If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix ItIn an earlier post I mentioned that I’m currently going through Katie Freilings “Cash in on You” training program.  We are now into week six and all I can say is wow.  Man oh man, this young lady has outdone herself. There is just so much wonderful information and I know I’ll be going back over a lot of it numerous times.

I followed Katie early on when she was just getting started online but since she’s made a name for herself, up until now I’ve never purchased any of her products.  I’ve always known she was someone who had a big heart and only had our best interests in mind.

When I was presented with her latest program, there was one part of it that really was just screaming my name and that was the section on branding.

What I’ve Been Struggling With

Now I’m fully aware of what branding is so that wasn’t my issue.  I will share with you though what I’ve been struggling with.

Since I’ve been online, which is around four years now, I’ve been searching for where I belong.  I began in network marketing and was involved in one opportunity for about three years.  I’m not one to jump ship and run but I have to admit that I failed miserably.  You won’t hear me bashing any companies or my non-existent upline, it was no one’s fault but my own.  The problem was totally 100% me, it was my thinking that constantly got in my way.

If you are in network marketing then you are probably involved in affiliate marketing as well.  People who are new will need certain products and services that go with building a business.  You my friend, can offer those to them.  Well I soon found myself making more money doing that then with my current opportunity.  So go where the money is right! Affiliate marketing is where I ended up and that’s how I’ve been supporting myself ever since.

Since I started this blog a little over two years ago I was doing nothing but affiliate marketing at that time.  I’m always learning so I really enjoy sharing with my readers what I learn so my posts eventually started veering toward internet marketing because they go somewhat hand in hand.  I started receiving more attention to my blog when I was writing about what I was learning so I decided to stick with what was working best.

About three months ago I ventured back into network marketing because I knew I was ready to conquer this dark horse once and for all.  Yep, I’ve done a lot of work on me and it definitely shows.  I started enrolling people my first month and trust me, I never did that in my previous company.

Why I Need Branding Advice

I signed up with Katie’s course because I wanted to figure out what my brand is.  I honestly feel like I’ve been just all over the place since I ventured online because I never really found where I belonged.  Sure, I’m making good money with affiliate marketing but my heart’s not in it which is why I recently made this change.

When I created this blog I had no idea which direction I would take it so I stuck with a very generic tagline.

Back in March I was over at a very popular blog and a copywriter had written a post on taglines.  She volunteered to critique our taglines if we left them in the comment section which I gladly did.  She proceeded to share with me that mine was too vague and that when people who don’t know me land on my blog they won’t know how I can help them so they will more than likely not stick around.

Because I do visit a lot of blogs, I know what the majority of them are all about as soon as I get there.  Their heading and their tagline say it all.  Their free gift is in line with what they offer and their blogs are really nicely laid out.  I’m so darn jealous…

All this time I’ve been beating myself up because I’ve been told my tagline is too vague and no one will want to hang around my place when they get here.

My Big Moment

Each week we have a webinar where we are free to ask Katie any questions we may have about anything we’ve covered so far.  I had shared with our Facebook group what my problems were but only received a few responses.  I purchased this course just for this reason so I decided I really needed Katie’s input on this particular webinar.  I needed to say what was on my mind.  I’d been through all of the training up to that point but was still having some difficulty figuring this out.

When my time came I just shared with her where I was, what I wanted to accomplish and where I was stuck.  She asked me numerous questions and then she pulled up my blog and checked it out.  Guess what!  She was very impressed with my blog.

She liked the clean look (yey), she was very impressed by all the comments I had and she thought my tagline was just fine with what I share here.  Her advice to me was “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Yep, why change something that’s apparently working very well.  I was so relieved, you have no idea.   I have literally been giving myself such a hard time over this.

I’ve been thinking that it’s time to give my blog an overhaul but I really do like the clean look.  Still do, I can’t help that.  But I would like a new header, that picture is a year old now so it’s time for a new one.  If any of you awesome graphic designer friends of mine out there have any suggestions, I’m open.

I’m also in the process of writing a free report, one about blogging that I think everyone will really enjoy.  That’s the only reason I took my opt-in box down for the time being.  Of course she recommended that I put that back up immediately but I’m going to wait.


So other than getting a new header, do you all have any other suggestions for me?  I mean some of you guys have some fine looking blogs and you’ve done a fabulous job of branding yourself.  Do you think I’ve been worrying for no reason?  I mean you all have been visiting me for awhile now so you know what I’m about but for those who don’t, wouldn’t you agree that they might not want to hang around here because my tagline is too vague? Maybe they will take a look around, see that I have a pretty good following and want to learn more.  Would you?

You know how much I value your opinions and suggestions so I’m sorry that this post is yet all about me again.  Dang, I really have to stop that and I promise I will.  It’s just that you guys always give me such great advice.

Once again, I always appreciate your input.  I know I worry about things too much sometimes but hey, I want everyone to be happy when they come visit me so if you have any suggestions, I’m open.   I may not take your advice but I’ll listen!  🙂  Just kidding…

Thank guys and looking forward to your comments.