How to Use Twitter the Right Way for Your Affiliate Marketing BusinessAren’t you sick and tired of people spamming you constantly on Twitter with their affiliate links?  Always trying to get you to buy something from them when they haven’t even taken the time to learn anything about you?  They probably got on Twitter, started adding friends that have something to do with their niche and then started telling everyone how great their product is.  Sounds familiar?

I admit, there have been times where I just wanted to throw my hands up and quit Twitter altogether because those people are so darn annoying.  I’m so sick and tired of spammers period.  Do you really think I’m going to purchase something from you because you threw a link in my face?  Seriously!

Well in this post I wanted to share with you how you can be successful on Twitter if you are in affiliate marketing.  I had a guy email me just the other day telling me that he’s having no luck at all with promoting his affiliate offers on Twitter.  Yep, he ended up being one of those guys…  But he was never taught the right way to go about doing this.

So here is the tip that I learned not too long ago if you are promoting affiliate products.  Now I’m going to use the niche “slow pc’s” only because I usually use the niche “acne” for my examples, but I just went online and there is way too much foul language regarding that particular subject.  Guess I can see why but didn’t want to show that in this post.

So you want to head on over to and in their search box type in slow pc -http.  Now the reason for the -http is because you want only the tweets to appear that are not associated with a website.

Once you have hit search, the tweets will appear right below it.

So what you want to do is start replying to some of these people and let them know that you have had the same problem.  These are people who are complaining about what is happening with their pc at this very moment.  This is the best time to catch them when they are having this problem.  If you can interact with at least 100 people every single day, you will start seeing a rise in your affiliate sales.

By interacting with these people and letting them know that you’ve had the same problem, some of them, not all of them, will respond to your reply.  After chatting with them a few times, you can mention what helped speed your pc up and share your link.  You aren’t out and out selling to them because you struck up a conversation first.  They don’t even have to be your followers.  That’s how you come in contact with people who are interested in what you have to offer without spamming them.

Only if they strike up a conversation with you should you promote your link.  Don’t do it on your first reply back to them either.  Not everyone will chat with you which is why it’s best to try and do this with at least 100 people.  There will be some that will interact with you more than others and if they are having that problem at that particular time, they are ready to do something about it right at that very moment.  That’s when you want to catch them.

Okay, that’s my awesome tip for how to use Twitter the right way for your affiliate marketing business.  Sure hope this has helped if you have not been having much luck on Twitter.

Okay everyone, happy tweeting (the right way)!!!