LegacyHave you ever thought about this before?  What kind of legacy you’ll leave your family?

Unless you’re much older, most people don’t really think a lot about dying.  I mean it’s a very depressing subject wouldn’t you agree!  Unfortunately for me, I’ve lost a lot of people during my short life.

It really hit be though about 12 years ago when my best friend at that time’s husband passed away unexpectedly from a hypertension stroke at the age of 43.

No one saw that coming but isn’t that what death will do to a family?  Catch you by surprise when you least expect it!  He left behind a five year old son and a 14 year old step-daughter too.  They do say the good die young and I believe it!

Now most people want to plan for their future and take care of their families.  Whether death hits us at an early age or waits until we’ve lived out our lives it’s still something that needs to be handled sooner than later.

What Kind Of Legacy Will You Leave 

Webster’s dictionary defines a legacy as “something that is transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past”.  Wouldn’t you love to leave your family something that would make them extremely proud?

Now I know that every single one of you who are reading this post have the desire to have a better life.  The majority of you are online building some type of business whether you’ve ventured into affiliate marketing, network marketing, coaching, membership sites, selling stuff on sites like eBay, creating your own products, whatever the case may be.

You want to provide for your family right!  To be financially secure and never have to want for anything for the rest of your lives.  To pass down what you’ve built to their children and so on and so on.

But what if your family isn’t interested in your business!  What if they don’t have the same desires or dreams that you do for their future!

“What you do with the future means the difference between leaving a track record and leaving a legacy.”
~ John Maxwell

Financial Security

Whether or not you intend to leave your business to your family or make enough so that you’ve invested well, either way I have no doubt that you would love to leave a great legacy behind. A way for them to be financially secure for the rest of their lives.

My grandfather left us a wonderful legacy but I’m afraid with the way the economy is and the value of the dollar, it’s nowhere near what it once was worth.  That’s what I call a crying shame.  He would be so disappointed.   All that hard work he did to provide for his family.

What Do The Wealthy Do

What sets the most powerful people in today’s society apart from all the rest!  What do the most wealthy people in the world do on pay day!  They buy stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities and precious medals.

Why?  Because they increase their value over time.  Do you think they are leaving a great legacy for their families?  Are the regular investments you’re doing right now going to be worth the same or more like my grandfather hoped his would be?

Can you imagine owning something that will hold it’s value no matter what!

Can you even imagined what kind of legacy you would be able to leave your family if something unexpected were to happen to you!

Would you be the least bit interested if you could invest in your future for a relatively small amount every single month knowing that in the course of the next 30 years you would leave your family a substantial legacy!

Does that even peak your curiosity?  Perhaps you’re happy with the path you’re currently on or you “intend” to do something later on.  Is that you?

Your Family’s Future

If nothing else, I hope I have gotten you to think.  I know that our economy still isn’t in the best shape but some things are picking up.  We all know that history continues to repeat itself so we can expect another nose dive in the economy in probably another 30 years.  It is inevitable.

We all can continue to sit back, pray that everything’s going to work out just fine and ignore the obvious or we can take matters into our own hands starting this month.  We’re talking about your family’s future remember!  I want you to start thinking about what’s best for them.

My best friend’s husband didn’t plan for his family’s future.  Is that a risk you’re willing to take with yours?

Hope You’re Prepared

I would love to hear your thoughts about this topic.  Has this been something you’ve even thought about or perhaps you have everything in place and are not concerned at all.  If that’s the case then I know what you’re doing because there’s really only one solution.

Are you the least bit curious what that solution is?  Want to know how I might be able to help you with this?

There is no better time like the present.  Let’s make your family proud shall we!

I would love to hear your comments below and I would appreciate you sharing this post with your friends. This might be a topic they’ve never considered either.  I would greatly appreciate it!





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