put more weight on their sales letters than focus on the product itself. They outsource the product for cheap, yet pay a skilled copywriter a small fortune to lure visitors into buyers. Sometimes these “high-paid” copywriters write from the top of their heads without looking too much at what these vendors are really selling.

No wonder all sales pitch sound alike. Did you ever have that feeling too?

To me a winning offer is a product in which I can trust, thus I make sure to read the ebook, or test the software program before I make a promotion decision. I also talk with the vendor just to make sure they handle customer support request properly.

And more importantly, if I feel like the product is something my audience will crave for, then I make sure to write an in depth review and give my honest input. Nothing but the naked truth!

Now that you know what a winning offer is not, and how to select products that generate sales, not waste your time, move forward and start your research on ClickBank marketplace. Take into account gravity score, and high commission rates, but don’t get controlled by these two aspects.

Trust is what counts in this business, and can be easily destroyed. All it takes is a bad product or the wrong vendor. I guess copywriters are just doing their job, don’t blame them 🙂

Now, if you want to comment and share your ClickBank experience, then I’d love to hear your thoughts. Let’s start a debate:

Do you prefer higher payouts? Do you like to promote info products or software tools?


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