I Accept The 7 Links ChallengeAdrienneSmith.net was born in June of 2009.  At that time I was heavily into affiliate marketing and I was promoting different products that eventually started bringing me in steady income.

I decided to start blogging about how to do affiliate marketing here on this blog but I openly admit not really putting the time or effort into it that I should have.  My posts were more generic, they didn’t get a lot of traffic and they certainly didn’t get any comments.

I changed direction around the middle of 2010 and started sharing with my readers what I was actually learning online.  As you have probably noticed, it’s just a variety of different skills and lessons I’ve picked up along the way.

As 2011 was upon us I got more into blog commenting and that’s when the real fun began. I now have 340 posts published as of today.

I wanted to share that with you and you’ll see why!

The Challenge

I love a good challenge so image my surprise when Steve Scott sent me a message on Twitter to check out his latest post.  He had recently participated in the 7 links challenge and nominated me to be one of the five people to follow in his foot steps.

After reading more about it I thought heck, this just might be fun.  What a great way to resurrect some of my older posts and even introduce some you’ve never seen before.  I won’t bore you with all the rules to this so you can read them at The 7 Links Challenge.

So here are the posts I came up with:

Most Beautiful Post

This is an easy one for me.  It has to be In Loving Memory of Remi

I’m sure that most of you know what a huge dog lover I am.  Kayla is my third dog and we always had a stray when we were growing up.  They were just never allowed in the house.

My older sister never had one she could call her own until the year 2007.  Remi made her heart turn to mush.  It’s the first time in her life that she actually understood what it’s like to have unconditional love.  Unfortunately, she wasn’t meant to have him very long I guess because she lost him in May of 2010 to cancer.

This post was a tribute to Remi and I truly believe it’s my most beautiful post.  Get out the hankies…

Most Popular Post

For my most popular post I’m going to have to go with My New Commenting Rules

I based this on the amount of traffic it received and comments as well.  I think it was just a topic most people ended up relating to and some decided that after reading mine, it was time to start adapting some of their own rules.

Most Controversial Post

This one is a little more difficult to pick but I would have to say it’s How FireFox Almost Made Me Lose My Religion

I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a “controversial” topic but it would have to be close enough.  I was a huge FireFox lover until I continued having some major issues.  I even received a comment from one of the guys that works for Mozilla which I was happy about. I guess this is going to have to be the closest one since I really just don’t write about controversial topics.

Most Helpful Post

I like to think that the majority of my posts are helpful but since I can only pick one, I’d have to go with A List Of 165 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

I’m a huge CommentLuv supporter so when Ana Hoffman shared her list of 165 blogs that support this powerful plug-in, I couldn’t help but share it with my readers.  When it comes to commenting and locating blogs that are more then willing to share the love, I think this post was by far extremely helpful.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me

I would have to say that this one surprised me the most was Only 26 Days Left, I Would Appreciate Your Support

I wrote this post to help my friend, Christian Hollingsworth, because he had been nominated for a Small Business Influencer Award.  This is the first time I did anything like that and reached out to my readers for support.  I was holding my breath on this one and just kept my fingers crossed that we could conjure up at least a few votes for Christian.

I was not only blown away by all the outpouring of love and support but by all the comments as well.  I had specifically stated in the post that if I had a choice between comments or votes that I would chose votes hands down.  I was just so touched at how generous everyone was.  That helped seal my faith in the blogging community hands down.

Post You Feel Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved

I have a few in mind but I’m going to go with How to Use Swipe Files for Creating Headlines

I probably sound like a broken record sometimes but I believe I’ll always be a work in progress.  I continue to learn new things all the time so in this post I shared with everyone how to use swipe files for creating headlines.  Headlines had always been a weak point for me so when I locate some really cool things that I believe will help of course I share it with my readers.   I just thought this one would have been a more popular topic.

Post That You Are Most Proud Of

Now this took a little bit of thinking.  Heck, I’m proud of all my posts actually but this one stands out for me over all the others, Attention All Baby Boomers…It Is Never Too Late

This subject is near and dear to my heart because you guys know how much I enjoy helping others.  Since I’m no spring chicken myself I started my online journey with over half of my life already behind me.  I can’t help but have a soft spot for those my age or older that would like to do the same thing.  This post just reiterated the fact that you can start anything at any age.

Are You Up For The Challenge?

So now comes the time that I have to hand this prestigious title over to five lucky blogging friends hoping that they will want to also participate in this challenge.  The way I see this is that it might take a little time to go through your posts but think of the attention you can bring back to those you thought didn’t receive their just reward.  (Did that little jab help?)  🙂

Back in September I was awarded the ever so gracious “Versatile Bloggers” award. Because I had to bestow that same honor on 15 of my blogging friends I decided to nominate some people who I have not yet acknowledged and give them a chance to participate.  Here are the five I decided to pick on, I mean nominate…  🙂

So there you have it, my posts and my nominees.

I actually think this is a great way to introduce you to some blogs you might not have on your radar and to help those bloggers resurrect some posts that they would like to see get a little more attention.  Either way, I see only good things coming from this challenge.

Did You Enjoy This One?

So did you enjoy this post?  Had you already read these?  How about the ones from last year?  Don’t you enjoy being introduced to bloggers you may not have been aware of?  I mean, wouldn’t you want people to do this for you?  Just think of the attention that can come from this or the older posts that you can share that may have gotten lost in the shuffle!

Either way, I sure hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed going back through my posts. One thing’s for sure, writing this post took a whole heck of a lot longer than most of mine! Oh well, it was fun.

Look forward to hearing your comments on this one so don’t be shy!  It’s always a pleasure.