Interview, Guest Post, Podcast, Oh My!August has been a great month for me but it’s not over yet.  Some of you may know that my birthday was on the first so I hope you all stopped by my post “This Is Not Just Another Monday” where I shared a little more about me.  I really had a fun time putting that one together.  Sure hope you enjoyed it.

I have really grown to love the blogging community.  Not only have I met some of the most amazing people during my time here, but I’ve been building some wonderful relationships.  Little did I know when I started this journey that all of these doors would start opening for me.


I joined a blogging community (Clever Marketer) earlier this year and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some really amazing people there.  One of them is Diana Simon’s who has a wonderful blog over at  She is originally from Southeast Asia but has been all over the world and now resides in Italy with her family.  She is a Certified Professional Coach and has interviewed a lot of really wonderful people over at her place.

I’m excited to share with you that I am now included among those other fabulous people. What I like about Diana is that she has a unique interview style so it’s never the same old questions.  If you haven’t made it by yet, I would love to get your comments on “My Blogging Community Features Adrienne Smith”.  Tell me what you think!  How did I do?  Did you learn anything new?

Guest Post

Another fabulous woman I’ve had the pleasure of meeting during my time here is Mavis Nong.  If you haven’t heard of Mavis you are missing a lot.  Her blog is “Attraction Marketing Online” and in as little as nine months has exploded her presence online.  Not only has she created her first product but is now being invited to speak at different conventions and share what she has learned.

Mavis decided she was really in need of a vacation so asked a few of her blogging friends if we would be so kind to write a guest post so she could walk away for a couple of weeks with no worries.  Now I’ve only written one guest post so far and the reason I haven’t done more is because it’s time consuming.  But Mavis asked me and I thought it would be downright silly of me not to contribute.

So I’m pleased to inform you that my second guest post went live on the 19th and I would love for you all to tell me how you think I did.  My topic is “10 Tips For Building a Blog You Can Be Proud Of“.  You know I always welcome your comments as well as your support.


Last but not least is a podcast interview I recently had the pleasure of doing with none other than Mr. Steve Roy himself.  Steve was the one that enticed me into writing my first guest post over at his blog “Ending the Grind”.   I’m actually shocked but thrilled that my first ever guest post still has the most comments of any other post he has to date.  I expect at any time now to be bumped from that position though.

Steve started his podcast interview series back in May and our initial interview was set up for this past June.  But schedules change, things get in the way so we didn’t actually get around to it until the end of July.  My podcast interview will be going live this Friday, the 26th so I don’t have a link to share with you yet.  But I would really appreciate you marking your calendars and stopping back by his place, “Ending the Grind”, this Friday and listening to my very first podcast interview.

Is There More

As things would have it, when all of these fabulous people approached me about conducting interviews and writing guest posts, I had no idea they would all go live within two weeks of each other (two of them actually in the same week).  I’m definitely not going to complain and I’m just so very thankful and blessed that I’ve had these opportunities to share more of myself with people outside my immediate community.

I hope that something I’ve said or shared will help someone in some small way.  That is my goal and the reason I’m here.

My thank yous go out to you, my faithful and loyal readers, for continuing to stick by me, support me and cheer me on as I continue my online journey.

I have a feeling though that there is still more exciting things to come for me before this month is over.  Call it a gut instinct, woman’s intuition, who knows.  All I know is I’m just so excited to be here and have all of you fabulous people in my corner.  Who could ask for anything more!