My Secret To Blogging SuccessI get asked a lot how I’ve been able to have the success with my blog that I have.  I’m always happy to answer anyone’s questions when it comes to what I’ve been doing.  I’ve even been interviewed on this subject many times now.

The one thing I haven’t done is write a post mapping out everything I did to get me to where I am right now.  Since this is my last post what better subject to write about.  At least this way I can never be accused of not sharing my secrets.  Oh and beware because it’s going to be a long one but I hope you’ll find it worth your time.

If your blog isn’t where you want it to be, hopefully this post will help you so that you can implement these same methods and start your new year out right.

My Story

Most of you know my story so I won’t bore you with all the details once again but when I started this blog I was doing affiliate marketing.  Like many people I was taught to do my keyword research, place those keywords in my title and the body of my post.  Anyone searching on Google would find my post, hop on over, read it to their hearts content, opt-in to my list and eventually purchase what I had to offer.

Guess what!  Not much happened and I couldn’t for the life of me understand why.  I was doing everything I was taught, I was consistent in my posting, I was a good person but for some reason my posts were getting ignored.

I can hear you right now saying to yourself well Adrienne, you’ve got to do more than that! You are absolutely right but I didn’t know that then.  I thought I was learning from a “guru”. Dah!!!  Ever feel like that?  Like you’re beating your head against the wall!  That’s why so many people get discouraged. The one thing I didn’t do though was give up.

Over the next year and a half I learned a few more things and implemented those as well but still didn’t have the results I wanted. That’s when I joined the “Forward to Marketing” training program with Alex Jeffrey’s.  If you want to learn how to have success, learn from someone who is where you want to be. So I did!

What You Will Need

Before we dove into the meat of the training we were told there were certain things you needed to have in place.

  • Self Hosted Blog
  • Twitter Account
  • Facebook Profile Page
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • YouTube Channel
  • Account with Article Marketing Sites

Now I joined this program to learn how to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch.  I decided to start a new blog and I only posted on it once a week.  I also took what I learned and applied it for promoting this blog too.

Besides setting up a separate blog I also set up another Twitter account, Facebook Fan Page and YouTube Channel.

Once all of that was in place it was time to start generating content for our blog and writing articles. This was before the Google Panda so writing articles was extremely beneficial.  It didn’t necessarily drive a lot of traffic to my blog but it was more for the high quality links that were pointing to my blog. I also started shooting some videos and had a link going to my YouTube channel as well.  You can also create content on other Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger or  Just check out the PR rating on these sites and you’ll see why.

For those who aren’t into article marketing and may be freaking out about now, I share how to get started on my free training site (no longer active) if you’re interested.   Before I started driving traffic to my blog I had all of this in place.  So, want to know how I got my blog recognized?

Let’s Drive That Traffic To Our Site

Here are the next steps I took for driving traffic to my site:

  • Comment on other blogs (start with just five a day)
  • Comment on other videos (remember the tip about video responses?)
  • Visit forums in your niche and answer questions (be helpful and never spam the posts with your links, that’s a big no no)
  • Social bookmark your site and other content you find helpful (this makes you look really good in other people’s eyes)
  • Ping your content (all of it, your articles too)
  • Submit your posts to blog carnivals
  • Submit your blog to blog directories and if you’re a dofollow blog, don’t forget Christian’s site
  • Submit your RSS Feed to RSS directories
  • Join blog networking communities like Blokube, Blog Interact and Blog Engage
  • Join content sharing communities (I’m a member of Triberr and also a private blog commenting group on Facebook )

This may seem like a lot of work and in the beginning if you don’t have any of this set up it can be.  But we are building a business here and this is what it takes to have success with your blog.

You only have to submit your blog to the directories once but with everything else you just need to start taking consistent action and I mean every day.  You will start seeing results within a few short months.  For me it took about three months but you have to be consistent. Absolutely no slacking whatsoever.  I also just did this five days a week so you can take the weekends to relax.

Secret To Blogging Success

So you may be thinking can I just put all of this in place, start driving traffic to my site and I’ll be successful?  Well yes and no so let me explain.

I have found a few characteristics that I believe are very important in having a successful blog and community.  This is how you can start getting the interaction in the comment section everyone wants so badly.

  • Theme that is easy on the eyes
  • Not many ads in the sidebar
  • Great opt-in enticement
  • Content that people can relate to
  • Story telling in your posts
  • Eye catching headlines
  • Your personality
  • A giving heart
  • Interaction with your commenters
  • Valuable information and support to your list in your autoresponder messages

These are the main ingredients which have worked so well for me.

