My First Guest Post is LIVE!!!Tada…  The moment I have been waiting for has come.  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, my guest post is now live.   I want to give a HUGE thank you to Steve Roy of “Ending The Grind” for reaching out to me and inviting me to write a guest post for his blog.

I had been reading a lot about incorporating guest posting into your traffic generation methods but I’ll be honest with you, I had NO idea how to go about this.

As luck would have it I visited Steve’s blog, read a few of his posts and of course commented.  How could I not!  I could so relate to what all these people, including Steve, were talking about.  He read one of my comments, visited my blog, read my bio and contacted me.  History is now made!  Okay, I’m really going overboard with this but I guess you can tell that I’m really excited.

Now this is not your run of the mill post…   Steve’s blog is all about escaping the corporate world.  As a matter of fact, he’s still in the planning stages himself.  So if you are in the process of planning your escape or you have already busted out, you’ll enjoy reading his blog!  There is a little of us in almost every one of his posts.

My contribution to his blog consists of a little about me, how my life was during my time in corporate America, what my turning point was, my initial escape, my journey here online and how it’s all worked out for me.  My own personal tell all!!!

So this is my invitation to you to please head on over to Steve’s blog and read my very first guest post.  You will find it at:

“Finally Living For Me”

I know it goes without saying but I’m going to do it anyway…   I would be sincerely grateful if you would please leave a comment and give me your honest opinion.  I’m a big girl, I can take it!  I’m just really nervous since this is my first guest post.  I’m sure the first time is always the hardest.

You may also have noticed that I’ve closed the comments on this post because I would appreciate you showing your support over there.  So thank you all again ahead of time.  You guys are the best!  🙂

“Finally Living For Me”