My New Commenting RulesThis post was originally written on September 15, 2011.  One year prior to that no one had ever heard of me and I rarely saw a comment here on my blog.

As the year 2011 progressed and I was learning how to really get people’s attention, more and more people started visiting me and leaving comments.  By September I realized it was time to implement some rules if you wanted to comment on my blog.

At the beginning of my blog commenting journey I took some advice from other people who were having great success with this.  That advice to me was to visit everyone’s blog that left a comment on mine and return the favor to the best of your ability.  I did that for quite a number of years.

I can honestly say that I’ve learned quite a bit since starting this journey and not only about commenting on other people’s blogs but what I’ve come to learn about other people with their own agenda’s as well.

Here are a few of the reasons your comments will not be approved.

  • You’re only here for backlinks:
    I love to help people and I appreciate you dropping by my place to acquire more knowledge.   Unfortunately it’s very obvious in some comments that are left that you’re only here to get a backlink.  Although I would really like to share the love with everyone, Google frowns upon that when I allow too many links outside my own niche.  Because my blog has become quite popular and I have CommentLuv, more and more people are dropping by for the link juice and they have no interest in learning, getting to know me or building a relationship.  If this is the case then your comment will either not be approved or your link will be marked as nofollow.
  • The comment you left has nothing to do with the blog post:
    You’re trying to make your comment make sense or you’re just reiterating what I already said. Either add to the conversation or it won’t be approved.
    If you just are here to chat with me or ask me questions that have nothing to do with the topic of the post then it won’t be approved either.  That’s why we have email so go to the contact page and fill out the information.
  • You don’t speak English:
    I don’t mean to be disrespectful of anyone who doesn’t speak English but it’s my native language and it’s all I know. If you come to my blog and share a comment in another language or your blog is in another language, I will not accept your comment.
  • You’re linking to something other than your blog:
    I can respect the fact that you’re here to build your business but since my content is to help other bloggers, I prefer to connect with people who blog.   If the link you leave doesn’t point to a blog then I prefer you just don’t leave a link at all.  I’m past the point of removing them, instead I just won’t approve your comment.
  • You don’t leave your”real” name:
    There is a space for your name when you leave a comment.  Put your name there because I’m here to connect with you.  Not your company, your product or service but you, I want your name.  Also keywords are not allowed so if you leave your name with @ and your keywords they will be removed or I just won’t approve your comment.  I think it depends on my mood or what you said.  I want people here for the right reasons.
  • You are linking to specific blog networks:
    Anytime your blog is not your own but you’re linking to a blog network, I may accept your comment but I will definitely not be sharing your links.
  • You don’t have a gravatar or you’re using a company logo:
    I only connect with people.  I want to see your face on your gravatar.  I probably don’t have to reiterate the facts to you now that being online and connecting with bloggers is about building relationships.  We can’t build a relationship with a company logo and 99.9% of the faceless gravatars are spammers.  I changed my settings so if you don’t have a gravatar your comment won’t even go through.  I hope you’ll get one set up if you haven’t already.
  • You’re commenting just to be seen:
    I have a lot of people who leave me comments who are trying to make it sound like you’re adding to the conversation but it’s so obvious that you either didn’t read the post or you seriously have nothing of substance to contribute.  Blogging is about connecting so one liners, short sentences or copying someone elses comment won’t cut it here.
  • You drop links other than your blog:
    When you leave your link in the commenting field I realize that when someone follows your links back to your site that you would like them to see what services you offer or provide or maybe you have a post that you would like to get ranked better.  Because I’m about connecting with people though, I want that link to lead back to your blog.  Any other link besides the one that leads to your blog is unacceptable and will be removed.  If you can’t respect my rules and you continue to ignore my wishes then I’ll stop approving your comments.
  • Only want to comment on dofollow blogs:
    You may have noticed that I am still a supporter of CommentLuv Premium and I am still a dofollow blog.  I may not agree with everything that Google does but I’m not eager to get on their bad side either.  If you comment on my blog enough times and I feel you are here for the right reasons then I most likely will give you a dofollow link.  If I still have questions, am uncertain or you aren’t in my niche I reserve the right to not give you a dofollow link.
  • You make commenting on your blog difficult:
    I check everyone’s blog out before I even read your comment.  Our blogs are our property so you have the right to do what you want over at your place.  I reserve the right to do what I want here at mine.  If your comments are closed then your comment either won’t be approved or your link will be removed.  If you have some type of system that makes me log-in and I’m not already a part of that service, I won’t be joining another one which means I won’t be visiting your blog.
  • You advertise
    This is a platform that encourages sharing content and helping bloggers.  I’m all for helping bloggers but there is a big “but” involved here.  I’m not up on their rules but what I do know is that if you find content on their site and follow the link to the original blog post and leave a comment then they want you to add the verbiage that you found it on their site in the comment itself. That’s advertising which is not accepted here.  I appreciate anyone who wants to read my posts, learn from them and share their thoughts but my blog is about the connections you can make. Leave that out and we’ll be fine.  Put that in and your comment will be deleted.

I do my best to reciprocate still to this day but if I have no understanding of the topics you write about, I have no idea how to respond to what you shared, I can’t relate to your content or I have no interest in what you’re writing about then I won’t be visiting.  Don’t worry, you probably won’t like all of my posts either.

If you don’t like my rules and you feel the need to argue with me because of them then I think that’s pretty safe to say that you and I won’t be bonding, won’t be building a relationship and we sure won’t be friends.  I’m not here to tell you how to run your blog nor should you be telling me how to run mine. These are my rules and if you can’t respect them then I would just appreciate you not returning.

There are plenty of blogs online that share what I do as well and I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to have you stop by their place.

Setting Up Your Gravatar

Now I realize that a lot of people are new to blogging and may not be aware of how to set your gravatar up.  Just in case you don’t know what an gravatar is, look below in the comments and check out all those faces smiling back at you beside their comments.  That’s an gravatar and I’d like to tell you how you can get yours set up in just a few minutes.

1.  Go to and they are now connected to so be sure and sign up for a free account if you don’t already have one.

2. You will need to use the same e-mail address that you use for leaving comments.

3.  Once your account is approved, click on the link sent to your e-mail address to activate and confirm your account.

4.  Go to My Account and follow the instructions to add your picture.

5.  Be sure and check that everything is confirmed and you are good to go!

What I love about this service is as long as you were using the same e-mail address when previously commenting on different blogs, Gravatar will update all those comments you have previously left with your picture.  No more monsters or grey faceless faces which aren’t allowed here by the way.

Now there will be some exceptions that I’ll make.  Once again, it’s my blog and these are my rules.

Although I prefer that your gravatar is of a person, if we’ve already built up a relationship then I’ll accept those.  I respect them enough to let this slide because I have built a relationship with them up to this point.

So there you have it, my commenting rules.

Would enjoy hearing your thoughts on this subject.  Do you have any pet peeves about any of these same issues over at your place?  I have a feeling a good bit of you are careful who you let slip by.  You know I want to hear from you so tell me what you think.

Okay, go have fun commenting on some blogs and if you don’t have an gravatar set up, there are no excuses now!






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

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