Now I blog about helping people succeed online through learning internet, network and social media marketing plus I share my own personal development experiences as well.  So I write using me as the guinea pig and share my own experiences as I go.  Of course I throw my own personality in there and I do it because I truly want to help people learn.  If you approach this having a me me me attitude you will fail miserably.

Although with time it can become extremely time consuming but when someone visits your blog and they take the time to leave you a comment, visit their blog and do the same.  If you find that what they share is of no interest to you then don’t feel obligated to continue visiting.  It’s nothing personal, you just don’t can’t waste time reading content that is of no interest to you.

Here is one very important piece of advice.  I know you are excited to start receiving comments but don’t approve every single comment that you get especially if it’s spam.  People who spam are only there for the link juice, they could care less about your blog.  If you have the GASP plug-in then some people will try to leave somewhat decent comment.  If they are linking to a website and not a blog, they aren’t there to build up a relationship with you so just a word of warning.  In Google’s eyes, approving these comments can hurt you in the long run.

Always, always, always respond to every single comment that is left on your blog.  Also use a plug-in so that when you respond to what the commenter said, they will be notified that you responded.  If at all possible, continue to ask questions and that’s how the conversation can continue.

My Blogging Success

I followed this layout and was consistent in each area mentioned above and I started receiving a good bit of traffic to my site within just a few short months.  On my other blog, the new one I set up, I started making sales my very first month and made them every single month thereafter.  Within just five months my Alexa ranking had dropped to 125,000 and I only posted once a week.

The majority of my traffic did come from blog commenting though.  I started off just visiting five blogs a day but I was very consistent.  Because of that it helped move my content up in the search engines because it was fresh and consistent, Google just loves that.

On this blog I use to post three times a week and I never missed a week.  Because I was keeping up with two blogs, earlier this year I slacked off to only posting twice a week.  I was implementing all these methods for both blogs so it became very time consuming.

My Alexa ranking on this blog is almost below the 50,000 mark and although I don’t solely base my success on these numbers, I base it on actionable steps taken once visitors land on my blog. That my friends is true blogging success.

I’m very pleased with the success I’ve had so far this year and am so thankful I purchased Alex Jeffrey’s training program.  Had it not been for that and making me move outside my comfort zone and start blog commenting, I’m not sure where I’d be right now.

A Special Thank You

Before I wind this very long post down, and please excuse me for that, I have so many people I want to thank.  You see, blog commenting was very uncomfortable for me because I was so intimidated by a lot of these blogs I was visiting.  They seemed so successful and they had it all together and I felt like the kid no one wanted to play with.

But because I told myself I was going to do everything I was taught, I did the blog commenting anyway. Because of that, I’ve met some really amazing people that I would like to personally thank.

Now because this post is already so very long, I won’t name them all here but I’ve set up a thank you page just for them so before you leave, be sure to head over there and take a look. You know if you’re a regular visitor of my blog, your name is on that list.

Plus, if you are searching for some good blogs to comment on, this is prime property my friends.

Goodbye to 2011

Although it’s really no secret, this is exactly what I did to acquire the blogging success I’ve had up till now. If you are still struggling with even a few areas of promoting your blog, I hope you found this post helpful.

  • So are you ready to step up your game and make 2012 your best year ever?
  • Are you ready to finally do what it takes to get your blog where you want it to be?
  • Have you implemented some techniques that work really well for you that I didn’t share here?
  • Do you have some methods you use that I haven’t shared here that may help me and others?

You know I’m always eager to hear your thoughts, opinions and suggestions.

This is definitely the formula I used to start getting lots of comments and interaction on my blog.  If it worked for me, it can work for you.

I hope you are enjoying the last week of the year.  Be sure and make it a good one.  If you are still on vacation then good for you.  If you are finishing up things that need to be finished I wish you the best. If you are gearing up for the new year, let’s go.  Or if you are busy with promoting your blog to new viewers I applaud you.  Whatever you are doing, just savor every moment.  There will never be another one like it!

Happy New Year Everyone!  I’m looking forward to continuing our friendship in the coming years.






Adrienne Smith
Blogging Consultant

NOTE:   This remains to be one of my most popular posts.  As time has gone by I will say that writing articles, submitting to blog carnivals and the blogging networks as well as the directories no longer work due to the ever changing Google algorithms.  The overall process remains the same to this day though there are now other sites you can use to implement some of these same strategies.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

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